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#13 Pratik Naik - Rails 3.0.0
Showing 582 commits

Hash Date Message
130bf3c 2010-07-16 Fix data loading from the performance script
0c2c893 2010-07-15 Revert "Style fixes"
d5921cd 2010-07-14 Remove unintentional API changes. [#1108]
4a06489 2010-07-14 Style fixes
9a23a03 2010-06-12 Remove an unused method
517f709 2010-06-03 Properly cache association_collection#scopes calls havin...
a975363 2010-06-03 Special treatement for Relation#select { with block }
4b91daf 2010-06-02 Special treatement for Relation#select { with block }
5ddc904 2010-05-18 Remove Model.clear_default_scope
88b4a8f 2010-05-11 Remove undocumented save_without_validation!
475d1d1 2010-05-11 Use arel instead of sql strings
1f675ea 2010-05-11 Succint save definition
ce5827e 2010-05-09 Make sure schema dumper doesnt throw up when there are n...
8d2f6c1 2010-05-09 Revert "Revert "Add index length support for MySQL [#185...
f75a6fe 2010-05-09 Improve code from 231d7676f72947bae765b9bd885b134aaf949921
841c01f 2010-05-04 Use class_inheritable_accessor for connection_handler
2ff7303 2010-04-21 Build PredicateBuilder object only when needed
2ff5f38 2010-04-14 Ensure not to load the entire association when bulk upda...
2c27e3d 2010-04-08 Some doc updates reflecting the new query API
48634bf 2010-04-07 Reset named scope cache whenever the @target is reset
1f7b444 2010-04-05 Memoize association.named_scope calls
c6372d6 2010-04-03 Improve scope docs
684e4d3 2010-04-03 Remove unnecessary argument for creating scopes
41a2ba6 2010-04-03 Improve named scope lambda
13eb2c8 2010-04-02 Make Relation#inspect less noisy
cfa2832 2010-04-02 Goodbye ActiveRecord::NamedScope::Scope
62fe169 2010-04-02 Make Relation#first and Relation#last behave like named ...
ee07950 2010-04-02 Scope#method_missing can safely rely on Relation#method_...
0be31f8 2010-04-02 Scope#current_scoped_methods_when_defined is no longer n...
83ebe62 2010-04-02 Oops :extends is not a MULTI_VALUE_METHOD
bc7da9b 2010-04-02 Consistency when using Relation constants
b77dd21 2010-04-02 Add Relation extensions
5562abb 2010-03-31 Dont try to load the record from the db if preloading di...
68ade93 2010-03-27 Revert "Changed behavior of touch and added touch! Origi...
03a62f4 2010-03-15 Merge remote branch 'mainstream/master'
e68bfaf 2010-03-12 Merge remote branch 'mainstream/master'
181c414 2010-03-10 Fix scope loading issue when the table doesn't exist
6f3c5f6 2010-02-14 Merge remote branch 'mainstream/master'
dc3cc6c 2010-02-12 Move batch finders to Relation
25b6b95 2010-02-04 Make RAILS_* give deprecation warning just once
66f501e 2010-02-04 Add rails --dev to release notes
8260f0b 2010-02-04 Merge remote branch 'mainstream/master'
69d0e94 2010-02-03 Some improvements to the release notes
fdcf4d6 2010-02-01 Merge remote branch 'mainstream/master'
ed60021 2010-01-31 Merge remote branch 'mainstream/master'
ec057ad 2010-01-30 Rely on arel to generate the correct sql when an empty a...
285361d 2010-01-28 Merge remote branch 'mainstream/master'
efd0bd3 2010-01-23 Merge remote branch 'mainstream/master'
8ff2fb6 2010-01-23 Make default_scope work with Relations
4afd970 2010-01-22 Relation should respond to class methods
ee8c006 2010-01-22 Allow calling class methods on a Relation
6d30002 2010-01-21 Revert "Refactoring attributes/types" [#3348 state:open]
a68a3e9 2010-01-21 Simplify finder method definitions
da142cd 2010-01-21 Supplying Arel::SqlLiteral is much faster
fa9f000 2010-01-20 Use quoted_table_name with arel.from() if no from values...
798d282 2010-01-20 Cache quoted_table_name
24cc9e5 2010-01-20 Relation#spawn is basically clone + reset
8bdcb6f 2010-01-20 Always use table.* in the finder query unless specified
8d31c9f 2010-01-20 Move update and update_all to Relation
459e9b2 2010-01-20 Use @limit_value and @offset_value instead of calling arel
f7d94cd 2010-01-20 Fix AP's AR integration tests warning
1fb78e3 2010-01-20 Base.merge_conditions is no longer needed
8b9bfbe 2010-01-20 Dont delegate Relation#update to arel
f216fad 2010-01-20 Delegate delete_all to Relation
9756805 2010-01-20 Move destroy to Relation
223e2a2 2010-01-20 Remove Base.delete as it's same as Relation#delete
2493229 2010-01-20 Delegate exists? to Relation
8f0f02a 2010-01-20 Make Relation#destroy_all handle all the cases
8a1be22 2010-01-20 Use unscoped instead of with_exclusive_scope for preloading
5502780 2010-01-20 Move array_of_strings? to Relation
394c05e 2010-01-20 Remove stale methods constructing joins
565b4cd 2010-01-19 Scope#find is no longer needed now that Relation#find ha...
52ec431 2010-01-19 Delegate all finders to Relation
74e3539 2010-01-19 Ignore order for simple calculations to make postgresql ...
d8c3072 2010-01-19 Named scopes dont need count() now that Relation#count h...
1b78a3f 2010-01-19 with_scope no longer needs :reverse_merge
42553a9 2010-01-19 Remove find_with_associations and related code from asso...
9acf0af 2010-01-19 Remove Relation#where_clause
dbce07b 2010-01-19 Give preference to to_a over arel from Relation#method_m...
8f63dcb 2010-01-19 Move the only remaining calculation method calculate() t...
9465b84 2010-01-19 Rename CalculationMethods to Calculations and get rid of...
ec63fdc 2010-01-19 Get rid of construct_count_options_from_args
73b179e 2010-01-19 Delegate count to Relation
9c7c710 2010-01-19 Fix the named scope equality check
4148c68 2010-01-19 Delegate :average, :minimum, :maximum, :sum to Relation
ed8501e 2010-01-19 Fix DoubleRenderError error message
b959950 2010-01-19 Add Relation#construct_relation_for_association_calculat...
c71120e 2010-01-19 Merge remote branch 'mainstream/master'
e6a68a5 2010-01-18 Add Relation#find_with_associations to load relation wit...
3c4186b 2010-01-18 Remove construct_calculation_arel_with_included_associat...
8935243 2010-01-18 No need to pass current_scoped_methods to construct_calc...
9e7ec2a 2010-01-18 Simplify calculation scope building. Remove :order from ...
4c00c65 2010-01-18 Simplify construct_finder_arel_* methods
2a2bc8e 2010-01-18 Handle invalid query IN() generated when a blank array i...
8bb5274 2010-01-18 Get rid of Relation#order_clauses
8ba2902 2010-01-18 Fix the named_scope deprecation notice
6ce538d 2010-01-17 Add missing CHANGELOG entry about relations as scopes
d60bb0a 2010-01-17 Rename named_scope to scope
e1d507c 2010-01-17 Dont check for class equaity when merging relations
88de6b2 2010-01-17 Inherit named scope class Scope from Relation
c6850d8 2010-01-17 Ensure that Scope#proxy_scope is always klass. Rename pr...
dca3de3 2010-01-17 Make relations work as scopes
f0cde5b 2010-01-17 Make sure named_scope names are not used as method names...
54a0438 2010-01-17 Make merging of order values consistent
8d87c80 2010-01-16 Make Relation#reload force load the records immediately
7921a73 2010-01-16 Use relations to build scope for named scopes
b8b6621 2010-01-16 Simplify Model.scoped definition
67920bc 2010-01-16 Merge remote branch 'mainstream/master'
dba196c 2010-01-16 Merge docrails
b04230e 2010-01-16 Merge remote branch 'mainstream/master'
6e3bee6 2010-01-16 Cache Model.arel_table
6806483 2010-01-16 Use arel_table[] instead of unscoped[] to get arel attri...
0ab3063 2010-01-16 Revert "Fix #microseconds conversion and #fast_string_to...
cd90dcb 2010-01-16 Rename Model.active_relation to Model.unscoped
468cfce 2010-01-16 Improve the error message for class mismatch on Relation...
7f8d4d3 2010-01-16 Get rid of Base#merge_includes
07e41a8 2010-01-16 No need to set @arel_engine to nil twice. Committed by m...
3968825 2010-01-16 Make sure Model#active_relation always adds STI conditio...
cfdfd89 2010-01-16 Use new finder methods for association preloading
f80be3e 2010-01-16 Use Relation#apply_finder_options from calculations
61e8315 2010-01-16 Add Relation#apply_finder_options for applying old finde...
5a52523 2010-01-16 Rename active_relation_engine -> arel_engine and active_...
81cd112 2010-01-15 Remove protected method Class#scoped?
2d0bc08 2010-01-15 Make type_condition return Arel predicate and not a stri...
99dd107 2010-01-15 Remove unused default_select
2ee130a 2010-01-15 Remove scope related code from construct_join
21ce8ea 2010-01-15 Remove stale construct_* methods
951e485 2010-01-15 Remove construct_conditions
6c997c3 2010-01-15 Simplify Model.delete_all
c5f3811 2010-01-15 Model.delete should just use scoped.delete
3da29f6 2010-01-15 Remove AR#scope() method
bed9179 2010-01-15 Make scopes use relations under the hood
43a84a0 2010-01-15 Fix the query matching in SubscriberTest
006519d 2010-01-12 Use Relation#except for reversing the order
4938a57 2010-01-12 Ensure using proper engine for Arel::Table
a04486d 2010-01-12 Delay building arel relation as long as possible for imp...
a681658 2010-01-03 Add Relation#create_with to explictily specify create scope
cda36a0 2010-01-03 Merge remote branch 'mainstream/master'
a115b5d 2010-01-03 Ensure using proper engine for Arel::Table
00f3f6d 2010-01-03 Relation#merge and Relation#except should respect locks
3db876c 2010-01-03 Relation#merge and Relation#except should respect havings
af5e1b4 2010-01-03 Add Relation#except
22bfd8b 2010-01-03 Rename a variable name for consistency
8edfa8f 2010-01-03 Move Relation#spawn and Relation#merge to a separate module
3eca0ab 2010-01-03 Give preference to the second relation's order when merging
4939f95 2010-01-03 Reapply "Remove optional join_dependency argument as Rel...
8e57dee 2010-01-02 Remove optional join_dependency argument as Relation alw...
47da00e 2010-01-02 Further simplify Relation#references_eager_loaded_tables?
e9ebf8b 2010-01-02 Cache Relation#to_sql
0d1a2a3 2010-01-02 Remove unused code from association.rb now that Relation...
eb7fdb9 2010-01-02 Make Relation#includes behave exactly like the existing ...
6f5f23a 2010-01-02 Add Relation#includes to be an equivalent of current fin...
c513471 2010-01-02 Get rid of Model.construct_finder_arel_with_includes. Us...
a9c790e 2010-01-02 Simply methods for checking eager loaded tables referenc...
ac1df91 2010-01-02 Implement Relation#create and Relation#create!
65200d2 2010-01-02 Implement Relation#new
32b48bf 2010-01-02 Use arel predicates instead of strings wherever possible...
f1acf1c 2010-01-02 Give higher preference to second relation's equality pre...
3e6e3e9 2010-01-02 Remove the test which was testing a non-existing method,...
7ff131f 2010-01-02 Make sure not to spalt string arguments
4a7a14b 2010-01-01 Use relations to build uniqueness conditions
498fddc 2010-01-01 Fix join string for the WHERE clause
b35873a 2010-01-01 Rename Model.arel_table to Model.active_relation
d2c4b3b 2010-01-01 Rename Model.engine to active_relation_engine. Cache are...
5971842 2010-01-01 Use Arel::Table instead of ActiveRecord::Relation from H...
fc94c03 2010-01-01 Remove unncessary arguments passed to arel_table
d200d08 2010-01-01 Use arel for building the STI type condition
58ad656 2009-12-31 Make sure association proxy does not pass quoted table n...
8a32d37 2009-12-31 Handle Range with excluded end
c62e88a 2009-12-31 Try using cached attribute before creating a new one
77c23b2 2009-12-31 Use PredicateBuilder for sql hash sanitization
141d3af 2009-12-31 Fix the method name for recusion
3c23b71 2009-12-31 Move predicate building to a stand alone PredicateBuilde...
fdc62cd 2009-12-31 Use Arel::Attribute when building where conditions from ...
783caae 2009-12-31 Use Arel::Attribute for pk conditions
93555c6 2009-12-31 Add Relation#table to get the relevant Arel::Table
d5f9173 2009-12-31 Add Relation#delete [Pratik Naik, Emilio Tagua]
7aabaac 2009-12-30 Organize Relation methods into separate modules
8734f9a 2009-12-30 Relation#many? shoud load the records if there's a LIMIT
bdf59a5 2009-12-30 Add Relation#any? and Relation#many?
a56518a 2009-12-30 Fix the count test for postgres
f17bb1f 2009-12-29 Simplify get_projection_name_from_chained_relations usin...
0dea509 2009-12-29 Oops, add the missing #tap call
3b8853e 2009-12-29 Replace Base#safe_to_array with Array.wrap
0a1ff1a 2009-12-29 Rewrite Relation#readonly, eager_load, preload using Obj...
1785e1b 2009-12-29 Rename Relation#create_new_relation to spawn and refacto...
61fa111 2009-12-29 Refactor Relation#readonly using attr_writer
981f696 2009-12-29 Relation#respond_to? should take second argument for res...
bc933d0 2009-12-29 Make sure Relation responds to dynamic finder methods
f290e68 2009-12-29 Add Relation#size and Relation#empty?
54b80c7 2009-12-29 Add Relation#delete_all
13989ff 2009-12-29 Use relation#delete_all for Model.delete_all
078ea0d 2009-12-28 Oops. Remove debug information inside a test from the pr...
08633ba 2009-12-28 Migrate all the calculation methods to Relation
1ebfd99 2009-12-28 Add ruby-debug to Gemfile for Ruby < 1.9
91e28aa 2009-12-28 Add Model.having and Relation#having
e8ca22d 2009-12-28 Move Relation calculation methods to a separate module
8f5d9eb 2009-12-28 Add Relation#count
aefa975 2009-12-28 Remove the todo note for arel#lock
02207dc 2009-12-28 Add Model.readonly and association_collection#readonly f...
5156507 2009-12-28 Remove locking related unused code
b95cc72 2009-12-28 Raise ArgumentError when trying to merge relations of di...
92c982d 2009-12-28 Relation#readonly(false) should toggle the readonly flag
9f4e983 2009-12-28 Remove unused construct_finder_sql
d6b0a7d 2009-12-28 Fix a typo in CHANGELOG
a3c1db4 2009-12-28 Add Model.lock and relation#lock now that arel has locking
1c26ba4 2009-12-27 Add Model.from and association_collection#from finder me...
6a776dc 2009-12-27 Use relation.from when constructing a relation
a0ff5f8 2009-12-27 Dont delegate relation#find to to_a
e9e20ab 2009-12-27 Use arel#from instead of the current hack
630dc50 2009-12-27 Fix relation tests for postgres
51a1d5a 2009-12-27 Handle preloads and eager loads when merging relations
a8b10a2 2009-12-27 Add relation#merge to merge two relations
08312e9 2009-12-27 Return a new relation when blank is supplied to relation...
5565bab 2009-12-27 Rewrite AssociationCollection#find using relations
bbdeaae 2009-12-27 Add relation.destroy_all
5cd8818 2009-12-27 Make Model.destroy_all use new finders
352cc7c 2009-12-27 Make Model.find(:last) use relations
d5e98dc 2009-12-27 Add relation.last and relation.reverse_order
8957f5d 2009-12-27 Make Model.all just a wrapper for find(:all)
d6d0fe8 2009-12-27 Make Model.find(:first, ..) use relations
59cf5e7 2009-12-27 Make Model.exists? use relation.exists?
2c8f835 2009-12-27 Add relation.exists?
b312334 2009-12-27 Make Model.find(:all) use relations
a3f3fab 2009-12-27 Add relation.from as a temporary workaround until arel r...
6f5e3a0 2009-12-27 Relation should supply :from to find_with_associations
7b5d0e8 2009-12-27 Make Model.find(ids) use relations
d92c4a8 2009-12-27 Add find(ids) to relations
81608cf 2009-12-27 Make Model.all return an array rather than a relation fo...
1efc8ed 2009-12-27 Fix dynamic finder docs
85770ec 2009-12-27 Make Model.find_or_create_by_* and find_or_initialize_by...
d511de0 2009-12-27 Add find_or_create_by_* and find_or_initialize_by_* to r...
8829d6e 2009-12-27 Make Model.find_by_* and Model.find_all_by_* use relatio...
f6f416c 2009-12-26 Add find_by_* and find_all_by_* finders to ActiveRecord:...
cc753ea 2009-12-26 Replace Model.first(options) with new finder methods ins...
83f24af 2009-12-26 Add new finder methods to association collection.
f374150 2009-12-26 Ensure Model.scoped adds type conditions for STI models
c6258ee 2009-12-26 Ensure all the finder methods respect scoping
9a9f97a 2009-12-26 Add relation.reload to force reloading the records
3c5a7dc 2009-12-26 Cache the loaded relations
9d3d60c 2009-12-26 Ensure preload and eager_load finder methods accept mult...
284d186 2009-12-26 Make sure the relations are always immutable
187fbe5 2009-12-26 Add support for multiple arguments to .where finder
5f5aa44 2009-12-26 Add missing changelog entries
feb8b20 2009-12-26 Add Relation#all as an alias for to_a
a73fa93 2009-12-25 Stop supporting blank arguments to AR#relation query met...
95274b2 2009-12-25 Rename Model.conditions and relation.conditions to .where
1a99337 2009-12-25 No parentheses for assert_equal
a7fd564 2009-12-25 Add
2e79ec7 2009-12-25 Model.scoped now returns a relation if invoked without a...
5446d5c 2009-11-17 Merge remote branch 'mainstream/master'
1ac5cf4 2009-10-19 Make sure boot.rb requires rubygems only when needed
66ee265 2009-10-10 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
68d416a 2009-10-09 Add a :limit option to specify the maximum number of rec...
e94caf0 2009-10-09 Store entire options hash in the class var rather than j...
987d501 2009-10-09 Mute log info coming from the local_cache strategy
69aa5e8 2009-10-09 Ensure MessageVerifier raises appropriate exception on t...
0c27d08 2009-10-07 Use indifferent access attributes instead of stringifyin...
5723231 2009-10-07 Allow accepts_nested_attributes_for :reject_if option ac...
dd2779e 2009-09-30 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
340be9b 2009-09-21 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
bae00bb 2009-08-31 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
25e5b0c 2009-08-17 Remove support for SQLite 2.
0a558b3 2009-08-11 Add tests for hm:t#push failures
d0f891a 2009-08-10 Rewrite hm:t#create tests using assert_no_difference and...
ad28e00 2009-08-10 Remove unnecessary scoping for creating hm:t join record
50b8398 2009-08-10 Remove unnecessary scoping and validation checks from hm...
d9c4087 2009-08-10 Unify hm:t#create and create! implementation
e202c6c 2009-08-10 Move :with/:without check outside the method generated b...
2e50110 2009-08-09 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
bb1e177 2009-08-09 .gitignore activesupport/test/fixtures/isolation_test
60bed59 2009-08-09 Remove unnecessary &block from Range#sum and add tests f...
97a5c7a 2009-08-09 Make enumerable test run stand alone
96b575d 2009-08-09 Get rid of parenthesize argument warnings
89c8aff 2009-08-09 Use Pathname for checking if sqlite path is absolute
761283f 2009-08-08 Ensure hm:t#create/create! throws ActiveRecord::RecordNo...
6464d76 2009-08-08 DRY migration's rollback/forward methods
c6fe49b 2009-08-08 Simplyfy validates_length_of and remove puts
5ce3831 2009-08-05 Use send instead of instance_eval
83537bf 2009-07-30 Generator config should be commented by default
61d995f 2009-07-30 Remove whitespaces from the default mailer file
915cf57 2009-07-30 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
9533e0e 2009-07-27 Ignore everything under test/fixtures/public/absolute
e033b5d 2009-07-25 Merge docrails
e6b8912 2009-07-25 Revert "Added callback details in "supported options" of...
b2ef631 2009-07-25 Revert asset tag changes
c6b16fc 2009-07-25 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
40b3875 2009-07-13 Use map! instead of map for <association>_ids
373b053 2009-07-13 Optimize <association>_ids for hm:t with belongs_to source
2fe263b 2009-07-03 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
a4bdc00 2009-07-03 Revert "Compact the way application paths are defined"
3c1dab7 2009-07-03 Revert "Modify the Rails::Application::Path object to al...
45e6f19 2009-06-30 Revert "Revert "Generate proper :counter_sql from :finde...
97159fa 2009-06-25 Missed file from the previous commit 92b229e1251d7d3578c...
92b229e 2009-06-25 Make performance tests work again
b5775c2 2009-06-21 Add expiry support File cache store [#1693 state:resolve...
66eb058 2009-06-21 Use stubbing instead of sleep() in File store cache tests
67317b6 2009-06-01 Make ApplicationController extend from AC::Base
9d60525 2009-06-01 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
e767c65 2009-05-30 Make sure tests pass action name to Controller.action()
63992e8 2009-05-30 Support Object#filter method for before/after filters
2f59066 2009-05-26 Support Method callbacks
1008511 2009-05-25 Make Filter#filter work with around filters
9cda410 2009-05-25 Make cookie store tests pass with the new base
7324e46 2009-05-24 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
3ac6d8f 2009-05-23 Remove unnecessary asset_host initialization
9286d42 2009-05-23 Add asset_host to Rails2Compatibility
595107f 2009-05-23 Move html-scanner tests one dir up
3a72b55 2009-05-23 Add missing selector_test to the list
c90f613 2009-05-23 Add Translation to the new base
b776028 2009-05-22 Add some more tests to the test_new_base_on_old_tests task
f766f66 2009-05-22 Make logging_test pass with the new base
8a336d0 2009-05-22 Use super wherever possible in ActionController::Helpers...
e976c48 2009-05-22 Add all the existing helpers related features to the new...
1d168af 2009-05-22 Move FilterParameterLogging to a stand alone module and ...
faaff38 2009-05-22 Add assert_select tests to the new base
9d08f86 2009-05-22 Make assertion tests pass with the new base
d1d9a6c 2009-05-22 Require ruby-debug from new_base/abstract_unit
1a52b24 2009-05-21 Add HTTP Authentication to the new base
d2cac9d 2009-05-21 Add missing dependency in Streaming
59b32f2 2009-05-21 RequestForgeryProtection now works with the new base
386ff66 2009-05-21 Add Streaming to new base
5a03645 2009-05-21 Allow Module#depends_on to accept multiple modules
e21d161 2009-05-21 Made ActionController::Verification work with new_base
8e7a87d 2009-05-20 Make ActionController::Flash work with new_base
8ba4307 2009-05-20 Add coding style to contributing guide
c03b0ca 2009-05-20 Replace the class level Rack::Test DSL with the regular ...
d8fffe7 2009-05-19 Replace ad hoc Rack::Test with ActionController::Integra...
f503a5d 2009-05-19 Missing CHANGELOG entry for 4a6f4b92ad2f
4a6f4b9 2009-05-19 Change integration test helpers to accept Rack environme...
a9e8c4b 2009-05-17 Ensure rake test does not run new base tests as that req...
6be72a1 2009-05-16 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
a6d8ca0 2009-05-16 Include guides directory in the rails gem
c8fb22b 2009-05-16 Remove some informal sentences and new lines
5965310 2009-05-15 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
853c229 2009-05-01 Rename vendor/rack to vendor/rack-1.1.pre
432e631 2009-05-01 Vendor Rack edge ( commit : 815342a8e15db564b766f209ffb1...
5f24ed7 2009-04-30 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
35ca877 2009-04-30 Minor edits
30e6a8a 2009-04-29 More templates
ae812c0 2009-04-23 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
67f30fd 2009-04-23 String interpolation conditions
5a1fe90 2009-04-23 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
5f3f100 2009-04-22 Merge branch 'master' into active_model
d7d93cd 2009-04-21 Fix nginx config in ci setup notes [Chad Woolley] [#2290...
2e6d1bf 2009-04-21 Change table to prevent copying indexes on sqlite2
2381f6f 2009-04-21 Specify :group with the table name for it to work on sql...
6513dde 2009-04-21 Fix tests for sqlite3 3.6.xx
de0ea38 2009-04-20 Ensure :dependent => :delete_all works for association w...
489abfd 2009-04-20 Ensure JoinAssociation uses aliased table name when mult...
5b92dcb 2009-04-17 Merge docrails
938eb01 2009-04-17 Initial template guide
2040178 2009-04-17 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
981d20e 2009-04-05 Supply fullfile name to the generator
32ca9a1 2009-04-05 Namespace under RailsGuides
632bbbf 2009-04-05 Merge docrails
c55507e 2009-04-04 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
4fe6d43 2009-04-04 No whitespaces please
f97832b 2009-03-24 Merge docrails
4687306 2009-03-24 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
f7bdfe8 2009-03-22 Fix a small typo
d758d99 2009-03-21 Deprecate Model#validate/validate_on_create/validate_on_...
3209332 2009-03-21 Deprecate Errors#on_base/add_to_base/invalid?/each_full
2bc4189 2009-03-21 Get rid of active_model/core and active_model/callbacks
e4b89b4 2009-03-21 Validation options dont need explicit :on => :save
379e468 2009-03-21 Remove DEFAULT_VALIDATION_OPTIONS from validations
22ad30e 2009-03-21 Move validate_on_create and validate_on_update from Acti...
6173e5b 2009-03-20 Add ActiveModel::Validations tests for regular ruby classes
08a99d0 2009-03-20 Add I18n translations to ActiveModel and move more AR sp...
cc5e019 2009-03-20 Include ActiveModel::Validations from ActiveRecord::Vali...
09afbfd 2009-03-20 Fix ActiveResource::Errors deprecation messages
bc1dd0b 2009-03-20 Improve the deprecation message for Errors#on
7d187c1 2009-03-20 Validation tests arent using any fixtures
78c9791 2009-03-20 ActiveModel.load_all! isn't really needed at this point
4a582aa 2009-03-20 Use mattr_accessor in TestsDatabase instead of setup method
4367f39 2009-03-20 TestDatabase -> TestsDatabase
d01e639 2009-03-20 Remove unused columns from the ActiveModel test schema
cda984d 2009-03-20 Future deprecation message
60756ad 2009-03-20 Move relevant validation tests from Active Record to Act...
e945bcf 2009-03-20 Add test sqlite3 db to .gitignore
5b1a1bf 2009-03-20 Make Active Model test suite similar to Active Record
93e2d37 2009-03-20 Autload ActiveModel::Observing
77acfef 2009-03-19 Make Active Resource use ActiveModel::Errors
638333b 2009-03-19 Move uniqueness and association validations to Active Re...
8828b2c 2009-03-19 Move all the Active Record validations to Active Model
93b98cb 2009-03-18 Ensure script/plugin doesn't show error message when svn...
11f53db 2009-03-18 Remove outdated script/plugin options
fc123d1 2009-03-16 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
6c688d0 2009-03-15
13cc934 2009-03-15 Fix generated sql
0e19ba6 2009-03-14 Query guide is done
f604459 2009-03-14 Fix the table name
f5efe1c 2009-03-14 Move find_each stuff to the top and change a bit
b8ad501 2009-03-14 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
53744c5 2009-03-12 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
40147f2 2009-03-11 Move JZ in the middle
e684597 2009-03-11 Alphabetical ordering
cdb10c5 2009-03-11 Add the team
f8c573a 2009-03-10 Remove duplicate text
df4375d 2009-03-10 Revert "Updated actionpack/CHANGELOG to include enhancem...
1ab8424 2009-03-10 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
8aabfad 2009-03-09 Add a note in release notes about using request.cookies[...
36e9ae2 2009-03-09 Add some rack links
aea80b4 2009-03-07 Move the warning down a lil in the relnotes
60023f5 2009-03-06 Remove duplicate links from the index page
bd23496 2009-03-06 Add some more stuff to the rack guide
434fb7e 2009-03-06 I ate a word
9219c05 2009-03-05 Change the link on the index page
39d18c6 2009-03-05 Some changes to the doc section and renaming the guide
c674d20 2009-02-28 Fix some formatting in the caching guide
3e91104 2009-02-24 Update with the new CSS from Jason and change the header...
1248c63 2009-02-24 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
21b80f8 2009-02-22 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
8a9ef83 2009-02-20 Fix the fucking rake task
d8f1ee4 2009-02-19 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
07f43a1 2009-02-18 Revert "Copyediting of the 'security' guide from chapter...
6c7e1a9 2009-02-10 Add Model.exists?
0108bd6 2009-02-09 Removed named scopes from the finders guide. Named scope...
3b30f4b 2009-02-07 Rewrite eager loading and joins sections
93c6fc6 2009-02-07 Reorder find options under a same section
b23ac32 2009-02-07 Improve sections dealing with order, select, limit and l...
6929fe6 2009-02-07 Improve Conditions section
4cf2109 2009-02-07 Add options to the arg list
9fd8538 2009-02-07 Improve structure at the beginning of the AR Finders guide
c85ce1b 2009-02-07 Minor fixes in layout and index
4cf3d4d 2009-02-07 Second version of the Rack guide
b9ba2fe 2009-02-06 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
9761239 2009-02-06 Remove whitespaces
ee4b5a4 2009-02-05 Change the name of perf guide in index/navbar
4d590a8 2009-02-05 Fix links in performance guide
d39290c 2009-02-04 Remove API links and add TODOs #26
ed1f674 2009-02-04 Minor rewording on the index page
03bb1eb 2009-02-04 Convert the guides from asciidoc to textile and integrat...
e4094e2 2009-02-03 Remove all the guides
c0eeb9f 2009-02-03 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
2db4ec9 2009-02-01 Reword the docs for association_foreign_key
898d838 2009-02-01 Revert "A small addition to the fragment caching documen...
a390b26 2009-02-01 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
cfddbcd 2009-01-31 Regenerate guides html
130b96a 2009-01-30 Make Partial example more clear
807f5f1 2009-01-30 Remove core ppl from lead contributors
20d850d 2009-01-29 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
6932ae4 2009-01-29 Add Digest authentication
fbd2cd6 2009-01-28 Change the license to Creative Commons Attribution-Share...
20e5975 2009-01-27 Remove caching guide for now
c06eecf 2009-01-27 Regenerate html
c9b8a26 2009-01-26 We have a very strict NO code changes policy.
24ce639 2009-01-25 Regen form guide
d941297 2009-01-24 Regenerate guides
7bcdb8a 2009-01-23 Add Mailer to the index page and regenerate
741bf96 2009-01-22 Regenerate guides
8ad2f93 2009-01-21 ActiveRecord => Active Record
de23a00 2009-01-21 Regenerate guides
1e550cc 2009-01-19 Regen guides
986a7c6 2009-01-18 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
652ecd3 2009-01-18 Fix year in ARes license
aeafccf 2009-01-18 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
69022df 2009-01-18 Add links to lighthouse ticket for i18n guide
56152d8 2009-01-18 Regenerate guides
3ad392f 2009-01-17 Add command line to index and minor change in finders guide
e3fd533 2009-01-17 Revert "Updated readme to include instructions on which ...
ea21b23 2009-01-16 * Tabs -> Spaces in guides templates
7d2e3ef 2009-01-16 Remove version info
deb597d 2009-01-14 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
e46c807 2009-01-13 Regenerate html
59b6ae3 2009-01-13 Update guide to say sessions are lazy loaded
547e6d1 2009-01-12 Move rake middleware to the top
3bf2ee5 2009-01-12 Update internal middlewares/purpose table.
24ecfc0 2009-01-11 - Approve performance guide for publication
10a35b0 2009-01-11 Add Pratik to authors page
8b63abb 2009-01-11 Add links
55c18cf 2009-01-11 - Add 'Performance test environment' to Performance guide
bda787e 2009-01-11 Initial draft of the rack guide
7c81a1e 2009-01-10 Minor changes to AR#delete/destroy docs
b6f33d6 2009-01-10 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
a598151 2009-01-10 Regen html
f16573a 2009-01-10 Add command line tools to perf guide
29664f5 2009-01-10 Fix typos
2b384df 2009-01-10 Add a note about tuning perf test runs
807c1e8 2009-01-10 Minor changes in performance guide
190eb9b 2009-01-10 Some examples for perf testing
8342174 2009-01-10 Keep movin stuff in perf guide
9cffd6f 2009-01-10 More refactoring in perf guide
a2a0b44 2009-01-09 Some more perf guide stuff
2c2824a 2009-01-08 Update performance testing guide stuff
582e7c1 2009-01-07 Regen guides
5a798f0 2009-01-01 Regenarate html
2a37726 2008-12-31 Add validations guide to index
d6c2285 2008-12-28 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
aaea12c 2008-12-28 Revert inline docs
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73e9f4e 2008-12-26 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
19939fd 2008-12-19 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
2d78ee0 2008-12-19 Revert "Fix example using wrong method name"
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ce0e208 2008-12-16 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
9b98362 2008-12-11 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
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17b1387 2008-11-14 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
2151228 2008-11-05 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
09b2e3c 2008-11-05 Oops. Remove CAUTION from AC basics guide
366b704 2008-11-05 Regen html
09597f7 2008-11-02 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
140a5c0 2008-11-02 Revert "Added information about @performed_redirect for ...
485bbc9 2008-11-02 Remove unnecessary files
1147453 2008-11-01 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
1dcde46 2008-10-25 Update rn html
14fb65c 2008-10-24 Hey..generate html ;-)
0ea1001 2008-10-24 Enum#many?
b62c164 2008-10-24 And html too
b02e010 2008-10-24 Regenerate guides again
e7f06a8 2008-10-24 Fix release notes
ec5070c 2008-10-24 Generate new guides
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1662e29 2008-10-23 Add release notes and stuff
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c399e80 2008-10-22 Fix icons
303919c 2008-10-21 generate html too
a06990a 2008-10-21 Fix index
5dd10c8 2008-10-21 Add rake task to generate guides inside a rails app
e72a37a 2008-10-21 New html files
5ca4cac 2008-10-21 Dont fetch images from internet
4a73524 2008-10-21 Ignore images/stylesheets inside html dir
6574767 2008-10-21 Use custom templates and stuff
facff42 2008-10-21 Fix that dir.html.html guide name
5265a8c 2008-10-21 Rearrange guides
fa09de3 2008-10-21 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
d2f3bdd 2008-10-21 Minor change to generated perf tests
095cafb 2008-10-17 Compiling rubies installing gems
086c8c2 2008-10-16 Add info about benchmark() helper and stuff
0ed341e 2008-10-16 Remove fiveruns. And preamble->index
0242d81 2008-10-16 Merge with mainstream rails
6f0eb93 2008-10-16 Mark layout/rendering guide as done
6090513 2008-10-05 Merge commit 'mainstream/master'
e8ab3c0 2008-09-29 Move render/layout guide to the top
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65c30e4 2008-09-27 Mark AR Associations guide as complete
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cd75947 2008-09-26 Add stuff to index
a7e5291 2008-09-26 Change some more code -> source in code blocks
b8036e8 2008-09-26 Add Action Controller Basics guide to rake task. Remove ...
f6360ba 2008-09-22 Add profiling guide to the index page
03968ef 2008-09-18 Update index page
3c1967e 2008-09-15 Add a link back to hackfest page from the index
26b4fca 2008-09-15 Fix security guide link
40f06f4 2008-09-15 Add caching guide
4a9ddde 2008-09-14 Add new security guide to generate list
25db44b 2008-09-14 Generate authors file
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