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#13 Pratik Naik - Rails 3.1.0
Showing 25 commits

Hash Date Message
25be204 2011-03-25 No arguments for first! and last!
9666b6a 2011-01-31 Run BulkAlterTableMigrationsTest only when the adapter s...
30176f2 2011-01-31 Add :bulk => true option to change_table
a8a704b 2011-01-04 Bump rack-test version
573fd39 2010-12-30 Make sure Model#touch doesn't try to update non existing...
0ac66ca 2010-12-29 Fix Duration#to_json
fd1cf13 2010-12-29 Make serialized fixtures work again
18b6aa6 2010-11-02 Make should_record_timestamps? serialization aware rathe...
e911ed1 2010-11-02 Ensure save always updates timestamps when serialized at...
c5c2e4f 2010-11-02 Add timestamps to Topic
3bd3e99 2010-09-06 Improved indentation
db6190a 2010-08-31 Make all the Relation finder methods consistent
dce0cfa 2010-08-31 Merge remote branch 'miloops/rails_master_fixes'
7694b97 2010-08-31 Remove default values for Relation#limit/offset/from/cre...
c07f0ae 2010-08-31 Change relation merging to always append select, group a...
5076af5 2010-08-30 Fix an english fail
6d8fc26 2010-08-30 Fix the readonly section
5a310f8 2010-08-30 Update the section about joins
0bb3258 2010-08-30 Fix pessimistic locking examples
9cd708b 2010-08-30 Reword calculations section
d0720ad 2010-08-30 Reword the section about exists?
1e554a1 2010-08-30 Array conditions dont need []
ceca3a0 2010-08-30 Improve example for having()
767eca4 2010-08-30 Remove {} from hash conditions. And more occurrences of ...
c30f6c2 2010-08-30 User.each is a lie