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#35 Prem Sichanugrist - Rails 4.0.0
Showing 58 commits

Hash Date Message
ba60225 2013-04-05 Update Rake tasks to call `rails test` instead
7734254 2013-03-11 Make sure that the test case is run under test env
1f89533 2013-03-11 Fix test failure introduced in 3ed41e57
b51673f 2013-03-09 Update Rake tasks to call `rails test` instead
3ed41e5 2013-03-09 Make sure that `rails test` load test in test env
176b57c 2013-03-09 Add support for MiniTest flags in TestRunner
9f75f77 2013-03-09 Update testing documentation
1a0c58b 2013-03-09 Load fixtures only when running suites, or `-f`
b4df253 2013-03-09 Add `rails test` command to run the test suite
2da5ea1 2013-02-24 Remove `--builder` option from `rails` command
c9909db 2013-02-20 Remove XML Parser from ActionDispatch
ec53106 2013-01-08 Add CHANGELOG entry for YAML parsing removal
4f9b59d 2012-10-03 Make `.validators_on` accept `:kind` option
26fe77b 2012-10-03 Make Rails.public_path return a Pathname
05b4d59 2012-09-17 Change #id generation rule
1fa5c3b 2012-09-17 Fix footnote format
fd56c3a 2012-09-17 Fix broken and duplicate headings
5e2866c 2012-09-17 No more Textile guide generation support
7a0dad2 2012-09-17 Convert legacy release notes to Markdown
5e13625 2012-09-17 Move all the legacy guides to Markdown
721afdc 2012-09-17 Fix remaining formatting problems in the guide
31ef4cf 2012-09-17 Convert all inline codes to Markdown syntax
9873dd8 2012-09-17 Convert all the links into Markdown format
2c38567 2012-09-17 Convert all tables to Markdown syntax
2e89ac3 2012-09-17 Convert image tags to Markdown syntax
f35187b 2012-09-17 Make sure that styles in NOTE block got converted
5a4622b 2012-09-17 Retain heading styles in the page chapters list
41dbb58 2012-09-17 Fix the usage of `*` in Markdown
460c2ee 2012-09-17 Update Guides Guideline for Markdown
0867fcd 2012-09-17 Update Markdown renderer to be more flexible
5137d03 2012-09-17 Rename the rest of the guides to Markdown
ed62b1b 2012-09-17 Enable table
21a0b20 2012-09-17 change shell to bash
c89c163 2012-09-17 Convert inline code tags to Markdown
872b7af 2012-09-17 Convert heading tags and heading section
232b9ad 2012-09-17 Skip kindle's readme file on generation
7bc1ca3 2012-09-17 Convert code blocks into GFM style
efa7717 2012-09-17 4.0 release note now renders correctly with index
fd9867c 2012-09-17 Rename 4.0 release note into Markdown
848d13a 2012-09-17 Reuse parent's id if it's already exists
544f6bc 2012-09-17 Start rewriting 4.0 release note into Markdown
db8460c 2012-09-06 Update Active Record CHANGELOG for #7419
1807384 2012-08-24 Raise more helpful error message on missing gem
19a3eda 2012-08-24 Remove meta Sesion Migration generator
aa46558 2012-08-24 Update guide/release note about AR::SessionStore
0ffe190 2012-08-24 Extract ActiveRecord::SessionStore from Rails
0c4c7d9 2012-08-06 Rearrange example output of javascript_include_tag
02c9654 2012-08-06 Do not include application.js if it doesn't exists
f8d1b52 2012-08-02 Audit the usage of the word "JavaScript"
5156110 2012-04-28 Create plpgsql language if not available
6d8ec0b 2012-04-28 Add parentheses to hide Ruby warning
4531ba7 2012-04-27 Log the exception from the ThreadConsumer
cf03daa 2012-04-09 Fix code example in generator test case
f1637bf 2012-03-13 Remove Active Resource source files from the repository
284041c 2012-03-06 Always passing a respond block from to responder
bcd3b87 2012-02-04 Add *_url helpers to get the full assets URL
3def1c8 2012-02-03 Fix override API response bug in respond_with
b578254 2012-02-01 Fix broken test introduced from #4814