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#34 Prem Sichanugrist - This year
Showing 14 commits

Hash Date Message
3bf87d7 2014-03-05 Introduce `Rails.gem_version`
2dd2fcf 2014-03-05 Introduce `Rails.gem_version`
ed88a60 2014-03-05 Do note remove `Content-Type` when `render :body`
c3bca73 2014-03-05 Do note remove `Content-Type` when `render :body`
ede0f8c 2014-02-18 Update upgrading guide regarding `render :text`
3047376 2014-02-18 Add `#no_content_type` attribute to `AD::Response`
9fe506e 2014-02-18 Add missing CHANGELOG entry to Action View
76be30f 2014-02-18 Update guides for new rendering options
79c4983 2014-02-18 Cleanup `ActionController::Rendering`
243e6e4 2014-02-18 Fix a fragile test on `action_view/render`
920f3ba 2014-02-18 Introduce `render :html` for render HTML string
8cd9f6d 2014-02-18 Introduce `render :plain` for render plain text
9e9cc66 2014-02-18 Update hash format for render_text_test
103e18c 2014-02-18 Introduce `render :body` for render raw content