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#1 Rafael Mendonça França - Rails 3.2.3
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Hash Date Message
c1610eb 2012-03-13 Use Ruby 1.8 hash syntax
ac8469d 2012-03-13 Use the attributes hash explicitly
5bed0e5 2012-03-13 Do not use the attributes hash in the scaffold functiona...
db743ff 2012-03-09 Fix my name in the CHANGELOG to follow the convention
f18c054 2012-03-09 Not need to pass join attributes to association build
7cd4063 2012-03-09 Add test case to has_many through association when mass_...
2a6b7e5 2012-03-05 Now all the models need to explicitly declare the access...
f604a63 2012-03-05 Only add the whitelist_attributes option if ActiveRecord...
2b4e7a7 2012-02-27 Add a new line after the textarea opening tag.
663904f 2012-02-26 Revert "No need to pass options which is never used"