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#1 Rafael Mendonça França - Rails 3.2.3
Showing 10 commits

Hash Date Message
c1610eb 13 Mar 2012 Use Ruby 1.8 hash syntax
ac8469d 13 Mar 2012 Use the attributes hash explicitly
5bed0e5 13 Mar 2012 Do not use the attributes hash in the scaffold functiona...
db743ff 09 Mar 2012 Fix my name in the CHANGELOG to follow the convention
f18c054 09 Mar 2012 Not need to pass join attributes to association build
7cd4063 09 Mar 2012 Add test case to has_many through association when mass_...
2a6b7e5 05 Mar 2012 Now all the models need to explicitly declare the access...
f604a63 05 Mar 2012 Only add the whitelist_attributes option if ActiveRecord...
2b4e7a7 27 Feb 2012 Add a new line after the textarea opening tag.
663904f 26 Feb 2012 Revert "No need to pass options which is never used"