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#231 Rahul P. Chaudhari - All time
Showing 18 commits

Hash Date Message
17668f3 2014-06-17 [ci skip] doc corrected : ActiveRecord::Base.connections...
6a20cf4 2013-08-05 Added data for permit array into scalar value
1c0ace4 2013-02-14 Bump rack-test dependency to 0.6.2
afdb84a 2013-02-09 Added notice message for destroy method in scaffold
40262ab 2012-07-02 Made file name and class name consistant
cfc939b 2012-02-29 Changed asset_host config to more specific
6831ab1 2012-01-30 Used block to make sure file get auto closed after use
b74f5b7 2011-12-21 Remove unused conditions for 1.9
e883c06 2011-12-21 Updated gemspec for ruby 1.9.3
20cbf8e 2011-11-28 Used any? instead of length call
1756629 2011-11-27 Use any instead of length
8e56866 2011-11-08 Updated Rakefile as CHANGELOG has been renamed to CHANGE...
d21405a 2011-10-18 Added test case for postgresql database
077dffa 2011-10-14 Fixed typos in active_support_core_extensions.textile
dc3f33e 2011-10-13 Added test to check that the vendor/assets/stylesheets d...
c568a9b 2011-10-11 Merge pull request #71 from rahul100885/rahul100885_work...
1f62c6d 2011-10-11 Fixed typos in active_support_core_extensions.textile
16a0013 2011-10-11 Corrected typo