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#200 Rajarshi Das - All time
Showing 22 commits

Hash Date Message
0f80b9f 2014-12-31 Fix spell life cycle on activejob docs [ ci skip]
dd05fe9 2014-09-06 fix the undefined method content_tag #15245
ab2ace6 2014-09-06 fix the undefined method content_tag #15245
e67a2f2 2014-08-02 rename MiniTest to Minitest
f6a52f1 2014-07-26 add comment to the empty each method for not removing it...
996658e 2014-04-04 Active support instead of ActiveSupport::Deprecation.sil...
ee36af1 2014-04-02 We can conditional define the tests depending on the ada...
680f7d9 2014-02-14 remove unused fixtures from sqlite3 test cases
48ee1e7 2013-09-10 change function def self.table_name to self.table_name
782d794 2013-09-10 use assert_empty in activemodel conditional validation t...
e21a18b 2013-09-05 fix actionview and activemodel test cases typos
414f496 2013-09-02 fix the typo [ci skip]
9f478de 2013-08-23 remove unused instance variable
8910f12 2013-08-13 using assert_not instead of refute
9384810 2013-08-02 map => map! for stopping extra array creation
36aaf46 2013-08-02 fix the changelog typo[ci skip]
5a2a703 2013-07-25 change function def self.table_name to self.table_name
8690b1a 2013-07-23 add the missing middleware in command line guides rake a...
d49c000 2013-07-18 fixes the test case of that plugins
cbd4a2e 2013-06-24 replace all older rocket sign to new ":" from examples o...
931df6d 2013-06-21 fix the path of action view from actionpack/lib/action_v...
38127d8 2013-06-06 correction standr => standard of commits @0435d0e