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#130 Rashmi Yadav - All time
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Hash Date Message
10db166 2014-08-23 [ci skip] document truncate_words
078cc10 2014-08-23 [ci skip ]Document transform_values && transform_values!
7ea0a50 2014-03-08 Updating select helper doc [ci skip]
a8a7654 2014-02-18 Updated doc for default scope [ci skip]
b20d445 2014-01-19 Spring in now under rails/spring [ci skip]
90377f9 2013-11-07 Warning removed for ruby-head
aa330d0 2013-11-04 Fixed code syntax for [ci skip]
49062c1 2013-11-01 exists? is deprecated in ruby trunk [ci skip]
d96c5a8 2013-10-18 Updated 3.2.x link [ci skip]
b827663 2013-09-13 EncryptedCookieStore => CookieStore [ci skip]
6c83aaf 2013-09-13 asset_url => asset-url in sass-rails docs [ci skip]
361eea7 2013-09-13 Removed doc of diff method [ci skip]
e4d6a61 2013-09-13 Updated guides with latest method [ci skip]
ab5a4b5 2013-09-13 Updated the file path [ci skip]
6b935d2 2013-09-13 Updated with latest method [ci skip]
cada218 2013-08-14 Typo Fix[ci skip]
97d5ccf 2013-08-14 Added new line [ci skip]
a2aa1d4 2013-08-14 Added docs for 'remove' method [ci skip]
990e8f0 2013-07-24 Removed doc of removed method diff [ci skip]
7e665d2 2013-07-24 Updated guides with latest method [ci skip]
88667eb 2013-07-24 fixed file name references [ci skip]
2cd63ed 2013-07-23 Updated guides with latest method [ci skip]
e748575 2013-07-17 New output for scaffold generate [ci skip]
2c07baf 2013-07-14 Using ruby 1.9 syntax [ci skip]
c4885e7 2013-07-05 Adding back deprecation require in all.rb
77b587f 2013-07-04 Removed unsued deprecation require
a6f44db 2013-06-23 [doc] Info added for tmp:create [ci skip]
11cae34 2013-06-19 [doc] Update return false if record is invalid
ad694f2 2013-06-12 Using 1.9 syntax for edge guides
f7cf0a3 2013-06-09 Image optimized for web view
1f4c4c6 2013-06-08 Middleware in guide updated [ci skip]
585e64f 2012-11-27 Unused variable warning removed
111347f 2011-08-13 The trailing '/' isn't being picked up by Github anyway,...
34d69b3 2011-08-04 The trailing '/' isn't being picked up by Github anyway,...
681d919 2011-08-04 The trailing '/' isn't being picked up by Github anyway,...
df5971d 2011-06-29 3-1-stable fix test when running Jruby. If Jruby Platfor...
6464f7b 2011-04-25 Fixed error when running db:create with jdbcmysql