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#108 Ravil Bayramgalin - Rails 4.0.0
Showing 12 commits

Hash Date Message
c9c5566 2012-08-18 Use inversed parent for first and last child of has_many...
e157903 2012-08-10 Test actual content of permanent cookie
2d18dd3 2012-04-30 Dont stream back cookie value if it was set to the same ...
ff2667d 2012-04-30 Dont set cookie header for deletion of unexisting data
dbe5162 2012-04-30 Simplify matching with array of possible domains
312ee86 2012-04-30 Use more appropriate one-liner for class declaration
8dba9f1 2012-04-30 Remove unused ivars left from close checks
4121938 2012-04-30 Support cookie jar options for all cookie stores
51ccb7f 2012-01-26 Fix contributing guide to reflect preferred position on ...
b258bec 2012-01-25 Deprecate DateTime.local_offset
73709f7 2012-01-20 Removed unused assigns from ActionView::Template::Error
e58a2df 2012-01-18 Update time zone offset information