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#104 Ravil Bayramgalin - This year
Showing 20 commits

Hash Date Message
caae79a 2015-03-04 Fix transaction state for unsynced records when entering...
8313797 2015-03-04 Fix rollback of frozen records
321db4a 2015-02-23 Change filter on /rails/info/routes to use an actual pat...
572bbab 2015-01-25 Improve shorthand matching for routes
3011b64 2015-01-21 Add ApplicationController.renderer initializer [ci skip]
6566289 2015-01-21 Add ActionController::Base.render
801e399 2015-01-21 Add ActionController::Renderer
47b6fe0 2015-01-21 Add ActionController#build_with_env
685142e 2015-01-21 Support `:assigns` option when rendering with controller...
ee6e13f 2015-01-21 Add `ActionController::Metal#set_request!`
eb72e34 2015-01-16 after_commit runs after transactions with non-joinable p...
700f3b7 2015-01-09 Drop old test locations from `rake stats`
3770454 2015-01-09 Update `rake counts` to count declarative tests in minitest
8248628 2015-01-07 Fix count on a separate connection (fixes #18359)
08d3f0e 2015-01-06 Remove ActionController::HideActions (closes #18336)
42e3861 2015-01-05 Correctly fetch bind_values from join in subquery
e275479 2015-01-05 Reset template assertions without warnings
ab4c900 2015-01-04 Use directly TZInfo::Timezone without proxy
e8d6ba2 2015-01-02 Support datetime values in AR::Type::DateTime#type_cast_...
95333e1 2015-01-02 Integration requests should work in contexts without set...