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#109 Ray Baxter - Rails 3.2.0
Showing 26 commits

Hash Date Message
41d179b 2011-09-10 Revert "Fixed syntax error in "block setting of attribut...
fa0ebf4 2011-09-05 Tests shouldn't produce warnings
14157b7 2011-09-04 clarify where the branch name will exist
2422fbf 2011-08-31 make code example agree with text just above
331dad1 2011-08-31 don't need edgeapi now that we are on 3.1
1879206 2011-07-21 use the doc conventions for arguments in all cases
98df498 2011-07-17 Add seach, tel, url and email inputs as 'Other Helpers o...
82569b3 2011-07-17 examples for telephone_field, url_field and email_field
65b19c3 2011-07-17 document options to search_field
a4a309f 2011-07-17 Merge branch 'master' of
a92780e 2011-07-17 use correct in description
10c2132 2011-07-17 we're talking about days here, not hours
5c71a4e 2011-07-17 wording between select_second, select_minute and
f0a58db 2011-07-17 fix typo
2e6475e 2011-07-17 make documentation agree with test expectations and
4341a5a 2011-07-17 document that second tags are also returned by default
6970c00 2011-07-17 there is no method, use
343a05a 2011-07-17 remove stray character
9a2b18c 2011-07-17 disambiguate uses of post/POST by using "article"
762a2f4 2011-07-17 clarify that classes that include DateHelper can
589ff96 2011-07-17 clarify that DateTime objects are allowed arguments
4ada0a5 2011-07-17 use minute instead of second in description of select_mi...
851275e 2011-07-17 show correct helper in description
5dd8277 2011-07-17 use 'hour' instead of 'minutes' and 'second' for select_...
0b8cdc1 2011-07-01 fix a typo
8c11038 2011-06-26 correct error message for failed creation