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#116 Richard Hulse - Rails 3.2.0
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Hash Date Message
96e5d10 2012-01-16 [docs] Update pipeline asset organization section.
d72a85c 2011-12-01 [docs] removed last-modifed line from examples
a3edf3d 2011-09-02 fix YUI description
ca7c37a 2011-09-01 fix some minor omissions in pipeline docs
cfd785f 2011-09-01 Move css data URI into css/erb section
1f998c7 2011-09-01 pipeline docs improvement
5421d4d 2011-09-01 pipeline docs - spelling and some whitespace
ed1dfaf 2011-09-01 update pipeline docs to reflect new defaults
f0af563 2011-08-31 Added new asset config options to guides
054bdc1 2011-08-31 Add section to pipeline docs to help people upgrading
32da2f8 2011-08-13 [asset pipeline] update to reflect new sendfile header d...
49e81f2 2011-08-13 [asset pipeline] update snippet to reflect patch
b840d71 2011-08-13 [asset pipeline] Update Capistrano info
bc49d6d 2011-08-13 [asset pipeline] fixed example
27b1bf3 2011-07-17 [asset pipeline] update capistrano task code
5187264 2011-07-17 [asset pipeline] Correct CSS section and include Gem det...
602bac1 2011-07-17 [configuring] add doc for missing assets attribute
86869a0 2011-07-17 [asset pipeline] A few corrections and some new material
0f78aee 2011-07-16 [asset pipeline] Add section on sendfile option
28d5d22 2011-07-15 [asset pipeline] Added information about data uri helper
5dcebd7 2011-07-13 [asset pipeline] add capistrano task
826820f 2011-07-11 [asset pipeline] more updates to docs
a715c37 2011-07-03 [asset pipeline] expand section on configuration
c7dec17 2011-07-03 [asset pipeline] More updates
0dc2c57 2011-07-03 [asset pipeline] Add resources to fingerprinting
cfbed13 2011-07-03 [asset pipeline] what is fingerprinting section
870d070 2011-07-02 [asset pipeline] spelling !
2a06de8 2011-07-02 [asset pipeline] Add new rationale section
8de6ded 2011-07-01 [asset pipeline] refactor docs and add new content