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#44 Richard Schneeman - All time
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Hash Date Message
f069b41 2015-02-26 Merge pull request #18434 from brainopia/change_filter_o...
6f0a69c 2015-02-25 fix bug in Levenshtein distance calculation
98d896e 2015-02-23 Merge pull request #18395 from shunsukeaida/improve_gene...
1303288 2015-01-17 Merge pull request #18567 from prathamesh-sonpatki/fix-a...
02694fa 2014-12-19 Make `config.serve_static_assets` settable via an ENV var
44a6ed2 2014-12-09 Merge pull request #17982 from andreynering/testing-docu...
6f4fd2c 2014-12-08 Merge pull request #17963 from neerajdotname/wordsmitthing
4ff026e 2014-12-07 Merge pull request #17950 from y-yagi/postgres_guide
f9b2ad7 2014-12-06 Merge pull request #17942 from yui-knk/fix/
b0e7278 2014-12-06 Merge pull request #17943 from jeremywadsack/doc_cache_i...
3e3c969 2014-12-04 Merge pull request #17909 from sergey-alekseev/doc-change
b68b8cf 2014-11-30 Merge pull request #17850 from y-yagi/patch-2
9685080 2014-11-24 let mailer templates generate URLs by default [Xavier No...
acf3141 2014-11-01 Merge pull request #17477 from Adam89/ma-remove-redundan...
e6b0b76 2014-10-07 fix tests on action_mailer
03d30ce 2014-10-07 remove un-needed sort
dfbcfaf 2014-09-27 Move object allocation out of loop
13e1348 2014-09-23 Merge pull request #17026 from prathamesh-sonpatki/menti...
0b1a87f 2014-08-27 Refactor out Dir.glob from ActionDispatch::Static
a8511f3 2014-08-26 [ci skip] proper end to sentence
ac0df59 2014-08-26 [ci skip] docs grammar
0508da1 2014-08-26 [ci skip] use NOTE instead of Note
4d600ed 2014-08-25 [ci skip] fix grammar in docs
8e31fa3 2014-08-24 Address comments on Gzip implementation
fa704ed 2014-08-24 [ci skip] docs can URL cache invalidation
8c2b3c9 2014-08-24 [ci skip] docs CDN Cache-Control behavior
8ea49ec 2014-08-24 [ci skip] docs CDN header debugging
053dd00 2014-08-24 [ci skip] docs CDN caching behavior
d736e9e 2014-08-24 [ci skip] docs asset_pipeline CDN set up
a05b46c 2014-08-24 [ci skip] docs asset_pipeline#CDNs
597f98c 2014-08-24 [ci skip] wrap to 80 chars
cfaaacd 2014-08-21 Enable gzip compression by default
4d47220 2014-08-14 Perf optimization for `url_for` called w/ Hash
ebcbcf9 2014-08-09 Merge pull request #16437 from mscoutermarsh/master
a9a6423 2014-08-05 [ci skip] Document ActionDispatch::Static
658b40e 2014-08-05 [ci skip] document ActionDispatch::FileHandler
e460e7c 2014-08-05 [ci skip] Document PublicExceptions middleware
aa7d537 2014-08-04 Merge pull request #16375 from johnnyshields/guides
8188b33 2014-08-03 Merge pull request #16380 from y-yagi/patch-1
dc1a661 2014-08-02 [ci skip] fix markdown
2bbcca0 2014-07-30 Deprecate `*_path` methods in mailers
2c98f1e 2014-07-11 Merge pull request #16144 from grekko/patch-1
9d74a29 2014-06-28 [ci skip] remove invalid code from docs
e9f04cd 2014-06-28 [ci skip] Add return values to examples
0f6b101 2014-06-28 [ci skip] Fix doc for except
d4fd0bd 2014-06-28 [ci skip] Consolidate docs for `last`
63f4155 2014-06-28 [ci skip] Consolidate docs for `find`
d319ef8 2014-06-28 [ci skip] Consolidate docs for `take`
f7e4362 2014-06-28 [ci skip] Doc ability to chain in `find_each`
7d9c3ff 2014-06-28 [ci skip] Consolidate docs for `find_by`
caa25e9 2014-06-28 [ci skip] Consolidate docs for `first`
0014bc8 2014-06-10 Merge pull request #15614 from akshay-vishnoi/doc_changes
e385b85 2014-06-08 Merge pull request #15571 from kalmanh/patch-1
69107a7 2014-06-04 [ci skip] remove double "in your"
72f45ba 2014-06-04 Emit suggested generator names when not found
0713738 2014-06-02 [ci skip] explain association behavior.
a93f385 2014-06-02 [ci skip] add fixture docs link to guides
654b331 2014-06-02 [ci skip] less derogatory explanation of defaults
319a8ac 2014-06-02 [ci skip] fix "note" syntax
ae12f79 2014-05-31 Merge pull request #15449 from aditya-kapoor/correct-deb...
1913f1e 2014-05-29 document generators hidden_namespaces
d7d7211 2014-05-29 [ci skip] add created_at and updated_at to example
e83ce84 2014-05-26 print generators on failed generate
7466d6a 2014-05-24 Merge pull request #15293 from schneems/schneems/generat...
3915c45 2014-05-24 print generators on failed generate
53c8719 2014-05-17 Merge pull request #15147 from regonn/fix-symbol
e927ff3 2014-05-11 Merge pull request #15058 from Gaurav2728/gaurav-doc_mes...
c247370 2014-05-09 [ci skip] add example to AR#assign_attributes
7063e25 2014-05-09 [ci skip] doc ActiveSupport::TimeWithZone#to_s
aabbf07 2014-05-09 [ci skip] doc Http::Headers methods
ca97ec5 2014-05-07 HTTP::Headers#key? correctly converts
bbfb40a 2014-05-07 [ci skip] document ActionDispatch::HTTP::Headers
43fbdba 2014-05-07 [ci skip] document type_cast_for_write
86b0282 2014-04-20 Merge pull request #14820 from akshay-vishnoi/doc_changes
b415390 2014-04-15 [ci skip] PP does not generate pass by default
c5e083a 2014-04-15 [ci skip] document `statement_limit`
a5a2542 2014-04-15 [ci skip] Use valid current config in example
c52a84f 2014-04-14 Merge pull request #14729 from akshay-vishnoi/doc_changes
47d9321 2014-04-13 Merge pull request #14725 from afshinator/patch-1
aa27766 2014-03-14 better test error messages
7f17019 2014-03-14 Allow custom JDBC urls
43d096e 2014-02-28 Handle missing environment from non empty config
283a2ed 2014-02-21 Handle missing environment from non empty config
7d6592e 2014-01-29 Enhance errors while retrieving database config
c4083cb 2014-01-18 Merge pull request #13748 from summerblue/master
35b85d2 2014-01-18 Merge pull request #13748 from summerblue/master
b9095ec 2014-01-13 Favor canonical environment variables for secrets
6cc0367 2014-01-09 Ensure Active Record connection consistency
f642b18 2014-01-02 Use DATABASE_URL by default
9749e0e 2014-01-01 Move default production database to URL sub key
5b96027 2013-12-30 Allow "url" sub key in database.yml configuration
16e9356 2013-12-30 Merge pull request #13536 from schneems/schneems/connect...
8c82ee8 2013-12-30 [ci skip] ConnectionSpecification::Resolver Docs
137c0e5 2013-12-30 Extract db url connection logic to class
2409c61 2013-12-25 Fix failure introduced from #13488
d0926d3 2013-12-25 fix 2.1.0 bug :(
707be60 2013-12-25 ensure environment is run before db:structure:load
ba88293 2013-12-25 Partial fix of database url tests
8e2c080 2013-12-24 Move mysql2 test for when adapter will be loaded
14c175c 2013-12-24 Fix railties tests in master
d641a0c 2013-12-24 Better missing `secret_key_base` error message
f0311c2 2013-12-24 Raise NoDatabaseError when db does not exist
0ec45cd 2013-12-23 Tell how to Create a Database in Error Message
dd93a5f 2013-12-22 Use Full path to sqlite database in tests
a1f9ae5 2013-12-22 Fix DB Console tests
fdb67eb 2013-12-20 Merge pull request #13417 from TalkativeTree/comments_ch...
dece621 2013-12-20 Do not expect database user with app name to exist
6f1d0b5 2013-12-20 [ci skip] trailing documentation whitespace
2ff2f1b 2013-12-20 Flag `config.assets.raise_runtime_errors` in dev
3fa4e16 2013-12-19 Make `rails runner` command options more obvious
8d005eb 2013-12-14 [ci skip] add `assets.raise_runtime_errors` flag
5f98bb4 2013-09-23 Only output Server logs in Development
f036239 2013-08-05 Create sqlite3 directory if not present
b0caea2 2013-07-20 Match Dev/Prod parity for Index Page
ec8d865 2013-07-01 s/plugin_new/plugin
6ce18ba 2013-06-29 Fix `rails plugin --help`
6167d76 2013-05-16 Fix named routing regression from 3.2.13
ba0695f 2013-05-16 Fix named routing regression from 3.2.13
2ee9a98 2013-05-16 Fix named routing regression from 3.2.13
334549b 2013-03-19 Fix improperly configured host in generated urls
8b72d68 2013-01-21 In Browser Path Matching with Javascript
f654c3c 2013-01-18 Remove "Application" section title from routes
d5277b8 2012-12-27 Ruby 1.9 style hash in Route Inspector
37d9c44 2012-12-17 Format routes as html on debug page
8a59b87 2012-12-17 HTML formatting to Rails::InfoController#routes
170a93d 2012-12-16 DebugExceptions `File.join` => `File.expand_path`
08d7b18 2012-12-12 Output routes in :html format
0807f6e 2012-12-11 Update railties/lib/rails/info_controller.rb
baea5d6 2012-12-11 Use Rails to Render Default Index Page
e073b03 2012-12-10 Use `File.expand_path` instead of `File.join`
25648ce 2012-11-14 add AR deep dive video links to guides
0fbdddd 2012-10-28 Don't log on pending migration check
20385ec 2012-10-12 Prompt to run rake when accidentally typed rails
c8f50ef 2012-10-02 Add command before bash output
eb85394 2012-10-02 instructions for running migrations in another ENV
ae44482 2012-10-02 improve wording over `change` method docs
e8bdbef 2012-10-02 add command line $ tip for new programmers
f8a54e1 2012-10-02 Explain that command line commands have $
e427c3b 2012-10-02 explain how to check if the server has returned on *nix ...
ddcda85 2012-10-02 Add /rails/info/routes method to getting_started
5a07de6 2012-10-02 Space between "every" and "time"
6b1467b 2012-10-02 change `#` to `$` in bash section
bfafa99 2012-09-25 add documentation to generated routes
1505617 2012-09-24 remove misleading comment in Rakefile
e69476a 2012-09-18 Stronger wording in Contributing file
c9d1ba4 2012-09-05 Doc: sweepers only work on Active Record Models
cc57b2a 2012-08-28 refactor route_set `generate_extras` functionality
0b6175a 2012-08-28 Add Missing Keys from Journey on failed URL format
60b650b 2012-08-11 check for nil or empty record in form_for
e463351 2012-08-09 Document the namespacing of controller actions per this ...
bbfd29a 2012-07-07 show routes while debugging added to changelog
ef91cdd 2012-07-07 move route_inspector to actionpack
fa714ec 2012-07-07 show routes while debugging RoutingError
4c82d3f 2012-06-09 add prompt to 404 & 500 pages to check logs
d741a4c 2012-06-09 test errors for pending migrations
96f19f6 2012-06-09 raise error for pending migration
e5b3986 2012-06-03 add convenience methods for checking migrations
e636663 2012-06-01 routes are viewable in browser (update guides)
0460949 2012-05-30 remove unused route reloading code
4459125 2012-05-25 remove unnecessary test from route_inspect_test
c3e3102 2012-05-24 Rails::InfoController tests passing
cb44e0f 2012-05-24 /rails/info/routes path shows routing information
e737f14 2012-05-02 Add backtrace to development routing error page
2314490 2012-03-24 document `-e` argument for rails console
7529283 2012-03-22 match rails console environment support, to server
0a555dd 2012-03-21 fix rails server support of RAILS_ENV variable
921dcc2 2011-12-17 add help text to routing error
a8870d1 2011-04-22 show http method in routing error message