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#109 Roberto Miranda - Rails 4.0.0
Showing 20 commits

Hash Date Message
dbb00f2 2013-03-28 Update Gemfile since group assets doesn't exist anymore ...
bbaa8ab 2013-03-28 Update Bundler require in getting started application
7142e92 2013-03-24 Fix update_version_rb task
9c940e5 2013-03-24 Ignore pkg folders
7e07b7b 2013-03-22 Change Standard error when is required bcrypt-ruby and f...
482b076 2013-03-06 Change useless tr to gsub
8404925 2013-03-05 Add DebugHelperTest
8a189d0 2013-03-05 Use gsub intead of tr when the to_str is longer than the...
3bf961d 2013-03-05 change useless gsub to tr
ed6d8f0 2013-02-25 Remove sprockets-rails from the Gemfile generator
cb5ccf4 2013-02-20 Improve upgrading guide with ActionDispatch::BestStandar...
34eee28 2013-02-09 Use IN operator like arel for empty hash in where clause
16f6f25 2013-02-08 Change behaviour with empty array in where clause
e170014 2013-02-08 Change behaviour with empty hash in where clause
ebcb53c 2013-02-04 Update upgrading guide with ActionDispatch::BestStandard...
3a5b38b 2013-02-04 Add --rc description on the command line
5103036 2013-02-04 Use --rc= instead of --rc
9e18ce7 2013-02-02 Add --no-rc description on the command line
a83183c 2013-02-01 Remove BestStandardsSupport references
7baecc4 2013-01-18 User Rails 4 find_by