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#45 Robin Dupret - All time
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Hash Date Message
77cb58b 2015-01-25 Merge pull request #18681 from rymai/patch-1
cc4a83f 2015-01-14 Merge pull request #18509 from prathamesh-sonpatki/cg-typo
1fd4421 2015-01-03 Remove the tmp/sessions folder and its clear task
9b9ec0d 2015-01-03 Fix a few typos [ci skip]
d070328 2015-01-03 Avoid displaying new lines inside note paragraphs
0aa18c7 2015-01-03 Consider `html+erb` as a valid language for snippets
ece2818 2015-01-03 Update Redcarpet to version 3.2.2
4b04fc0 2015-01-02 A quick pass through NestedAttributes' doc [ci skip]
843fc99 2015-01-02 Follow up to #17973 [ci skip]
24637e5 2014-12-31 Merge pull request #18271 from arunagw/change-copyright-...
f2b31cd 2014-12-31 Tiny follow-up to #18260 [ci skip]
ae08bef 2014-12-31 Changelog edits [ci skip]
7ef7f1c 2014-12-31 Correctly use the response's status code calling head
5ac4680 2014-12-31 Merge pull request #18276 from y-yagi/fix_rake_command
7d1718f 2014-12-31 Merge pull request #18274 from rajcybage/spell_fix
20ea1a2 2014-12-30 Tiny documentation fixes [ci skip]
0c937b6 2014-12-30 Merge pull request #18130 from claudiob/better-record-id...
31a44be 2014-12-29 Merge pull request #18239 from agrobbin/18213-guide-conc...
73fe108 2014-12-28 Minor documentation edits [ci skip]
aff03e7 2014-12-26 Update guides regarding the extension changes
ef7e440 2014-12-24 Fix a few typos [ci skip]
47704af 2014-11-09 Merge pull request #17564 from yui-knk/fix/command_line_...
f8f02f4 2014-11-08 Merge pull request #17476 from robin850/job-testing
1d6d0cc 2014-11-02 Tiny documentation styling fixes [ci skip]
30c3813 2014-11-01 Tiny documentation fixes and styling improvements
aeb431a 2014-10-31 Tiny documentation improvements [ci skip]
3c58bf2 2014-10-28 Skip an error message related assertion on Rubinius
482e80e 2014-09-28 Merge pull request #17087 from taboularasa/master
1fac7b7 2014-09-28 Follow up to #16613
d630054 2014-09-27 Tiny follow-up to #16999 [ci skip]
1da209f 2014-08-29 Avoid skipping Sidekiq tests on Rubinius
a548e2b 2014-08-29 Make test:isolated run without bundler for Action Mailer
38d6c72 2014-08-29 Some documentation fixes [ci skip]
a501ae8 2014-08-25 Quick pass through the 4.2 release notes [ci skip]
cb62f92 2014-08-24 Merge pull request #16680 from huoxito/update-dependencies
53cc3ab 2014-08-24 Whoops, duplicated word [ci skip]
7fc404a 2014-08-24 Some tweaks to the development set-up guide
f3b8a0d 2014-08-24 Fix a few typos [ci skip]
61a371c 2014-08-24 Skip #eql? tests on Rubinius for AS::Duration
d5578cd 2014-08-24 Follow-up to #16560
2735b9c 2014-08-24 Fix guide anchor generation logic.
c89c37d 2014-08-19 Merge pull request #16556 from jonatack/patch-9
eb73d7d 2014-08-18 Define the Duration#instance_of? method
f4c8ce9 2014-08-08 Fix the #const_regexp's documentation [ci skip]
7a41295 2014-08-08 Avoid relying on error messages when rescuing
29e8957 2014-07-30 Prevent using String#scrub on Rubinius
c5fc7b5 2014-07-29 Merge pull request #16332 from shizm/fix-docs-validates-...
558f8aa 2014-07-23 Set Psych as the YAML engine for Rubinius
ba9fe6c 2014-07-18 Follow-up to #16097 [ci skip]
a563f01 2014-07-11 Silence the output downloading a file
0dc6ebc 2014-07-07 Partial back-port of c2d96d14 [ci skip]
c2d96d1 2014-07-07 Update Rails versions [ci skip]
f699a69 2014-07-07 Merge pull request #16082 from JuanitoFatas/4-1-stable
02580fe 2014-07-07 Merge pull request #16083 from JuanitoFatas/4-0-stable
faf7e39 2014-07-06 Merge pull request #15958 from aditya-kapoor/active-mode...
4cb4e87 2014-07-02 Tiny follow-up to #15987 and 088b4c3e [ci skip]
9ca0f8d 2014-06-29 Tiny documentation fixes [ci skip]
d93ae4f 2014-06-29 Quick pass through Active Support and guides CHANGELOG
11ac0ca 2014-06-27 Follow-up to #15215 [ci skip]
7a07b22 2014-06-27 Tiny follow-up to 1a69112
643409d 2014-06-26 Make the apply_inflections method case-sensitive
3136388 2014-06-21 Make the isolated tests run on JRuby
e9ba03e 2014-06-17 Fix a tiny typo in Action Pack's changelog [ci skip]
b186718 2014-05-31 Tiny formatting fix in AS change log [ci skip]
b73dd62 2014-05-31 Merge pull request #15446 from akshay-vishnoi/doc_changes
c0cd779 2014-05-29 Merge pull request #15403 from JuanitoFatas/doc/pg-guide...
623da13 2014-05-18 A tiny pass through the PostgreSQL guide [ci skip]
ad3628b 2014-05-14 Update Redcarpet to 3.1.2
d1f7d76 2014-05-11 Merge pull request #15059 from marcioj/patch-1
681fbec 2014-05-04 Merge pull request #14961 from jonatack/patch-7
9c05300 2014-05-04 Rails One Click is not maintained anymore [ci skip]
275fdef 2014-05-04 Rails One Click is not maintained anymore [ci skip]
5924123 2014-05-04 Merge pull request #14959 from akshay-vishnoi/doc_changes
7fcc582 2014-05-02 Tiny follow up to #14915 [ci skip]
4142a30 2014-05-02 Follow up to 38ad5438 [ci skip]
5c87c95 2014-05-02 Enhance a bit a few changelog entries [ci skip]
48b3257 2014-04-27 Swallow bundler exceptions when running tests
43101ab 2014-04-24 Merge pull request #14858 from ebouchut/patch-1
b1000ea 2014-04-20 Merge pull request #14816 from jonatack/patch-2
fd6d783 2014-04-19 Don't rely on Arel master in bug report template [ci skip]
2c21e6a 2014-04-13 Merge pull request #14732 from JuanitoFatas/doc/patch1
5d5becc 2014-04-13 Add a changelog entry for #14546 [ci skip]
80d0dd5 2014-04-12 Fix a few typos [ci skip]
fd56a78 2014-04-12 Merge pull request #14717 from vipulnsward/change-37sign...
af98176 2014-03-16 Remove extra white-spaces [ci skip]
9c53b8b 2014-03-08 Make the rails:template rake task load initializers
058d3c6 2014-03-05 Remove a reference to an issue [ci skip]
686e820 2014-03-03 Add a comment to ensure that a test won't be removed [ci...
a92c707 2014-02-28 Merge pull request #14230 from kuldeepaggarwal/doc-select
e7ec793 2014-02-28 Improve a bit the 4.1 release notes [ci skip]
3bdc7eb 2014-02-28 Improve a bit the 4.1 release notes [ci skip]
00824b0 2014-02-27 Replace "data store" with database [ci skip]
82dde71 2014-02-27 Replace "data store" with database [ci skip]
d682b0d 2014-02-27 Replace "data store" with database [ci skip]
fc61bca 2014-02-26 Avoid namespacing routes inside engines
0c63fbc 2014-02-15 Add a missing changelog entry for #13981 and #14035
3a428f3 2014-02-09 Merge pull request #13998 from gaurish/doc-rails-threadsafe
50d828c 2014-02-08 Rely on backticks instead of tt tags [ci skip]
6277bd8 2014-01-29 Merge pull request #13871 from kassio/fix-filters-with-c...
61554ef 2014-01-26 Merge pull request #13846 from gsaks123/patch-1
718d3b0 2014-01-26 Remove an extra comment [ci skip]
fe63933 2014-01-25 Add a missing changelog entry for #13825 [ci skip]
935d235 2014-01-19 Merge pull request #13762 from robertomiranda/spring-und...
0c96f8a 2014-01-19 Merge pull request #13759 from raysrashmi/rails-spring
f4fc9e6 2014-01-08 Minor typos fix [ci skip]
81066b1 2014-01-04 Merge pull request #13587 from kud86/change_truncate_exa...
05a81c5 2014-01-03 Minor typo fix [ci skip]
50060e9 2014-01-01 Improve enum documentation
7aebcb6 2014-01-01 Fix the enums writer methods
eea0fe6 2014-01-01 Update the Travis configuration file
224d3a6 2014-01-01 Merge pull request #13559 from JuanitoFatas/action-contr...
afc98ea 2014-01-01 Avoid raising a NameError on FreeBSD using Date
ec4b44b 2013-12-30 Add a missing changelog entry for #13534 [ci skip]
a944491 2013-12-27 Ensure backward compatibility between Minitest 5 and 4
6e2d35d 2013-12-24 Fix few typos and improve markup at some levels
b894b7b 2013-12-21 Fix few typos in the documentation [ci skip]
d39db9d 2013-12-21 Add a changelog entry for #13326 [ci skip]
2bc88d4 2013-12-21 Add a changelog entry for #13363 [ci skip]
fc83efa 2013-12-14 Merge pull request #13181 from fluxusfrequency/patch-4
8cfab46 2013-12-06 Very tiny typo fix [ci skip]
fe077b5 2013-12-04 Remove an extra period
bca36b0 2013-11-01 Fix some failing tests for Rails::Paths
1a566c8 2013-11-01 Set the destination_root for plugins
b79e422 2013-11-01 Remove "circular require considered harmful" error
e3d775f 2013-10-31 Require time before monkey-patching it
9d6d07d 2013-10-31 Require bigdecimal before monkey-patching it
1478ebf 2013-10-30 Hstore and JSON fields are not supported with store
84e261b 2013-10-27 Removal of javascript related gems when creating an app
cbb32ec 2013-10-27 Add a changelog entry for #12656 [ci skip]
52b2526 2013-10-22 Make the application name snake cased when it contains s...
5c7762b 2013-09-07 Use MiniTest::Unit::TestCase instead of Minitest::Test
5376251 2013-08-16 Improve the testing guide [ci skip]
1bb9771 2013-07-29 Add installation instructions for FreeBSD [ci skip]
741fdbf 2013-07-28 Fix lixml2 to libxml2 [ci skip]
82a2a78 2013-07-26 Use hyphenated version of assert_url [ci skip]
a8d1412 2013-07-26 Add a SQL example for `not` [ci skip]
1565821 2013-07-24 Add packages list for ArchLinux [ci skip]
700c6c6 2013-07-24 Fix the SQLite gem name
b163754 2013-07-10 Add documentation for add_flash_types [ci skip]
c119faa 2013-07-01 Remove a duplicated section [ci skip]
8255171 2013-06-30 Complete a sentence in i18n guide's introduction
59efb76 2013-06-29 Remove a duplicated section [ci skip]
8564f0a 2013-06-29 Update a broken link into the fixtures' template
a08cc47 2013-06-29 Add few information about missing steps [ci skip]
73b13f7 2013-06-26 Remove a comment related to 920753f
577a637 2013-06-25 Improve the testing guide [ci skip]
89c1653 2013-06-22 Missing mention about a generated file [ci skip]
47a9eea 2013-06-21 Remove code related to the rails test command
8e48503 2013-06-21 Update the feedback instructions [ci skip]
cb356ac 2013-06-21 Update the feedback instructions [ci skip]
92087e8 2013-06-21 Update the feedback instructions [ci skip]
f3b84e2 2013-06-20 Update the feedback instructions [ci skip]
e42d607 2013-03-15 Unmatched parenthesis fix
975493a 2013-01-03 Fix missing spaces before and after equal signs in metho...
4075be8 2013-01-03 Remove a useless TODO comment
d279d3e 2012-10-21 Wrap a piece of code to a code block
5ad7f8a 2012-10-14 Use Ruby 1.9 Hash syntax in railties
f839e61 2012-10-10 Use a 1.9 Hash syntax in README files (fixes thanks to @...
dc69220 2012-09-05 Fix a typo
2a408bd 2012-07-08 Add few information on Fedora and CentOS
2f6004d 2012-07-04 Add few information on the field types