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#61 Robin Dupret - Edge
Showing 13 commits

Hash Date Message
fd6d783 2014-04-19 Don't rely on Arel master in bug report template [ci skip]
2c21e6a 2014-04-13 Merge pull request #14732 from JuanitoFatas/doc/patch1
5d5becc 2014-04-13 Add a changelog entry for #14546 [ci skip]
80d0dd5 2014-04-12 Fix a few typos [ci skip]
fd56a78 2014-04-12 Merge pull request #14717 from vipulnsward/change-37sign...
af98176 2014-03-16 Remove extra white-spaces [ci skip]
9c53b8b 2014-03-08 Make the rails:template rake task load initializers
058d3c6 2014-03-05 Remove a reference to an issue [ci skip]
686e820 2014-03-03 Add a comment to ensure that a test won't be removed [ci...
a92c707 2014-02-28 Merge pull request #14230 from kuldeepaggarwal/doc-select
3bdc7eb 2014-02-28 Improve a bit the 4.1 release notes [ci skip]
00824b0 2014-02-27 Replace "data store" with database [ci skip]
fc61bca 2014-02-26 Avoid namespacing routes inside engines