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#45 Robin Dupret - Edge
Showing 22 commits

Hash Date Message
77cb58b 2015-01-25 Merge pull request #18681 from rymai/patch-1
cc4a83f 2015-01-14 Merge pull request #18509 from prathamesh-sonpatki/cg-typo
1fd4421 2015-01-03 Remove the tmp/sessions folder and its clear task
9b9ec0d 2015-01-03 Fix a few typos [ci skip]
d070328 2015-01-03 Avoid displaying new lines inside note paragraphs
0aa18c7 2015-01-03 Consider `html+erb` as a valid language for snippets
ece2818 2015-01-03 Update Redcarpet to version 3.2.2
4b04fc0 2015-01-02 A quick pass through NestedAttributes' doc [ci skip]
843fc99 2015-01-02 Follow up to #17973 [ci skip]
24637e5 2014-12-31 Merge pull request #18271 from arunagw/change-copyright-...
ae08bef 2014-12-31 Changelog edits [ci skip]
f2b31cd 2014-12-31 Tiny follow-up to #18260 [ci skip]
7ef7f1c 2014-12-31 Correctly use the response's status code calling head
5ac4680 2014-12-31 Merge pull request #18276 from y-yagi/fix_rake_command
7d1718f 2014-12-31 Merge pull request #18274 from rajcybage/spell_fix
20ea1a2 2014-12-30 Tiny documentation fixes [ci skip]
0c937b6 2014-12-30 Merge pull request #18130 from claudiob/better-record-id...
31a44be 2014-12-29 Merge pull request #18239 from agrobbin/18213-guide-conc...
73fe108 2014-12-28 Minor documentation edits [ci skip]
aff03e7 2014-12-26 Update guides regarding the extension changes
ef7e440 2014-12-24 Fix a few typos [ci skip]
3c58bf2 2014-10-28 Skip an error message related assertion on Rubinius