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#41 Robin Dupret - This month
Showing 17 commits

Hash Date Message
ed1ff19 2015-03-07 Merge pull request #19246 from wazery/patch-1
e81693a 2015-03-06 Merge pull request #19230 from prathamesh-sonpatki/fix-c...
f927591 2015-03-06 Remove a duplicated changelog entry [ci skip]
d969405 2015-03-05 Some documentation edits [ci skip]
95cfeb9 2015-03-05 Merge pull request #19212 from sivsushruth/doc_fix
8a74190 2015-03-03 Tiny documentation edits [ci skip]
562b0b2 2015-03-02 Skip the failing tests on Rubinius for now
6b1ec17 2015-03-02 Wrap inline rescue with or-equal calls
670b288 2015-03-02 Avoid Ruby versions check on Rubinius
5140c07 2015-03-02 Test against the mail gem's edge
2675a57 2015-03-02 Do not output in the console
823e4e9 2015-03-02 Add the platform-specific skip helpers to ActiveModel
586fe44 2015-03-02 Avoid accurate assertions on error messages
022c8be 2015-03-02 Avoid parallelizing Action Pack's tests on Rubinius
9f4210c 2015-03-02 Merge pull request #19133 from davydovanton/update-doc-e...
565bf89 2015-03-02 Merge pull request #19168 from gsamokovarov/byebug-defau...
76e37e6 2015-03-02 Merge pull request #19097 from gsamokovarov/web-console-...