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#22 Ryan Bigg - Rails 3.0.2
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Hash Date Message
28f9d60 2010-11-15 Document the constraints method
ccc8d9c 2010-11-15 Add documentation for :path_names option on resources
43b0fd7 2010-11-15 See the scope method for documentation for namespace's s...
86534a3 2010-11-15 Add documentation for the mount method in ActionDispatch...
205b240 2010-11-15 Fix indentation for :as option documentation on the name...
4ffd31e 2010-11-15 Document the :shallow_path option for scope
020f74b 2010-11-15 Indent final comment for :path option
7a1f22f 2010-11-15 Indent code example for :as option
06402b0 2010-11-15 Document the :as option for the scope method
0db8412 2010-11-15 Space between module option documentation and path docum...
3401529 2010-11-15 Fix indentation on comment for :path option
4552571 2010-11-15 Document the :as option for the namespace method
4228318 2010-11-15 Document the :module option for namespace
e777b91 2010-11-15 Document the :path option for namespace
1287fdd 2010-11-15 Begin to document the namespace method for AD's Mapper
467d584 2010-11-15 Document the controller method for AD's Mapper
afc16f6 2010-11-15 Document the defaults method
3551e25 2010-11-15 Document the :module and :path options for the scope met...
9078041 2010-11-15 Separate comments and examples with "Examples" header.
9ccaf47 2010-11-15 Add further documentation + examples for the get, post, ...
53def60 2010-10-07 Add "a" to make it better English