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#91 Ryuta Kamizono - This year
Showing 41 commits

Hash Date Message
6fa6c73 2015-03-04 Correctly dump `serial` and `bigserial`
316665f 2015-03-04 Remove duplicated test
5366cc6 2015-03-04 Add `Column#bigint?` method
e783930 2015-03-03 Remove unused line
3239b6a 2015-02-25 Add `SchemaMigration.create_table` support any unicode c...
5310635 2015-02-24 Remove unused table
c137e54 2015-02-24 Move back `new_column_definition` into `TableDefinition`
b8d320c 2015-02-23 Allow `:limit` option for MySQL bigint primary key support
24eb440 2015-02-22 The short-hand methods should be able to define multiple...
8fade12 2015-02-22 Extract the short-hand methods into `ColumnMethods`
d47357e 2015-02-22 Extract `primary_key` method into `ColumnMethods`
cddc298 2015-02-20 Add schema dumping tests for datetime and time precision
a088ee9 2015-02-20 Format the time string according to the precision of the...
9ef870c 2015-02-20 Allow `:precision` option for time type columns
4b38a99 2015-02-19 Extract precision from datetime and time columns
949b133 2015-02-19 Should handle array option for `:cast_as`
7ba2cd0 2015-02-19 Use `delegate` to call the methods to `@conn`
9ec2d4a 2015-02-19 Handle array option in `type_to_sql`
af64c82 2015-02-18 Prefer `drop_table if_exists: true` over raw SQL
694f4b5 2015-02-12 Extract `DateTimePrecisionTest`
1502cae 2015-02-11 Allow `:precision` option for time type columns
4748d5a 2015-02-11 Remove `cast_type` in `ColumnDefinition`
be9addb 2015-02-11 Use keyword argument in `transaction`
bb2a7c3 2015-02-11 Refactor `quote_default_expression`
18e0ffe 2015-02-11 The datetime precision with zero should be dumped
f983912 2015-02-08 Fix rounding problem for PostgreSQL timestamp column
2abde96 2015-02-08 Missing `@` [ci skip]
1f39b73 2015-02-08 Remove unused line
b199012 2015-02-08 An array type is a part of `sql_type`
3bd83f0 2015-02-08 Add `auto_increment?` instead of `extra == 'auto_increme...
0bbff5e 2015-02-08 Respect the database default charset for `schema_migrati...
add37bd 2015-01-30 Fix `test_types_line_up` when column type missing
8e20737 2015-01-18 Remove unused accessor
bd78cc8 2015-01-18 Should escape regexp wildcard character `.`
3225ebf 2015-01-03 Prefer `array?` rather than `array`
299e5f9 2015-01-03 `sql_type` has been determined already when quoting defa...
abab2bf 2015-01-03 Stop passing the column to the `quote` method when quoti...
3c10043 2015-01-02 Refactor `visit_ChangeColumnDefinition`
84859c4 2015-01-02 Add default value for `create_table_definition`
ae419af 2015-01-02 Allow precision option for MySQL datetimes.
4157f5d 2015-01-02 Format the datetime string according to the precision of...