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#122 Sam Ruby - Rails 4.0.0
Showing 18 commits

Hash Date Message
1072602 2013-05-16 restore whitespace in Gemfile between sqlite3 and sprockets
8efc87c 2013-04-16 switch (and lazily convert) ivar names to 3.x
a4f812f 2013-04-11 Use strip_heredoc where possible
0171c47 2013-04-10 Editorial pass over generated Gemfile
cfb37a8 2013-04-03 Avoid running bundler on tests that don't need it
04cda18 2013-04-02 Prefer find_by over dynamic finders in rdoc
4e35dc0 2013-03-27 Remove buggy and unnecessary logic
49c4af4 2013-03-27 Cosmetic cleanup of generated Gemfile
7a9a700 2013-03-24 Use jquery-rails from github
3008994 2013-03-13 Add support for generate scaffold password:digest
c41b768 2013-03-09 ensure is closed
977455c 2013-02-26 Allow both a path and an option on root in config/routes
549ced9 2013-02-23 guides/rails_guides moved up and out of the railties dir...
5d528f8 2013-02-14 Make valid_type? public
c692774 2013-01-11 Fix regression introduced in pull request 8812
9cc82b7 2013-01-08 Eliminate Rack::File headers deprecation warning
73f4f4a 2013-01-02 Fix a number of validation/style errors:
b9eb784 2012-12-15 Remove blank lines from generated Gemfile