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#326 Sam Saffron - All time
Showing 12 commits

Hash Date Message
6edc26f 2014-12-01 FIX: absolute_path may be nil for code added via instanc...
a668b09 2014-11-19 PERF: avoid string allocations
9aa2b2d 2014-11-18 PERF: stop allocating the string "id" over and over
da99a2a 2014-11-17 PERF: optimise type lookup to avoid invoking procs
14b23ee 2013-09-11 Reduce allocations when extracting AR models
975c9c9 2013-09-11 Perf: avoid dupes add fallback logic for coders
ba0568e 2013-08-29 Perf: micro optimised Result column hash_row creation
e3ac356 2013-08-27 Perf: memoize serialized column list and time zone colum...
4ff8790 2013-08-26 Perf: avoid array allocation where not needed
32b233c 2013-08-26 Perf: fields in pg gem causes an allocation, cache it
0a57f34 2013-04-03 Per #9999 revert the revert changing so columns are only...
b37399a 2013-03-27 Make connection_handler overridable per thread