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#349 Sammy Larbi - All time
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Hash Date Message
f0466b6 2015-01-06 Add log_level options to configuration guide
f5489f9 2014-12-21 Clarify ActiveRecord testing guidelines [ci skip]
c7deaa8 2014-11-10 Fixes a bug found when running individual tests against ...
f43f56e 2014-11-09 Ensure HABTM relationships produce valid class names (Fi...
4abbdbd 2014-09-04 Skip StatementCache for eager loaded associations (Fixes...
2fae37f 2014-08-31 Allow polymorphic routes with nil when a route can still...
d75eead 2014-03-14 Fix #to_json for BasicObject Enumerables
1badf20 2013-04-17 Document the fact you can add_index on new columns
20e0415 2013-03-01 Support creating a table migration generator
0dad3ed 2012-12-29 Document JoinTable migration generator
0b79a93 2012-12-29 Fix up/down column change example code formatting