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#415 Sandip Ransing - All time
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Hash Date Message
5e3c5ce 2014-11-14 [ci skip] Remove deprecated testing tasks
c31e638 2014-11-13 [ci skip] Improve upon testing tasks guide
d9d84ce 2014-11-13 [ci skip] Capybara added to other testing approaches
062988e 2014-11-13 [ci skip] Add one more example to routing testing, and h...
b11113f 2012-04-05 Where migration can get wrong help added
e59b669 2012-04-05 Improvement to migration guide
c91d07f 2012-04-04 Small improvements added to getting started
ecb4a64 2012-04-03 typo mistake fixed
0a35acb 2012-04-03 rails 4 will support ruby version 1.9.4 or higher