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#7 Santiago Pastorino - Rails 3.0.2
Showing 41 commits

Hash Date Message
01ed700 2010-11-14 Remove unused var
b870193 2010-11-13 Make collection and collection_from_object methods retur...
ed62b96 2010-11-11 Use ! instead of not
30ae44a 2010-11-11 Bump Arel up to 2.0.2
2e4e1ed 2010-11-11 Duck typing here
bf875b2 2010-11-09 Double negation of an already boolean value produces the...
b0f6349 2010-11-09 Don't check if persisted is defined just initialize it p...
844b9a5 2010-11-09 Execute less operations
c7fac8c 2010-11-07 Test cache.key_file_path with separators ht. Jim Wilson ...
a682986 2010-11-02 Test that capture doesn't escape twice
2c8bff3 2010-11-02 Call as ERB::Util.html_escape since is not the module is...
c53f301 2010-10-21 Revert "Bump bundler up to 1.0.3"
adea146 2010-10-18 compact is unneeded here
14b33a4 2010-10-18 Merge 3.0.1 CHANGELOGs and prepare 3.0.2.pre
0891f49 2010-10-16 Bump bundler up to 1.0.3
f7faa86 2010-10-14 Leave env :AREL only for testing purposes
10d3ab7 2010-10-14 Don't use Arel from git anymore
0c56a27 2010-10-11 data-disable-with in button_to helper
448a187 2010-10-11 CHANGELOG of reorder deprecation
0b46f72 2010-10-11 Deprecate reorder in favor of except(:order).order(...)
d0d1aca 2010-10-11 Add except as AR public API
3021297 2010-10-10 Revert "Make InstanceTagMethods#value_before_type_cast r...
0b9eced 2010-10-09 Merge rails routing guide from master
9eeb24c 2010-10-07 Add a TODO to remove gem "jruby-openssl" when jruby-open...
e5da873 2010-10-04 _assigns can have more internal vars in this test
e99c894 2010-10-03 PERF: Hash[] + map is faster than this inject, and var[1...
9ddda10 2010-09-29 Add gem 'arel' from git commented out as an example of h...
19b7123 2010-09-26 Fix the precedence issue here
262319a 2010-09-26 Not need to do this double ternary
268319c 2010-09-26 port is appended twice to HTTP_HOST when host already ha...
c8bf967 2010-09-26 Bump up more deps
c8b34f2 2010-09-26 Bump up some deps
2db3035 2010-09-22 Missing the mysql2 gem here
164e3b6 2010-09-19 application.js should be the last file on javascript_inc...
c721401 2010-09-07 unscoped has nothing so merging with a relation just ret...
7020c92 2010-09-05 Use scoped here to get the scoped where
817b8f0 2010-09-05 Make number_to_human and number_with_precision work with...
8c49666 2010-09-05 Fix indentation errors
9fe7ef6 2010-09-05 Fix code style a bit
f0113e5 2010-09-05 Make scoped reorder override previous applied orders
36e625d 2010-09-02 Add ruby-debug19 for mri 1.9