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#7 Santiago Pastorino - Rails 3.0.4
Showing 14 commits

Hash Date Message
5f509c2 2011-01-28 Bump mail version up
460f173 2011-01-13 sorry, the CI cannot lie to us anymore (Part II)
f4dcf19 2011-01-13 One more missing require
0f5e815 2011-01-13 Add missing require
3667438 2011-01-12 Allow generators nested in more than one level
acecf00 2011-01-12 Reuse the view_context from the controller, this make th...
3f247cb 2011-01-12 Allow view in AV::TestCase to access it's controller hel...
3b9e72b 2011-01-12 CI should run isolated tests
70dba74 2010-12-22 This can make make included javascripts/stylesheets from...
053031b 2010-12-22 Avoid Bundler Resolver bug until they solve the issue
75015d1 2010-11-28 Revert f1c13b0dd7b22b5f6289ca1a09f1d7a8c7c8584b
5c21c1c 2010-11-28 Fix another error in tests
2f09a5a 2010-11-28 Fix test
a4aac92 2010-11-18 When use where more than once on the same column, relati...