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#7 Santiago Pastorino - Rails 3.0.6
Showing 18 commits

Hash Date Message
05f3df3 2011-03-30 Bring back i18n_key to avoid regression
63dca41 2011-03-22 use class_eval with a string when it's possible
1b7b724 2011-03-22 Allow to read and write AR attributes with non valid ide...
7717fc3 2011-03-22 Do not in place modify what table_name returns
5ec7806 2011-03-18 Update CHANGELOG entry
691530a 2011-03-18 Sync attribute_methods.rb with master code, tests added
665065c 2011-03-17 Add AMo CHANGELOG entry
cb2c5c5 2011-03-16 Add number_to_human CHANGELOG entry
1cbade3 2011-03-16 Refactor length validation
0d1ca43 2011-03-12 Add CHANGELOG entry 'Fix length validation for fixnums'
4a26cd0 2011-03-12 require 'thread' in order to use Mutex
45d5663 2011-03-02 Add some CHANGELOG entries for 3.0.6
ea026f1 2011-03-02 Add missing versions to CHANGELOGs
4c681f6 2011-02-28 javascript_include_tag shouldn't raise if you register a...
ff95f85 2011-02-28 Add a test for passing :rescue_format => nil to #translate
f80eea3 2011-02-27 Revert "Properly interpolate i18n keys in modules [#5572...
d043d20 2011-02-27 failing test for i18n key collision with namespaced models
f7e1703 2011-02-27 Bump i18n version