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#32 Sean Griffin - All time
Showing 312 commits

Hash Date Message
a953394 2014-11-26 Don't rely on `Time.current` in tests
807d61d 2014-11-26 Merge pull request #17773 from gsamokovarov/mention-web-...
2f8be7e 2014-11-25 Fix warning in AV tests
e608902 2014-11-25 Merge pull request #17697 from sgrif/sg-remove-is-a-chec...
708e110 2014-11-25 Merge pull request #17771 from agis-/issue-17373
d74e716 2014-11-25 Move PG float quoting to the correct location
dd98681 2014-11-25 Setting an association replaces records with the same id...
009f6f1 2014-11-25 Merge pull request #17760 from zzak/release-not-for-17743
0bc04ce 2014-11-25 Changelog format
9545e6e 2014-11-25 Merge branch 'deprecate-string-options-in-url-helpers'
0349516 2014-11-24 Document `String#html_safe` [ci skip]
1aa7b2d 2014-11-24 Add array support when time zone aware attributes are en...
8fe1aec 2014-11-24 Add array support when time zone aware attributes are en...
72e8442 2014-11-24 Ensure the type map's cache is thread safe
6cd9e2b 2014-11-22 Fix build failures
e39b1f3 2014-11-22 Rename the primary key index when renaming a table in pg
1460470 2014-11-22 Rename the primary key index when renaming a table in pg
dcc143c 2014-11-22 Rename the primary key index when renaming a table in pg
71bb8c3 2014-11-21 ConnectionAdapter#substitute_at is technically public AP...
17efb3b 2014-11-21 Remove is_a? check when ignoring tables
347c226 2014-11-20 Merge pull request #17669 from SamSaffron/optimise_memory
cafed35 2014-11-19 Add tests for `TypeMap#fetch` and push up to `TypeMap`
f767ac2 2014-11-19 Reintroduce cache with tests
7d54ccc 2014-11-19 That last test was incorrect... ☕
b03f9ef 2014-11-19 Revert "PERF: optimise type lookup to avoid invoking procs"
74c35b4 2014-11-19 Introduce test to demonstrate regression caused by da99a2a2
08576b9 2014-11-18 Improve the performance of reading attributes
52fddcc 2014-11-18 Speed up integer casting from DB
edc39ff 2014-11-18 Remove needless call to `key?` when building attributes
3ecc5d3 2014-11-18 LazyAttributeHash is private
8b2c98f 2014-11-18 Remove call to `key?` in `LazyAttributeHash#[]`
eb26f24 2014-11-17 Remove the unused second argument to `substitute_at`
bf14967 2014-11-17 Force table creation in tests
c01b20b 2014-11-17 rm `reorder_bind_params`
29b3e54 2014-11-17 Improve the performance of quoting table names on PG
7da5d8a 2014-11-17 Add StackProf to the test group for 2.1
409e7e4 2014-11-17 Remove pointless `private`
ed1c3bc 2014-11-17 Merge pull request #17643 from SamSaffron/select_all_perf
895a53e 2014-11-14 Allow `LazyAttributeHash` to be marshalled
0f29c21 2014-11-14 Reduce the amount of work performed when instantiating A...
3f63ac4 2014-11-14 Correctly determine if an attribute is uninitialized
48f2620 2014-11-14 Don't freeze the same hash we use for memoization
70d1b5a 2014-11-14 Revert "Improve performance of AR object instantiation"
1c610ee 2014-11-14 Merge pull request #17620 from arunagw/aa-build-fix-isol...
85b40ed 2014-11-14 Use `DelegateClass` instead of `SimpleDelegator` for typ...
52c3a16 2014-11-10 Revert the behavior of booleans in string columns to tha...
75099a9 2014-11-05 Remove unneccesary default parameters
8fee923 2014-11-05 Improve performance of AR object instantiation
999a07e 2014-11-02 Add an `assert_deprecated` for `sanitize_sql_hash_for_co...
76d6d88 2014-11-02 Handle `RangeError` from casting in `find_by` and `find_...
d5902c9 2014-11-02 Revert deprecation of `sanitize_sql_hash_for_assignment`
eb92100 2014-11-02 Deprecate `sanitize_sql_hash_` methods on ActiveRecord
d3fbd9d 2014-11-02 Pass the `SelectManager`, rather than the AST when query...
8b611b7 2014-11-02 Merge pull request #17483 from pabloh/optimize_gsub_calls
50e7c01 2014-11-02 Don't duplicate predicate building logic in Relation fin...
3ba9d32 2014-11-01 Add a test case for range type casting
4b53415 2014-11-01 Use a bound parameter for the "id = " portion of update ...
daab7e5 2014-11-01 Correctly cast calculation results on PG
b380b1d 2014-11-01 [ci skip] `Relation#bind` is not public API
306d7a4 2014-11-01 Fix test which failed in isolation
10f75af 2014-11-01 Use bind values for joined tables in where statements
a431df8 2014-11-01 Merge pull request #17463 from mrgilman/remove-index-fro...
115cad3 2014-11-01 Don't needlessly alphabetize columns for insert/update
45e8a4b 2014-10-31 Don't attempt to load the schema file in tests if none e...
4010a9d 2014-10-31 Don't modify the columns hash to set defaults from the a...
61bacd6 2014-10-31 Load test schema even if there are no migrations
6af9411 2014-10-31 Use the correct values for int max and min
ecb3113 2014-10-31 Merge pull request #17459 from sgrif/sg-find-by-large-nu...
e62fff4 2014-10-31 Treat strings greater than int max value as out of range
9b9f019 2014-10-31 Rename `default_attributes` to `_default_attributes`
53ec0bc 2014-10-31 Don't require calculations to be aliased to a column
b6a0255 2014-10-30 Use `#between`, rather than `#in` for passing Ranges to ...
ec012e4 2014-10-28 Add mysql and pg specific attributes to Column#== and hash
21f081c 2014-10-28 💣
e13ac30 2014-10-28 Implement hash equality on column
7943764 2014-10-28 Implement #== for column
5215323 2014-10-28 Remove unneccessary default values from relation merger
4c248a0 2014-10-28 Fix uninitialized ivar warning in tests
fa7c004 2014-10-28 Call value methods when merging relations, rather than a...
dd8613d 2014-10-28 Properly quote numerics when casting string columns
5d6fca0 2014-10-27 Merge pull request #17405 from DanOlson/rewhere
e01a46f 2014-10-17 Add a deprecation warning for abiguous boolean values
e5c4624 2014-10-14 Merge pull request #17252 from Bounga/update_all_doc_cla...
fab4872 2014-09-17 Allow YAML serialization when using TZ aware attributes
990322b 2014-08-27 Correctly detect mutation on serialized columns mapping ...
9384fa4 2014-08-22 Cache the value of `changed_attributes` when calling `ch...
35bbf09 2014-08-22 Don't calculate in-place changes twice
79d8fb7 2014-08-19 require 'test_help' -> require 'rails/test_help'
877ea78 2014-08-17 Implement `_was` and `changes` for in-place mutations of...
bc153cf 2014-08-15 Implement `==` on `Type::Value` and `Attribute`
a3ee030 2014-08-15 Use the method for determining attribute methods rather ...
f84f7eb 2014-08-15 Merge pull request #16508 from jbsmith86/master
ea3ba34 2014-08-12 Change the default `null` value for timestamps
fdfc0fc 2014-08-08 Add a `required` option to the model generator
2bbcca0 2014-07-30 Deprecate `*_path` methods in mailers
9c83e84 2014-07-11 AttributeSet#include? -> AttributeSet#key?
d5411fb 2014-07-11 Don't rely on the column SQL type for bit string quoting
d739dd1 2014-07-11 Use a type object for type casting behavior on SQLite3
0e7744e 2014-07-07 Merge pull request #16075 from nickpellant/master
3559230 2014-07-06 Remove the `text?` predicate from the type objects
f6968bd 2014-07-06 Don't rely on the sql type to quote XML columns in PG
57beeba 2014-07-06 Remove PG's definition of `type_cast`
64e3d1d 2014-07-05 Only reference time specific methods in the time section...
0994851 2014-07-05 Remove *all* references to `Time.yesterday` [ci skip]
8856ab0 2014-07-05 `` -> `` in guides. [ci skip]
02579b5 2014-07-05 Use the type object for quoting PG Ranges
082d1e3 2014-07-05 Add release notes entry for #15819 [ci skip]
0c4f3af 2014-07-05 CHANGELOG and release notes entry for #16056
00f5551 2014-07-04 Add a `required` option to singular associations
efc436d 2014-07-03 Remove unneccessary special case for money in quoting
81b7187 2014-07-03 Do not rely on the column type when quoting infinity
e2763b4 2014-07-03 Use the type object for type casting HStore columns
664feb2 2014-07-02 Quote range strings when quoting PG ranges
5c2f77f 2014-07-02 Quote range strings when quoting PG ranges
094d49c 2014-07-02 Quote range strings when quoting PG ranges
b6e15f9 2014-07-02 Don't error when `dup`ing a record with no PK
b79593f 2014-07-02 Move pk initialization logic onto `AttributeSet`
0ada76c 2014-07-01 Use a type object for type casting behavior on SQLite3
fa03fa7 2014-07-01 Silence warning emitted in tests
b90c85d 2014-06-30 Don't add a second method for attribute existence
088b4c3 2014-06-30 Move STI docs off of the main Base document, leaving a note
3b9d2b8 2014-06-30 Merge pull request #15987 from jamesprior/patch-2
167201b 2014-06-29 Remove unused `array_member` from PG quoting for HStore ...
228aa4f 2014-06-29 Remove array workaround in PG quoting
314d557 2014-06-29 Use the type object when sending point columns to the DB
972d9be 2014-06-29 Use `Hash#transform_values` to clean up `AttributeSet`
9e368a5 2014-06-29 Simplify creation of default attributes on AR instance
b2cf8b2 2014-06-29 Add `Hash#map_values` to ActiveSupport
fb8ac4f 2014-06-29 Use the type object for sending JSON to the database
7a3d76b 2014-06-29 Don't encourage usage of `columns_hash`
b4b6248 2014-06-29 Merge pull request #15963 from roryokane/getting-started...
539ff7d 2014-06-29 Merge pull request #15964 from JuanitoFatas/doc/patch-01
b404613 2014-06-28 Always pass a column with a type object to quote
dcacaf2 2014-06-28 Merge pull request #15954 from roryokane/getting-started...
36a3897 2014-06-27 We are talking about the libraries, not the constants
e04c4c0 2014-06-27 Note that `_will_change!` is no longer needed for AR ins...
ccc1d3d 2014-06-27 Stop using instance exec for type decorators
3bc314e 2014-06-26 Move writing unknown column exception to null attribute
58d38d6 2014-06-26 Consolidate testing of update_all type casting
d730e37 2014-06-26 Deprecate automatic counter caches on has_many :through
bb7bc49 2014-06-26 `Attribute` should know about its name
14b1208 2014-06-26 Encapsulate the creation of `Attribute` objects
a89f8a9 2014-06-25 Move behavior of `read_attribute` to `AttributeSet`
a1bd00d 2014-06-24 Merge pull request #15828 from yuki24/add-warning-about-...
174d73a 2014-06-24 Doc pass for `Type::Value` [ci skip]
50fa366 2014-06-24 Always assume strings with non-numeric characters change...
40e33ff 2014-06-24 Silence warning in test
ae96f22 2014-06-23 Add a deprecation cycle for `NullColumn` from `column_fo...
821adfa 2014-06-22 Remove unneeded `@column_types` instance variable
ba692a5 2014-06-22 Add missing test cases for `attribute_names` instance me...
3529bbd 2014-06-22 `reload` should fully reload attributes
c083ce6 2014-06-22 Encapsulate knowledge of type objects on `ActiveRecord::...
31911a4 2014-06-22 Remove old deprecation warning
1c4fa54 2014-06-21 Add missing test cases for `attribute_method?`
3e422e2 2014-06-21 Move `attributes` to the `AttributeSet` object.
3ea9a88 2014-06-21 Move `attributes_before_type_cast` to `AttributeSet`
6d7ac31 2014-06-20 Return a null object from `AttributeSet#[]`
eeb9a7c 2014-06-19 Merge pull request #15824 from bhicks/remove-extra-list-...
099af48 2014-06-19 Introduce an object to aid in creation and management of...
0aecb47 2014-06-19 Further simplify `changed?` conditional for numeric types
ab6bea7 2014-06-18 Don't rely on the column for type casting reflections
0336efa 2014-06-18 Don't use column object for type casting in `quoting`
a854383 2014-06-18 Don't use column object when calculating type cast defaults
36bd52b 2014-06-18 Don't use `Column` for type casting in Relation calculat...
c7802dc 2014-06-18 Detect in-place modifications on Strings
455c692 2014-06-18 Detect in-place changes on point types
6e2d3d8 2014-06-18 Enable hstore in array tests
ba29c28 2014-06-17 Detect mutations of arrays and array members
ffdc7ab 2014-06-17 Merge pull request #15785 from jonatack/patch-7
c462c2b 2014-06-17 Ensure `OID::Array#type_cast_for_database` matches PG's ...
4d3e88f 2014-06-17 Don't type cast the default on the column
d5d7349 2014-06-17 Move array database type casting to the Array type
d981272 2014-06-17 Don't assume that Hstore columns have always changed
b301c40 2014-06-17 Use `column_defaults` in dirty for checking changed defa...
068f092 2014-06-17 Don't save through records twice
e30d701 2014-06-17 Don't mess with `column_defaults` when optimistic lockin...
74af9f7 2014-06-16 Promote time zone aware attributes to a first class type...
63bbaaa 2014-06-16 Refactor application of type decorators into an object
218105f 2014-06-16 Refactor in-place dirty checking to use the attribute ob...
e6690d3 2014-06-16 Always update counter caches in memory when adding records
b069ab6 2014-06-15 Change the deprecation warning on `serialized_attributes`
69eaac9 2014-06-14 Don't save through associations twice (4-0-stable)
c6a8e09 2014-06-14 Don't save through records twice (4-1-stable)
2df1540 2014-06-14 Deprecate `serialized_attributes` without replacement
f61d975 2014-06-13 Remove `serialized?` from the type interface
b1cae73 2014-06-13 User defined types should not raise an error
0a4e3f4 2014-06-13 Through associations should set both parent ids on join ...
4bf8ffc 2014-06-13 Detect in-place changes on mutable AR attributes
84cf156 2014-06-13 Remove unused `method_missing` definition
0c9287d 2014-06-13 Reorder test which does not represent real world usage
ea6f28c 2014-06-13 Remove unused column types override
6ea1481 2014-06-13 Ensure we always define attribute methods
6f08db0 2014-06-13 Introduce an Attribute object to handle the type casting...
d569d0b 2014-06-13 PG arrays should type cast user input
d6bb789 2014-06-13 Merge pull request #15680 from akshay-vishnoi/doc_changes
150f1c8 2014-06-13 Add a test to ensure we don't get a performance regressi...
607e335 2014-06-13 Use a conditional rather than early return in `id`
930c330 2014-06-13 Defer to super, rather than re-implementing Object#hash
1cec61f 2014-06-12 Merge pull request #15665 from sgrif/sg-id-perf
d043f91 2014-06-12 Fix performance regression on preloading HABTM associations
d82dafe 2014-06-12 Fix performance regression on preloading HABTM associations
4e009ee 2014-06-12 Merge pull request #15667 from samdec/mailer_doc_bug_fix
ae1b451 2014-06-12 Merge pull request #15666 from akshay-vishnoi/doc_changes
8019ca7 2014-06-12 Update test data which doesn't reflect expected usage
fef044c 2014-06-11 Pluck should work with columns of the same name from dif...
0ef8a24 2014-06-11 Pluck should work with columns of the same name from dif...
4b4f5f2 2014-06-11 Remove unused require
66736c8 2014-06-11 rm cached attributes
4a2be83 2014-06-11 Remove YAML serialization workaround for columns
09dd29e 2014-06-11 Ensure `column_types` returns a type object, and not a c...
da3b4b6 2014-06-10 No need to decorate columns twice
8a072fc 2014-06-10 Silence warnings in tests.
47f1c10 2014-06-10 Keep the types of virtual columns after yaml serialization
b5aa210 2014-06-10 Inline PG array type casting helper
d24e640 2014-06-09 Rename `type_cast` to `type_cast_from_database`
2742162 2014-06-09 Use an actual identity type in AR::Result#identity_type
c93dbfe 2014-06-09 Make `_before_type_cast` actually be before type cast
82820ef 2014-06-09 Refactor determination of max updated timestamp
bc76958 2014-06-09 Remove workaround for non-lazy serialize in tests
368cca5 2014-06-07 Do not type cast twice on attribute assignment
105e030 2014-06-07 Move conditionals about freezing closer to the definitio...
3516409 2014-06-07 Remove dead branch when restoring ID within a transaction
e1f3311 2014-06-07 Remove duplicated `@raw_attributes.keys`
3b22df2 2014-06-07 Ensure time zones don't change after round trip with arr...
da9ed15 2014-06-07 Don't rely on `Time.current` in tests
3fab9d8 2014-06-07 Rename `property` to `attribute`
2dca1ba 2014-06-07 Don't query the database schema when calling `serialize`
1c181c2 2014-06-07 Add array support when time zone aware attributes are en...
8a6e763 2014-06-06 Removed unused `klass` definitions from types
36e9be8 2014-06-06 Remove composed_of special case from multi-parameter att...
332d6c9 2014-06-06 Don't mess with `_before_type_cast` for numeric types
ff7c015 2014-06-06 Don't mess with `_before_type_cast` for numeric types
c52cb16 2014-06-06 Add missing test cases for schema dumping defaults
6470e47 2014-06-05 Remove optimization that was required with whiny nils
405fd22 2014-06-04 Collapse PG default extractoin of most types to single r...
c3bd7b5 2014-06-04 Bring type casting behavior of hstore/json in line with ...
e8375a6 2014-06-04 Use null column for association key types
ed559d4 2014-06-03 Keep column defaults in type cast form
fb2a1c4 2014-06-03 Return a null column when no column exists for an attribute
74a756a 2014-06-03 Refactor quoting of binary data to not be based on the c...
3bc4e9e 2014-06-03 Respect limit for PG bit strings
cf64d10 2014-06-03 Refactor determination of whether the field has changed
032a8d9 2014-06-02 Remove unused `initialize_attributes` method
9b9dec5 2014-06-02 Add missing colon to internal
e08494a 2014-06-01 New records should remain new after yaml serialization
04919c7 2014-06-01 Refactor XML serializer to not depend on `serialized_att...
29cbfa2 2014-06-01 Test the serialized types of virtual columns in XML
90c8be7 2014-06-01 Remove most code related to serialized properties
9373462 2014-06-01 Don't change values in `@raw_attributes` during serializ...
6c5763b 2014-05-31 Clear all caches calculated based on `@columns` when `@c...
7c8f88c 2014-05-30 Add missing test case for writing unknown attributes
24b6fa5 2014-05-30 Update some bad test cases for serialized columns
eb6cee9 2014-05-30 Rename attribute related instance variables to better ex...
5aa1f5d 2014-05-30 Allow specifying a default value in overloaded properties
13d92b7 2014-05-29 Don't reference comments that do not exist
912904c 2014-05-29 Move `type_cast_for_write` behavior over to the serializ...
2eb547a 2014-05-29 Refactor serialized types to be partially defined as cus...
8eb536e 2014-05-29 Result sets never override a model's column type
98a7dde 2014-05-29 Ensure we always use instances of the adapter specific c...
622021c 2014-05-28 Maintain column order when overriding existing columns
c59e01a 2014-05-28 Ensure custom properties work correctly with inheritance
748f070 2014-05-28 Remove unused `Column#coder`
728fa69 2014-05-28 Move types to the top level `ActiveRecord` namespace
aff73e0 2014-05-27 Remove AR Properties from the public API
61ef04c 2014-05-27 Silence deprecation warning in test
6b46106 2014-05-27 Deprecate decimal columns being automatically treated as...
1a3e739 2014-05-26 Remove unnecessary branch from quoting in Mysql
65c3300 2014-05-26 Add a public API to allow users to specify column types
f2135ac 2014-05-26 Allow empty arrays in where predicates
8163a50 2014-05-26 Extract types which don't require additional typecasting...
2f0956c 2014-05-26 Refactor the handling of arrays in where predicates
fbdd580 2014-05-26 Refactor the type casting of booleans in MySQL
597d9c8 2014-05-26 Remove checks against `column.type` in abstract adapter ...
a8afc63 2014-05-26 Add missing test case for quoting behavior
b5c4ef2 2014-05-26 Add an interface for type objects to control Ruby => SQL
6b2ff4f 2014-05-23 Remove special case in schema dumper for decimal without...
05dd3df 2014-05-23 Remove `Column#primary`
3541657 2014-05-23 Change typecasting unit tests to test type objects directly
2859066 2014-05-23 Inline type cast method for PG points
adb8819 2014-05-23 Move parsing of PG sql strings for defaults out of column
2004e4e 2014-05-23 Simplify the code in schema cache
4f8ba6a 2014-05-23 Remove duplicated setup in test
1119905 2014-05-22 Push limit to type objects
22c27ae 2014-05-22 Push precision to type objects
57cc778 2014-05-22 Push scale to type objects
5540005 2014-05-22 Move `extract_precision` onto type objects
4826a4a 2014-05-22 Use the generic type map for all PG type registrations
ecf4ad7 2014-05-22 Allow additional arguments to be used during type map lo...
e45e4f4 2014-05-21 Move extract_scale to decimal type
b871b3f 2014-05-21 Rename `oid_type` to `cast_type` to make PG columns cons...
8935745 2014-05-21 Add missing nodocs to MySQL adapter
30bf07d 2014-05-21 Move PG OID types to their own files
c4245c3 2014-05-20 Delegate `klass` to the injected type object
32218c1 2014-05-20 Delegate `type_cast_for_write` to injected type object
8f38799 2014-05-20 Inline typecasting helpers from Column to the appropriat...
9f61f31 2014-05-20 Use the generic type map for PostgreSQL OID registrations
50869f3 2014-05-20 Delegate predicate methods to injected type object on Co...
ac4c1c3 2014-05-20 Use the generic type map object for mysql field lookups
e781aa3 2014-05-20 Replace `type_cast` case statement with delegation
ca703bb 2014-05-20 Use general types for mysql fields
b2242d1 2014-05-20 Have Postgres OID types inherit from general types
ac37165 2014-05-20 Delegate type_cast to injected type object in mysql
36fde2b 2014-05-20 Delegate `#type_cast` to injected type objects on SQLite3
d0f8c46 2014-05-19 Remove :timestamp column type
0b682e4 2014-05-19 Delegate `Column#type` to the injected type object
4bd5dff 2014-05-17 Add a type object to Column constructor
113f56d 2014-05-17 Use destructured arguments when looping through pairs
d070a65 2014-05-17 PostgreSQL timestamps are always datetimes
8df8334 2014-05-17 Remove dead test code for unsupported adapters
933b212 2014-05-17 Add missing tests for column type cast behavior
92a6033 2013-07-28 Add ability to specify how a class is converted to Arel ...
c01d080 2013-03-18 Exception handling for controllers using ActionControlle...