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#46 Sebastian Martinez - All time
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Hash Date Message
bca66a3 2012-09-28 Add #update_columns entry to AR Changelog.
46f0fc6 2012-09-27 Add #update_columns entry in Rails 4.0 release notes [ci...
f27a8eb 2012-07-25 New #update_columns method.
87ffc36 2012-07-24 New #update_columns method.
dcd74eb 2012-02-02 Remove useless argument in #columns.
2d92962 2011-09-01 Add #update_attributes as another alternative to #update...
0b3b91c 2011-08-19 Document debugging assets set by default for dev and tes...
ebf0cc4 2011-08-16 Document Hash#extract!.
3085957 2011-08-15 Document Hash#extract!.
0196f0f 2011-08-13 Some fixes on the 3_1_release_notes guide.
899c736 2011-06-18 Prefer Time.current over on example code
9387c70 2011-06-18 Add Time#all_* to AS guides.
745665d 2011-06-18 Add example for rails server port option.
0c1e630 2011-06-14 Prefer Time.current over on example code
10c2035 2011-06-14 Add Time#all_* to AS guides.
d48bbc8 2011-06-11 Add example for rails server port option.
c4ddc6f 2011-06-11 Remove unused variable causing warning in 1.9.3
9af4e80 2011-06-09 Remove unused 'y' variable.
0b86ac2 2011-06-09 Remove unused 'quoted_column_names' variable.
49dcc4f 2011-06-08 Prefer 'each' over 'for in' syntax.
c32ba39 2011-06-06 Fix font styling on associations.rb
20f1f9e 2011-06-06 Revert this, commited by mistake.
815dd81 2011-06-06 Fix grammar mistake. Lets vs let's.
e5fb901 2011-06-06 Fix fixed-fonts stlye on rails_on_rack guide.
802555a 2011-05-28 #drop_table accepts no options now.
dfba8f5 2011-05-26 Fix font styling on associations.rb
ab3c87a 2011-05-25 Revert this, commited by mistake.
4c56694 2011-05-25 Fix grammar mistake. Lets vs let's.
0f7a52d 2011-05-25 Fix fixed-fonts stlye on rails_on_rack guide.
130c9b7 2011-05-24 Parenthesize arguments when the first one is a Regexp li...
dd6c367 2011-05-24 Remove extra white spaces on ActiveSupport docs.
0034b78 2011-05-23 Remove extra white spaces on ActiveRecord docs.
05f29ca 2011-05-23 Remove extra white-space on some exception messages.
2a4b780 2011-05-23 Remove extra white spaces on ActiveModel docs.
5d0d4d8 2011-05-23 Remove extra white spaces on ActionMailer docs.
fcdb5dc 2011-05-23 Remove extra white spaces on ActionPack docs.
c6ec7e8 2011-05-23 Fix styling error on plugins guide.
b4951b5 2011-05-23 Add entry to AP changelog
31f09a2 2011-05-21 Remove extra white spaces on guides.
0087ef9 2011-05-21 Remove extra white spaces.
bf50935 2011-05-21 Add more doc to #update_column.
b91c907 2011-05-19 Remove extra white spaces.
223f311 2011-05-19 Remove extra white-spaces.
84e541e 2011-05-17 Better doc styling in ActiveRecord::Locking
2470392 2011-05-16 Add doc to #attribute_names
21b61a8 2011-05-10 Follow code conventions on some tests
ab880b9 2011-05-10 Follow code conventions on docs
71d6b08 2011-05-10 Fix styiling issues on DateHelper docs
956a0f4 2011-05-10 Fix styiling issues on AtomFeedHelper docs
1ca3ae5 2011-05-10 Remove extra whitespace.
350b977 2011-05-10 Fix styiling issue on TranslationHelper docs
1f7d55e 2011-05-10 Fix styiling issue on ActionView::Template docs
177f7fa 2011-05-10 impact guides with no CSV fixture support
ed8962c 2011-05-10 more fixed-fonts here
56a7db6 2011-05-10 added some fixed fonts
b94d94a 2011-05-08 Better use #remove_possible_method here
9899f53 2011-05-06 better styling on #available_action? docs
6826936 2011-05-05 Improve doc styles for ActiveModel::Conversion
6372d23 2011-05-04 Fix punctuation errors.
9be7911 2011-05-04 Use #remove_possible_method instead here
1c2dc92 2011-05-04 Use #remove_possible_method instead
24586ed 2011-05-04 Remove extra whitespaces
0ee2513 2011-05-04 Improves Mysql2 adapter docs
fab9bb7 2011-05-04 Added #recreate_database docs
f049062 2011-05-04 Fixes on schema_definitions docs
d53c2e4 2011-05-02 fixed-fonts on SchemaDefinitions
c894fff 2011-05-02 Fix ParamsWrapper docs errors
04d37b0 2011-05-02 Remove extra whitespaces
9fa080e 2011-05-02 Update security guide with #new and #create respect mass...
06b9138 2011-05-01 Added some docs on ActiveResource::HttpMock
825dae1 2011-05-01 Documented ActiveResource#observing
2472428 2011-05-01 Remove extra whitespaces.
31110c5 2011-05-01 Fix punctuation errors.
ca608b8 2011-05-01 Bring this back on the contributing guide.
b84b759 2011-04-30 Improved ActiveModel Observing docs.
1302bf2 2011-04-30 Added missing word on guide
9c0196a 2011-04-30 Upload patches is for LH, we use pull requests on GitHub...
c4b494b 2011-04-27 Rephrased Dirty#changed? docs
4554983 2011-04-27 Removed extra whitespace
a2bfa5f 2011-04-27 Better formatting on ActiveModel::Translation
0421002 2011-04-26 Fix #update_attributes api format error
c60e207 2011-04-24 Better formatting here
0887385 2011-04-23 Added missing docs to mysql2_adapter
8f1b141 2011-04-23 Fixed punctuation errors.
a510f5c 2011-04-23 Better docs formatting
4d04641 2011-04-23 Fix #postgresql_version docs
17d34d1 2011-04-23 Added docs for #version on mysql_adapter
3e678da 2011-04-22 Added some docs on SQLite adapter
868fb38 2011-04-22 Make this docs more consistent with the rest of the docs...
0ce94f4 2011-04-22 dot missing here
616eef3 2011-04-22 Added doc for #table_exists?
e382d95 2011-04-22 Added docs for #rename_table on some adapters
5d59cd8 2011-04-22 Added docs for #columns on some adapters
900470c 2011-04-22 Added docs for #indexes on adapters
1a77373 2011-04-22 Added docs for #drop_database on MySQL adapter
02ee200 2011-04-22 Added docs for #disconnect! on adapters
0e2644c 2011-04-22 Added missing docs for clear_cache! on adapters
e2656e0 2011-04-22 Added missing docs for +supports_primary_key?+ on some a...
3d45964 2011-04-22 Added missing docs for +support_migrations?+ on some ada...
00e9cbd 2011-04-22 Have a more connection specific rdoc for +supports_state...
2000285 2011-04-22 Removed ON() on distinct comment
aa19a7d 2011-04-20 Fix 'FIXME' annotation typo
082e299 2011-04-19 docs for ActionMailer::Base.default_i18n_subject
280a870 2011-04-18 Formated docs
51f5209 2011-04-18 oops fixed typo
af41d55 2011-04-18 Fixed docs for NilClass#try
9dfc215 2011-04-17 Formatting docs
49e7555 2011-04-17 Docs for +duplicable?+
bb626e7 2011-04-17 Docs for NilClass#try
0675047 2011-04-17 Formatting examples
d0635b6 2011-04-17 Documented String#blank?
b14b058 2011-04-17 Documented Hash#blank?
ceeed21 2011-04-17 Documented Array#blank?
c497999 2011-04-17 Documented TrueClass#blank?
a48d2a7 2011-04-17 Documented FalseClass#blank?
bd30254 2011-04-17 Documented NilClass#blank?
38e7787 2011-04-17 Remove 2.3 since guides are supposed to be for Rails 3
8606fff 2011-04-16 Added CHANGELOG entry for new section additions on Actio...
9c861e8 2011-04-16 Better formatting
558f096 2011-04-16 Added Templates section on ActionView guide.
143ed7e 2011-04-16 Added Spacer Templates on Partials section of ActionView...
eecb838 2011-04-16 Added Partials section to ActionView guide.
7c9927a 2011-04-16 Added Using Action View with Rails guide section.
91761b7 2011-04-15 Added an example of exception situation on Array#sample ...
4dd84c8 2011-04-15 Improved Array#sample documentation
de42af7 2011-04-15 Added missing CHANGELOG entries for 3.0.7
ba8a715 2011-04-15 Added more detailed use of the +list+ command on debuggi...
bbfc6cd 2011-04-14 Remove extra whitespaces from guides
5be7268 2011-04-14 Update guide mentioning that +in?+ may raise an +Argumen...
28bf4c6 2011-04-14 Move [#ticket_number state:commited] to the end of the c...
fb6fa1e 2011-04-14 change to use the Sass file extension .scss
1bcc705 2011-04-14 Remove extra whitespace
9aff7e0 2011-04-14 Update guides with controller generator producing asset ...
02883a1 2011-04-14 Update Contributing to the Rails Code guide for automati...
beed866 2011-04-14 Fix patch file name to make it consistent with the rest ...
f8ecb46 2011-04-13 Documented +ActiveSupport::Notifications+ module.
21c03a2 2011-04-13 Update guides with new scaffold.css path
b2cb991 2011-04-13 Removed Object#among? from guides
a616e7a 2011-04-13 Update test name to the corresponding method name
dbf32eb 2011-04-12 Changed Object#either? to Object#among? on guides
40d1569 2011-04-12 Update guides reflecting that scaffold_controller genera...
7a1189a 2011-04-11 Updated AS guide with new Object#in? and Object#either? ...
52351bc 2011-03-29 Remove 'warning: ambiguous first argument' when running ...
54af8df 2011-03-29 Fix Basic Authentication examples
70779a0 2011-03-29 Updated Basic Authentication guides to reflect new Base....
235a414 2011-03-28 Un-deprecate #reorder method
fb21511 2011-03-28 Bring #reorder back
245542e 2011-03-28 Added new #update_column method.
0e1fed5 2011-03-27 Revert "Removed #update_attribute method. New #update_co...
7c68072 2011-03-26 Updated guides for new #update_column.
45c233e 2011-03-26 Removed #update_attribute method. New #update_column met...
6ee5d92 2011-03-25 impact recent updates to #first! and #last! methods
a094669 2011-03-25 Update AR querying guide with #first! and #last! new met...
a5e98d7 2010-03-23 updated Rakefile with new app generator path [#4258 stat...
10825be 2010-03-23 rake tasks should use the new app generator path [#4257 ...
0137566 2010-03-21 do not support 'data-url' anymore, just use 'href' [#423...
b395c81 2010-03-19 removed useless require line
1e2caa5 2010-03-19 Added missing requires abstract_unit and activesupport t...
e7276a9 2010-03-19 Make dependencies_test pass running standalone [#4215 st...
14b1dc2 2010-03-18 Fixed require line
bc36618 2010-03-18 added require abstract_unit on setter_trap.rb