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#46 Sebastian Martinez - Rails 3.2.0
Showing 29 commits

Hash Date Message
2d92962 2011-09-01 Add #update_attributes as another alternative to #update...
0b3b91c 2011-08-19 Document debugging assets set by default for dev and tes...
3085957 2011-08-15 Document Hash#extract!.
0196f0f 2011-08-13 Some fixes on the 3_1_release_notes guide.
0c1e630 2011-06-14 Prefer Time.current over on example code
10c2035 2011-06-14 Add Time#all_* to AS guides.
d48bbc8 2011-06-11 Add example for rails server port option.
c4ddc6f 2011-06-11 Remove unused variable causing warning in 1.9.3
9af4e80 2011-06-09 Remove unused 'y' variable.
0b86ac2 2011-06-09 Remove unused 'quoted_column_names' variable.
49dcc4f 2011-06-08 Prefer 'each' over 'for in' syntax.
802555a 2011-05-28 #drop_table accepts no options now.
dfba8f5 2011-05-26 Fix font styling on associations.rb
ab3c87a 2011-05-25 Revert this, commited by mistake.
4c56694 2011-05-25 Fix grammar mistake. Lets vs let's.
0f7a52d 2011-05-25 Fix fixed-fonts stlye on rails_on_rack guide.
130c9b7 2011-05-24 Parenthesize arguments when the first one is a Regexp li...
dd6c367 2011-05-24 Remove extra white spaces on ActiveSupport docs.
0034b78 2011-05-23 Remove extra white spaces on ActiveRecord docs.
05f29ca 2011-05-23 Remove extra white-space on some exception messages.
2a4b780 2011-05-23 Remove extra white spaces on ActiveModel docs.
5d0d4d8 2011-05-23 Remove extra white spaces on ActionMailer docs.
fcdb5dc 2011-05-23 Remove extra white spaces on ActionPack docs.
c6ec7e8 2011-05-23 Fix styling error on plugins guide.
b4951b5 2011-05-23 Add entry to AP changelog
31f09a2 2011-05-21 Remove extra white spaces on guides.
0087ef9 2011-05-21 Remove extra white spaces.
bf50935 2011-05-21 Add more doc to #update_column.
223f311 2011-05-19 Remove extra white-spaces.