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#239 Semyon Perepelitsa - All time
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Hash Date Message
1cd9650 2013-12-10 Fix typo in docs, missing colon in Symbol literal [ci skip]
d1f33e0 2013-08-23 Fix typo in file path, should include extension.
540ebe3 2013-01-30 Fix `content_tag_for` with array html option.
2197e1f 2012-11-21 Refactoring, testing and documenting pg_connection.distinct
150c6dc 2012-09-06 Redirect block with arity of 1 is deprecated.
46fc0f2 2012-01-31 Dont do underscore and camelize, only camelize is fine
d0706c3 2012-01-31 There is an "inherit" option on const_get too, why not u...
bb1813c 2012-01-21 Replace regexp matching with a simple string manipulation.
1729720 2012-01-21 Why do we even need a constant here? A variable is fine.
b7bf3c1 2012-01-21 TaggedLogging wraps an object, not a class.
7175107 2012-01-21 Do not use the same Logger constant for class (from stdl...
d696f8d 2012-01-15 Pass a symbol instead of a block. This is faster and mor...
2aedb20 2011-12-19 Fix syntax error in rdocs.
e66dd14 2011-09-13 Fix a typo in date
21b4244 2011-09-12 Fix a typo in date
6d772c0 2011-08-31 Fix typo: => instead of =
6822f39 2011-04-22 Remove HTML escaping from Record Tag Helper docs.