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#47 Sergey Nartimov - Rails 3.2.0
Showing 33 commits

Hash Date Message
337ac05 2012-01-03 add CHANGELOG entry for AS::Base64 deprecation
1fc53df 2012-01-03 deprecate AS::Base64 methods without DeprecatedConstantP...
0b5cda7 2012-01-03 use pg 0.11.0 under ruby 1.8.7
4f440a3 2012-01-02 fix base64 requires
5f09414 2012-01-02 deprecate ActiveSupport::Base64
71f59b7 2011-12-30 refactor Range#include? to handle ranges with floats
e97aa2c 2011-12-20 remove warnings about @variable_for_layout
109db5a 2011-12-18 bypass preloading for ids_reader
04cea56 2011-12-17 call scope within unscoped to prevent duplication of whe...
caa1c19 2011-12-14 fix separator insertion in date_select helper
081431f 2011-12-13 log exception backtrace when all backtrace lines silenced
d060d6d 2011-12-13 missing require in buffered logger
8a9cf79 2011-12-13 missing require in activesupport test
f2fa483 2011-12-13 commented whitelist mode enforcement for mass assignment
1f0e21c 2011-12-05 use classify in ParamsWrapper to derive model name from ...
13cab6e 2011-11-30 fix exception page when template contains utf-8 and para...
93387e2 2011-11-30 fix deprecation warnings in activeresource
6ce924f 2011-11-30 fix method redefined warning in activemodel
565d92f 2011-11-30 fix method redefined warnings in tests
a985309 2011-11-30 fix warning in tests when using render_erb helper
e975fe7 2011-11-30 test helpers in erb using erb
fe7d4f0 2011-11-28 put backtrace_cleaner to env
bc81ba2 2011-11-27 fix label with block in erb
cd9d28d 2011-11-25 middlewares should use logger from env
98a1717 2011-11-23 configuration option to always write cookie
3a1d519 2011-11-22 deprecation warning, changelog entry
aa491f6 2011-11-22 javascript_include_tag should add '.js' to sources that ...
5bcd119 2011-11-22 move show_detailed_exceptions? to Rescue module
c6d6b28 2011-11-22 refactor show exceptions tests
a9e8cf7 2011-11-22 add ActionController::Metal#show_detailed_exceptions?
c220b4d 2011-11-19 fix warning about instance variable in plugin generator
39d2251 2011-11-19 fix rails plugin new CamelCasedName bug
e8d57f3 2011-11-17 _html translation should escape interpolated arguments