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#47 Sergey Nartimov - Rails 4.0.0
Showing 113 commits

Hash Date Message
9dfef5a 2013-02-11 define Active Record Store accessors in a module
ceb1fd3 2012-11-20 embed code example using backticks in caching guide
43aa2d3 2012-11-01 memoize calculated ip without additional variable
3a34d9a 2012-09-18 fix shadowing outer local variable warning
2385129 2012-09-14 update CHANGELOG
95be790 2012-09-13 Implement :null_session CSRF protection method
ab7a80e 2012-05-30 accept a block in button_to helper
1376f4c 2012-05-30 no need to pass an empty block to button_to helper
d64b254 2012-05-28 make AS::Multibyte::Chars work w/o multibyte core ext
7dd80d6 2012-05-28 remove unnecessary require
dcdde7d 2012-05-18 respect nsec in TimeWithZone
f88f699 2012-05-16 remove unnecessary require
aa07d59 2012-05-13 use const_defined? with second argument in AS::Dependencies
c17d200 2012-05-13 mailer can be anonymous
16df67b 2012-04-30 split CDATA end token in cdata_section helper
cbb264e 2012-04-30 no need to dup options in send_data
9f64f20 2012-04-30 allow send_file/send_data to skip disposition header, cl...
c9f528d 2012-04-30 wrap translate defaults to use translate helper features...
67e8004 2012-04-26 remove calls to deprecated find(:first) in actionpack te...
10f90bd 2012-04-26 refactor content_tag_for helper
0f848dd 2012-04-26 use safe_join in number helper
491c680 2012-04-11 don't duplicate default values in text helper
332c3e1 2012-04-09 no need in temporary array in number_to_phone helper
fd3f550 2012-04-07 use extract_options! in cycle helper
13688cf 2012-04-06 pass default value as argument to fetch
e3d1585 2012-04-01 add type option to atom feed entry builder
f4d2695 2012-03-30 use `symbolize_keys` instead of `dup.symbolize_keys!`
65434a2 2012-03-26 apply form_for namespace option to date_select
2ee28b2 2012-03-23 fix HashWithIndifferentAccess.[] method
9c857db 2012-03-22 deprecate Proc#bind that can cause symbol memory leak
f7714ec 2012-03-14 use content_tag in button_to helper
9fbb176 2012-03-13 add include_hidden option to checkbox tag
2459411 2012-03-09 configure how unverified request will be handled
1e0387e 2012-03-05 force response body to be read in assert_template
4e8fbc0 2012-03-02 simplify namespace assignment in fields_for
0e6b588 2012-03-02 don't pass unnecessary argument
cd5daba 2012-03-02 Optimize url helpers.
cb400b0 2012-02-27 remove unnecessary code
ddb5d2f 2012-02-27 force datetime attributes to be changed, fix GH #3965
08b029c 2012-02-20 fix output safety issue with select options
d07b2f3 2012-02-16 escape static file path to prevent double unescaping
ec4759d 2012-02-16 move id_before_type_cast to PrimaryKey module
b5f5e27 2012-02-14 remove unnecessary require core_ext/string/encoding
2aaa9da 2012-02-12 fix spacer template example
d7942d4 2012-02-11 handle id attribute in PrimaryKey module
e3b3a25 2012-02-06 allow mass-assign version attribute in AR::SchemaMigration
223e5b9 2012-01-31 fix assets test
94cd8d7 2012-01-30 merge MRI performance methods into one file
44bd971 2012-01-29 remove ruby 1.8 support code
6e46b3b 2012-01-26 fix fixtures test as table_name is a string now
db48ee3 2012-01-26 call to_s on value passed to table_name=
858f464 2012-01-25 reuse common video/audio tags code and do not modify opt...
fc54787 2012-01-25 do not modify options in image_tag
08e5104 2012-01-25 allow to pass multiple sources to audio/video tags witho...
9cb00a4 2012-01-24 no need in separate MiniTest modules
3fbc042 2012-01-23 Use instance_eval instead of Proc#bind
c075ca4 2012-01-23 use rack 1.4.1
d579df9 2012-01-22 remove unnecessary AS::Concern usage
c0a4456 2012-01-22 remove obsolete code as old actionmailer api was removed
04d6ebb 2012-01-18 refactor RAILS_CACHE deprecation
ffb0c51 2012-01-18 simplify some TaggedLogging methods
cead2dd 2012-01-18 remove unused requires
6e76f8f 2012-01-16 use thread variable in TaggedLogging
23cb3d2 2012-01-16 use rack from master branch
2b81240 2012-01-16 use Rack::BodyProxy in activerecord middlewares
3ded9b3 2012-01-16 use Rack::BodyProxy in AD::Reloader
22cbc1a 2012-01-13 remove unused private methods
41c3d4a 2012-01-13 use Rack::Utils.escape_path
b8e1efd 2012-01-12 to_date, to_time, and to_datetime Time methods present i...
5215eed 2012-01-07 Symbol#[] method presents in Ruby 1.9
8c63e7d 2012-01-07 instance_variables method returns symbols in 1.9 ruby
7d86235 2012-01-07 get rid of using instance_variable_names method from AS
904e544 2012-01-07 add benchmark helper that works in erb
f1b05de 2012-01-06 use stub instead of redefining method to suppress warnings
517b8fb 2012-01-06 Array.wrap is an overhead as there is already check for ...
dcb818c 2012-01-06 use Kernel#Array instead of Array.wrap in Rails::Generat...
ad0336e 2012-01-05 remove use of Multibyte.clean as it's no-op in ruby 1.9
1c095f2 2012-01-05 remove obsolete commented asserts in TextHelper tests
693a68f 2012-01-05 remove ruby 1.8 example from Array.wrap documentation
803e9ba 2012-01-05 remove useless call to mb_chars
7301aa2 2012-01-05 refactor AS::Multibyte::Chars
5a75135 2012-01-04 refactor String#truncate not to use mb_chars
ce2c4c9 2012-01-04 simplify Class#descendants using singleton_class method
2f8a7ed 2012-01-03 use correct variant of checking whether class is a singl...
7826878 2012-01-03 do not rewrite log during application bootstrap
634c034 2012-01-02 fix base64 require
0f2f800 2012-01-02 remove ActiveSupport::Base64 in favor of ::Base64
1c0eece 2012-01-02 fix use of FormBuilder.field_helpers
dc05914 2012-01-01 use #to_s to convert Range to json
952e9d9 2011-12-29 refactor Range#include? to handle ranges with floats
33fb719 2011-12-25 ruby 1.9 returns method names as symbols
8f0d7c8 2011-12-25 remove date methods that are present in 1.9 ruby
1e9e88f 2011-12-25 remove checks for encodings availability
40566dc 2011-12-24 remove deprecated Module#synchronize from ActiveSupport
9813c62 2011-12-24 remove deprecated define_attr_method from ActiveModel::A...
b340f88 2011-12-24 use Array#uniq in AM instead of deprecated Array#uniq_by
5ca86ac 2011-12-24 deprecate String#encoding_aware? and remove its usage
5f3b9de 2011-12-23 remove Rails application fallback from AD::IntegrationTest
1922283 2011-12-23 remove Enumerable#each_with_object again
9d97173 2011-12-22 no more need to make Time#to_date and Time#to_datetime p...
4f6af26 2011-12-22 remove AS whiny nil extension and deprecate config.whiny...
63a5821 2011-12-21 remove status_code from AD::ShowExceptions and useless r...
9add760 2011-12-21 remove deprecated set and original methods for table_nam...
9f7d3c5 2011-12-21 remove deprecated underscore versions of attribute methods
4a57d1b 2011-12-21 remove requires of core_ext/array/random_access that no ...
f1b4cac 2011-12-21 remove Enumerable#each_with_object from core_ext as it i...
a57c644 2011-12-21 remove Kernel#singleton_class from core_ext as it is pre...
127d2c8 2011-12-21 remove check for string from request body setter
5594387 2011-12-21 remove dead code as ruby 1.9.3 has Base64 module
b7cfd09 2011-12-21 remove support for ruby 1.8 in AS String extensions
e7d827e 2011-12-20 requiring enumerator is not nessessary in ruby 1.9
c3c1ff4 2011-12-20 remove warnings about @variable_for_layout
e2d19d6 2011-12-19 handle not only strings in date type cast