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#376 Sergey Prikhodko - All time
Showing 10 commits

Hash Date Message
e293425 2014-03-04 Correctly apply the default options for the `button_tag`...
e447ed6 2014-03-04 remove private method and rewrite into more precise nota...
ca1b98a 2014-03-03 rollback to private method
d0d2497 2014-03-03 cleanup and move extracted method right into the helper
ed4fc43 2014-03-03 fix content_or_options to be replaced by options and set...
28c0177 2014-03-03 fix indentations
51ff88c 2014-03-03 fix form button
4a7c8ef 2014-03-03 fix button tag without options
aa2101e 2014-03-03 fix accept nil options
60bbbce 2014-03-03 fixes default attributes for button_tag