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#152 Stefan Sprenger - Rails 3.2.0
Showing 30 commits

Hash Date Message
331d58f 2011-06-07 Prepend bundle exec to get the correct Rake version
246c367 2011-06-07 Use RAILS_ISOLATED_ENGINE and fix namespaced generators ...
8ea90ff 2011-06-07 Use mattr_accessor :namespace
64f337e 2011-06-07 Don't create full Rails application if RAILS_ISOLATION_C...
f182831 2011-06-07 Use namespace if it's a mountable engine
1a06530 2011-06-07 Added regression tests
4021639 2011-06-07 Move test/engine/generators_test.rb to test/railties/gen...
5afd83c 2011-06-07 Add test for helper generator
a60624d 2011-06-07 Clean up engine's generator test and use bundle exec for...
fd59a3a 2011-05-27 We moved engine commands to rails/engine/commands
0ac5c03 2011-05-27 Add destroy to engine's commands
e38d375 2011-05-27 Generate script/rails only if --full is given
a0ee227 2011-05-27 Fix appending '
5f00592 2011-05-27 Refactor identifying generator's destination root
d111de8 2011-05-27 We're using module not class for namespacing
b747676 2011-05-27 Move requiring engine out of the switch case
9935c30 2011-05-27 Fix and test ENGINE_PATH and ENGINE_ROOT
835c9ce 2011-05-26 Introducing engine commands
60281af 2011-05-26 Move load_generators from Rails::Application to Rails::E...
6ee4612 2011-05-26 We're now using generators directly
4686ace 2011-05-26 Use global namespace Rails
1186293 2011-05-26 Use plugin name consistently
22be5ca 2011-05-25 Improve test assertion
360b98f 2011-05-25 Remove whitespaces from empty line
5cf934e 2011-05-25 Add test files to engine's gemspec
e2a0a94 2011-05-24 Add test for shebang in engine's script/rails file
e366cd7 2011-05-24 Merge branch 'master' of
ab0d2f2 2011-05-24 Remove shebang from the template since it's already adde...
855d14d 2011-05-24 Add test for gemspec of the generated engine
e3d7751 2011-05-24 Add folders app and config to the engine's gemspec if th...