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#231 Sunny Ripert - All time
Showing 18 commits

Hash Date Message
91a1cf7 2013-05-28 Whitespace trimming in guides generation
84675ca 2013-05-28 Consistent one-spaced bullets in guides release notes
53607be 2013-05-28 Remove double spaces in guides
2478b5e 2013-05-28 Remove references to deprecated test tasks
70b302b 2013-05-28 Remove double spaces in code examples
606c09b 2013-05-28 Consistent use of one space only after punctuation
666d028 2013-05-28 End-of-line whitespace hunt
8d17af2 2011-11-17 Guides: better example to find the last sent email
c924068 2010-08-17 Testing Guide: rake test:uncommitted now supports git
24b78df 2009-04-28 Missing tiny quote
ce40df2 2008-08-17 Wrong default for validate_uniqueness_of's :case_sensitive
45709ae 2008-06-20 ActiveRecord associations example on module scopes was i...
370f4f5 2008-05-07 Applied list conventions in AR::Base
5bd1842 2008-05-07 Renamed Options list to Attributes list whenever they we...
9482da6 2008-05-05 validates_numericality_of() "integer" option really is "...
e9afd67 2008-05-05 Harmonized hash notation in AR::Base
67ebf14 2008-05-05 Turned options into rdoc-lists in AR::Base
ca94136 2008-03-26 Improve documentation.