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#60 Sven Fuchs - Rails 3.0.0
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Hash Date Message
9a3a4d6 2010-04-17 Make i18n fallbacks configurable and fallback to the def...
d672a14 2009-08-26 allow ActiveRecord#RecordInvalid exception message to be...
17d5cc1 2009-07-18 * don't include String#% for Ruby 1.9
16909d3 2009-01-21 i18n guide: refer to section 'Error messages scopes'
65ae0cc 2009-01-21 i18n guide: add section: overview of other built-in methods
d9fd4c4 2009-01-21 i18n guide: added sections: conclusion, contributing to ...
76f8780 2008-12-16 i18n guide: add note about #t and #l aliases
d6e6754 2008-12-16 i18n guide: add screenshots and explain localize method
d736327 2008-12-16 i18n guide: renumber footnotes (do i really need to do t...
b71c09f 2008-12-16 i18n guide: add link to rails-i18n wiki about "How to en...
837e8da 2008-12-16 i18n guide: actually use footnotes
99d16fa 2008-12-16 add quote from wikipedia about I18n and L10n
44a8319 2008-12-16 explain exceptions, exception_handler and :raise option
f333661 2008-12-16 explain changes of pluralization feature
f388bab 2008-12-16 explain purpose of interpolation feature
26b7bd9 2008-12-16 use new asciidoc table syntax
bf0ffc5 2008-12-16 note about #t helper vs I18n.t
ab757d8 2008-12-16 i18n guide: remove remaining references to en-US, use Sy...
047657c 2008-11-17 initial draft for i18n guide