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#371 Taryn East - All time
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Hash Date Message
e2c17cf 2013-12-19 [ci skip] Describe precision + scale in migrations
fc9b3e4 2009-12-21 define_schema for Active Resource
8377646 2009-10-02 add indifferent access to the attributes
f4f6888 2009-10-02 update_attribute(s) added to Active Resource
ce61a6b 2009-08-21 Added first/last/all aliases for equivalent find scopes
328ba3b 2009-08-19 Added save! which raises ResourceInvalid unless valid?
4dc05bc 2009-08-19 Swallow ResourceNotFound error on find_every
079ed8f 2009-08-19 Pulled find-based tests into their own test case. This m...
36bf587 2009-08-19 Moved all test cases into a new test/cases directory to ...
c2f90d6 2009-08-19 Added validations to ActiveResource. Added a smoke test ...