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#183 Teng Siong Ong - All time
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Hash Date Message
ecf7917 2013-09-10 [ci skip] Documentation on how to create custom rake tasks.
946ad5d 2013-08-05 Make `rake doc:guides` works again. Fix #10384.
6e3cab9 2013-06-27 Make `rake doc:guides` works again. Fix #10384.
524f09a 2013-05-11 Clean up unused method for `rake doc`.
5aec73d 2013-04-30 Make `rake doc:guides` works again. Fix #10384.
72cf273 2013-03-10 Make sure that debugger isn't included in production env...
059bdc3 2012-12-13 don't include debugger gem if jruby is used since it doe...
7a2b809 2012-09-27 bleakhouse is no longer useful for rails and outdated.
3723d24 2012-09-24 [ci skip] Update Performance Testing guide.
a53c3f3 2012-09-22 [ci skip] Update Debugging Rails Application guide.
0d809f6 2012-08-22 remind user a good way to generate a secret code.
7273ada 2012-05-03 cache_store has an extra option of :null_store.
55ceced 2012-04-22 `rake notes` and `rake notes:custom` now support
5acbc19 2011-08-27 remove misleading line on 500 error page.
f6ceb94 2011-08-21 fix escape_javascript for unicode character \u2028.
365ebdb 2011-08-21 remove extra space since comment_if already returns the ...
5e73a2f 2011-07-12 remove extra space since comment_if already returns the ...
9a67a11 2011-05-28 minor typo in the rdoc about Interceptor.
0f0213f 2011-05-28 minor spacing fix in code example in ActionMailer::Base.
da29e0b 2011-05-18 don't include 'turn' gem in Gemfile if test unit is skip...
ea306da 2011-05-18 add tests for ruby-debug gem in Gemfile and make sure th...
5df9d00 2011-05-18 add test case for turn gem for testunit.
708e094 2010-10-11 -j parameter added to rails new command.
eca46e3 2010-03-03 Use non-deprecated Rails.application instead of ActionCo...