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#80 thedarkone - Rails 3.1.0
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Hash Date Message
34c5089 2011-07-28 Make use of the inherited initializer.
0753d0b 2011-07-28 There is no need to be destructive with the passed-in op...
09dd71c 2011-07-28 Handle the empty array correctly.
787194e 2011-07-25 Bring back the ability to provide :order for update_all.
9395e89 2011-07-25 Make polymorphic_url calls go through application helper...
03cd88a 2011-05-21 Fix AS::Duration#duplicable? on 1.8
1c614bc 2011-05-21 Handle polymorphic_type NOT NULL-able columns as well.
b127e0c 2010-09-27 Performance: refactor convert_options_to_data_attributes.
bb47927 2010-09-27 Convert unless/else into if/else.
dc09cc0 2010-09-27 Assume compute_asset_host returns reasonable values.
9c57bd8 2010-09-27 Fix Namind#model_name.
dcabc6c 2010-09-27 Remove dead code.
7035766 2010-09-27 Do a single string interpolation.
86bcccf 2010-09-27 No need to create a separate lambda for each call.
8fdb34b 2010-09-27 Cache url_options on a per-request basis.
e12e2fb 2010-09-27 Cache 2 of Request's commonly called methods.
4c360c1 2010-09-27 No need for an extra wrapper array.
77efc20 2010-09-27 Make assert_valid_keys slightly faster.
7cee158 2010-09-27 options[:action] is very likely to be nil.
e1bccc5 2010-09-27 Simple .empty? test will do fine here (rails_asset_id re...
5b81d1f 2010-09-27 Hash#empty? is faster than Enumerable#any? when used on ...
7d9f605 2010-09-27 Clean up url_for.
918dc27 2010-09-27 Compile ActionController::Base.config's methods to avoid...
7b2d518 2010-09-27 Make asset extension rewriting faster.
05e53b4 2010-09-27 Optimize relative_url_root rewriting code.
f2e0b35 2010-09-27 Use native attr_* macros for performance reasons.
320382c 2010-09-27 Creating singleton class for every object whenever the i...
5a51848 2010-09-27 Try to use Hash's native #[] for speed.
8cda132 2010-09-27 Make InheritableOptions's constructor more flexible.