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#189 Thiago Pinto - All time
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Hash Date Message
102ba5f 2014-11-01 development.rb should mention available log levels
be83a17 2014-09-13 form_helpers: demonstrating there is also a collection_s...
c80ca4c 2014-03-20 ActiveRecord#touch should accept multiple attributes #14423
70d6e16 2013-08-14 Merge branch 'master' of
ea4db3b 2013-08-14 guides should tell people to write ruby code, not output
7b60441 2013-07-17 Merge branch 'master' of
786291d 2013-07-17 Enhancing readability of options for delegate method
763e5a8 2013-06-08 doc: renaming table name to follow the file's standards
667569a 2013-06-08 instructions for variations and alternatives for ActiveR...
6de2644 2013-06-08 Merge branch 'master' of
b8640d4 2013-06-08 explaining ActiveRecord#first in rails 3 and 4
04417f3 2013-06-07 Merge branch 'master' of
3f18fa0 2013-06-07 lists the options for find_each and find_in_batches
348b982 2013-06-07 using Model.all.find_each in rails 3 raises an error and...
727d0af 2013-05-01 routes.rb should teach how to use concerns
8c60391 2013-01-17 repeating documentation for option form helpers
d1238af 2013-01-17 repeating documentation for date and time form helpers
9819002 2012-12-09 repeating documentation for form helpers
ba2d867 2012-12-06 API reader should look elsewhere for helper instructions
d2fb5f2 2012-12-06 complementary options guidelines for f.file_field and fi...
15f2663 2012-12-06 adding example for f.file_input
4aced1f 2012-12-06 adding example for f.file_input
7cf2912 2012-12-06 correct bad jquery syntax