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#130 Tore Darell - Rails 3.0.0
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Hash Date Message
2c8a4a5 2010-08-03 Remove or fix non-working examples and add a few tests t...
8d0bdbf 2010-04-29 Change %5b ([) to %5d (]) in escaped URL
c68ff4b 2010-04-29 Replace send_data with send_file in "Sending files" example
38a2c4c 2009-02-06 Add min-height to code,pre to prevent icon from being cu...
ecc9e86 2009-02-06 Remove <code> from inside <pre>
858aaa9 2009-02-06 Reword the session section to reflect that CookieStore h...
e1e0c12 2008-11-17 Fix various typos, add note about X-Sendfile to AC guide
6831b4b 2008-11-09 Merge branch 'master' of
21bd7ed 2008-11-09 Be consistent with using symbols for options to methods
c86e797 2008-11-09 Use SHA1 instead of MD5 in the HTTP basic example
f599c58 2008-11-09 Fix typo in section about request/response
6babecf 2008-11-09 Make changes to AC guide as suggested by Xavier Noria
64060f2 2008-11-05 Adding myself to the authors page
6eb128f 2008-11-04 Clarify something in the session storage section
4f48ab7 2008-11-04 Clarify the section mentioning session stores
b8a9c4f 2008-11-04 Add example using routing parameters
9d08df5 2008-11-04 Use ApplicationController instead of AC::B in example
ce66cc6 2008-11-04 Add example of using default_url_options
6e48cd2 2008-11-04 Add example to show how to add additional headers using ...
4adbaad 2008-11-04 Add section on CSRF to AC guide
6d12daf 2008-11-04 Merge branch 'master' of
5c1f4aa 2008-11-04 Remove API links
a32be96 2008-11-03 Keys -> values
2a4d808 2008-11-03 Link to Wikipedia page on HTTP Basic Auth
eb94171 2008-11-03 Fixed typo, removed TODO from AC guide
d669e55 2008-10-28 Remove TODO from filters part in AC guide
3e6686d 2008-10-24 Add link to Layouts & rendering guide
3677fa0 2008-10-14 Sorry Pratik, typoed your name :)
53f5696 2008-10-14 Add description of
add1e42 2008-10-10 Add description of
9b109c9 2008-10-09 Merge branch 'master' of
272e70e 2008-10-08 Remove part about Ruby's rescue
49c0b12 2008-10-08 Remove the bit about rescue_action
b4da5f6 2008-10-07 Fix links in AC guide
dfc0b1a 2008-10-07 Add verification, rescue + fixes to AC basics
2ac2023 2008-09-26 Change code -> source in code blocks
118b0b6 2008-09-26 Add ActionController guide (draft, unfinished)