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#84 Vasiliy Ermolovich - Rails 4.0.0
Showing 51 commits

Hash Date Message
0778290 2013-04-11 options_from_collection_for_select helper takes html att...
0a6d8fb 2012-12-18 handle protocol option in stylesheet_link_tag and javasc...
759b03e 2012-11-09 delegate PathSet's enumerator methods
70ecf6c 2012-11-05 use Array() instead flatten
3ee6bcf 2012-10-20 check_box value can be not only an object of Array class
130fe2b 2012-08-25 correct handling of date selects when using both disable...
dacbcbe 2012-07-22 don't escape options in option_html_attributes method
3b1c30c 2012-05-18 doesn't modify params in SafeBuffer#%
dcdde7d 2012-05-18 respect nsec in TimeWithZone
a00bca6 2012-05-17 update AS docs
e2e5136 2012-05-17 wrap time ranges with timezones, closes #6179
9fb21e9 2012-05-16 fix safe string interpolation with SafeBuffer#%, closes ...
0666e7b 2012-05-15 update docs on String#at about ruby version
80b6816 2012-05-15 remove backported string interpolation
151aa9a 2012-05-14 remove docs on Range#step
a1f6952 2012-05-13 remove useless tests for Range#step
a7e0b2f 2012-05-13 update docs on Object#try
b8f394f 2012-05-12 Object#try can't call private methods
219342b 2012-05-12 remove docs related to ruby 1.8 from Array#wrap
e0aadf1 2012-05-05 check checkboxes with array of strings as :checked option
7554e5c 2012-04-26 remove unnecessary else statement
8a28e73 2012-04-14 remove extra new line from generated Gemfile
633ee64 2012-03-26 String#titleize works properly with smart quotes, closes...
2731ffa 2012-03-13 fix typo in AP CHANGELOG [ci skip]
54a75e1 2012-03-13 add 'include_hidden' option to select tag, closes #5402
74cb4b6 2012-03-06 refactor Hash#slice and Hash#extract!
2bc879a 2012-02-25 use content_tag instead strings
f0a5d32 2012-02-23 correct fetching :name option in form fields
50cf5f7 2012-02-21 refactor option_text_and_value and option_value_selected...
9dd64f2 2012-02-21 refactor time_zone_options_for_select
decff3f 2012-02-20 refactor options_for_select
421025f 2012-02-20 refactor grouped_options_for_select
ac2e801 2012-02-18 add selected and disabled option to grouped select
735c56d 2012-01-29 tiny refactoring
f54b846 2012-01-18 remove ruby 1.8 related code
6f3420c 2012-01-14 refactor response_body= method
6e5ab54 2011-12-29 remove ruby 1.8 checking in constantize method
a19d0f5 2011-12-27 deprecate Base64.encode64s from AS. Use Base64.strict_en...
3f642c9 2011-12-26 refactor Range#include? for range value
2ba1f46 2011-12-26 remove rexml security fix for rubies 1.8
a7ba8e1 2011-12-25 remove File#to_path alias
9e0f5ac 2011-12-25 Module#name returns nil for anonymous class in ruby 1.9
434c691 2011-12-25 remove useless 1.8 ruby code from Range#step, because Ra...
daef51e 2011-12-24 remove Time._dump and Time._load patching for ruby 1.8
fdbd677 2011-12-24 don't call an extra method if options[:tokenizer] is not...
ee2095e 2011-12-24 use Range#min and Range#max to reduce extra statement
77ed289 2011-12-23 remove checking for non-empty string before calling to_sym
f7669cd 2011-12-23 add ability to set a prompt string in include_blank opti...
c4df2d0 2011-12-22 deprecate Array#uniq_by and Array#uniq_by! in favor of A...
7bfaa97 2011-12-22 remove Proces.daemon from core_ext
c52ce1d 2011-12-21 remove Array#sample from core_ext