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#11 Vijay Dev - Rails 3.1.0
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Hash Date Message
dbdb230 2011-08-19 mailer guide: fixes indentation, and use fixed width fon...
155f734 2011-08-19 mailer guide: fixes indentation, and use fixed width fon...
f3f5a8f 2011-08-16 document Array#append and Array#prepend methods in AS guide
d8c6bab 2011-08-16 assets guide - add info about require_directory, minor r...
0c3bdc0 2011-08-16 minor changes in app templates guide
073d9ff 2011-08-16 rephrase how the verbose methods in a migration work
9e9b127 2011-08-16 document alias for rails runner
388f09c 2011-08-16 fix misleading comment (originally made by Tate Johnson,...
b0cf7ea 2011-08-04 typo fix
19eb720 2011-08-04 minor changes in migrations guide
8207d0c 2011-08-04 fixed incorrect tags
ed246f5 2011-08-04 3.1 release notes Active Record changes, Architectural c...
08f4a8c 2011-08-04 3.1 release notes - added AP and Railties sections
d016102 2011-08-04 3.1 release notes draft
2fb540e 2011-08-04 prefer to use if..end unless the condition is simple/com...
bac54a0 2011-08-04 remove some parts of the section on shortcut helpers, do...
c93adf8 2011-08-04 make the warning clear about the effect of using validat...
7e494f0 2011-08-04 document meta method
d2c9c9e 2011-08-04 move the note after the scaffold files listing
c05ceac 2011-07-31 fixes #2368. rake about not showing the middleware, db a...
ba19ddf 2011-07-25 Revert "Add in a tip about opening two command prompt wi...
ebb4540 2011-07-25 Revert "Update the TIP formatter to handle multiline tips"
ed90144 2011-07-23 minor refactor in the template guide
53f2a56 2011-07-23 document the change in edge rails which makes a more str...
a7027db 2011-07-23 corrected sentences to make them consistent in command l...
ba4fe8f 2011-07-23 minor corrections in caching guide
63efe07 2011-07-23 spacing fix
8392b78 2011-07-23 Fixing the incorrect change made in bae54c5
8a3f4c2 2011-07-23 reword select_date's behaviour clearly when an incomplet...
cc505e1 2011-07-23 minor corrections in form helpers guide and api docs
5bafead 2011-07-23 some corrections in assets pipeline guide
7cf4fd9 2011-07-23 Revert "notextile tag has been placed with ascii quotes"
80fc12f 2011-07-23 Revert "Fix wildcard route code examples."
ed611fc 2011-07-23 use simpler words in docs
f78a4e8 2011-07-19 avoid Symbol#to_proc
4792b88 2011-07-19 add entry for submit helper change removing object_name_id
6dad5b2 2011-07-09 update Rails version. (rails console didn't exist in 2.1)
53903f4 2011-07-06 add w3c_validators gem to the doc group to fix failing v...
d764378 2011-07-03 Reversing the changes done in c278a2c while still resolv...
eb3e523 2011-06-28 record unsupported methods in CommandRecorder instead of...
e002cf2 2011-06-23 font style changes in perf guide
ae8d53e 2011-06-23 document Active Record's reverse_order method
741a417 2011-06-23 AR: use where in place of find
421841d 2011-06-23 minor changes in getting started guide
f2d18b8 2011-06-23 document the instance_reader option for class_attribute
7e65b00 2011-06-18 Revert changes done in c56618ec, 51cb7459 and 030950a. T...
09d8c26 2011-06-18 minor clean up generators section
334f62c 2011-06-18 add info that plugin installs need git or svn installed
a4f6227 2011-06-18 document doc:* rake tasks
063c432 2011-06-18 add details on how to use specific annotations in rake:n...
96da5bd 2011-06-18 document how rake notes work
96b82aa 2011-06-18 form => form_for
b676213 2011-06-18 minor copy edit 0bdeddb
415f2e2 2011-06-18 fix minor errors in nested model guide
78f880f 2011-06-18 document the instance_accessor option for cattr_accessor
9994bd4 2011-06-18 assets are in app now and not in public
f73d1a6 2011-06-18 document server options
d010686 2011-06-18 more command guide changes
c71e78d 2011-06-18 make some changes to the command line guide
2bc8ba6 2011-06-18 minor changes in templates guide
32aa7d5 2011-06-18 add missing end in example
cbeb1c1 2011-06-18 favor includes over old AR way
6a86a44 2011-06-18 fixed incorrect command usage. (This section needs to be...
ee7043b 2011-06-18 minor fixes in action view guide
eb89729 2011-06-16 fix merge errors
0ac6f8a 2011-06-10 minor corrections in configuring guide
9ce59ac 2011-06-10 remove generators section from command line guide in fav...
cc1e983 2011-06-10 fix generators guide url
ed863a0 2011-06-10 use git: rather than https: in git remote urls; else, gi...
a1a1d62 2011-06-10 minor fixes from 5acf76d
290708c 2011-06-10 fix incorrect validation examples
3de9d6b 2011-06-10 fix typo
b7ea35d 2011-06-07 fix spacing
f8f00cc 2011-06-07 add missing generator configs
2cbd024 2011-06-07 proof reading and fixes in configuring guide
da5122e 2011-06-07 fix indents and a code error in caching guide
95f3046 2011-06-06 add info about docrails policy on changelogs
fa1aad7 2011-06-06 comment the recorder methods
59016b9 2011-06-06 up and down are no longer class methods in a migration
7262d92 2011-06-06 rearrange sections of the commandline guide giving more ...
3962d94 2011-06-06 document assets related rake tasks
5d4b73a 2011-06-06 minor edits in migrations guide
47670a5 2011-06-06 annotate class_eval method for active resource schema at...
670ae12 2011-06-06 correct code indendation in the initialization guide
3432775 2011-06-06 s/ActiveRecord/Active Record according to api guidelines
b1919b1 2011-06-06 minor corrections in generators guide
2974869 2011-06-06 fix incorrect module name for wrap parameters
dff7c62 2011-06-06 some grammatical corrections
0e8857b 2011-06-06 fix incorrect output
424d725 2011-06-06 use clearer variable name in examples
69b3c9c 2011-06-06 remove stray (
40e7682 2011-06-06 fix indentation, fixed-width for nils
f51cea6 2011-06-06 add alias info for runner command
5ab4b9e 2011-06-06 removed references to old remote_* helpers; add info abo...
39e5cbc 2011-06-06 fix typo
1d654cc 2011-06-06 document aliases for commands and update rails versions
b6040f4 2011-06-04 fixes Rake::RDocTask deprecation warnings from rake 0.9.0
a81c2ec 2011-06-04 fixes Rake::GemPackageTask deprecation warnings from rak...
110a066 2011-05-17 fix coding error in readme reported in rails GH #980
159e605 2011-05-13 minor corrections
a117ac4 2011-05-11 fix spellings
e80e36c 2011-05-11 indentation fixes
b2d6f8e 2011-05-11 Merge branch 'master' of
e2390c0 2011-05-10 Use all in place of find(:all)
8265c45 2011-05-10 Replace LH with GitHub url for filing issues
c3c852c 2011-05-10 s/javascript/JavaScript
8ce2844 2011-05-10 minor fix in assets usage
a4765f7 2011-05-10 Fix typos in IM documentation
3f36441 2011-05-09 Update copyright year in Active Resource and Active Support
21be7f2 2011-05-09 fixes github fork url
d6ff2ee 2011-05-08 Include examples for negative ordinalize in the guide
668cb42 2011-05-08 improve comment in wrap_parameters template
91c1855 2011-05-08 adds code examples for negative ordinalize
eef2060 2011-05-08 included examples for negative ordinalize
197f3f0 2011-05-08 Included more details on Rails coding conventions (from ...
e35ba99 2011-05-07 remove unnecessary use of 'Example'
9d6f28d 2011-05-07 update readme to reflect app/assets
448845c 2011-05-07 replaced eg using old router api with the one in the gui...
ffb70cf 2011-05-07 minor fixes
6e83330 2011-05-07 fixes incorrect error message for sample method
3056b33 2011-05-07 use new AR calls in examples
7194b39 2011-05-07 fix comment alignment
162bf8f 2011-05-07 revises comment for blank? method
2076295 2011-05-04 commented meta code
3e7a8cc 2011-05-04 formatting results in comments
f490a81 2011-05-03 Fix typos in test method names
09edaf4 2011-05-02 removed reference to verify method
527036e 2011-05-02 removed verify docs (feature removed in Rails3)
d1f7656 2011-05-01 remove info about adding verified tag
4760464 2011-05-01 fix GitHub guides url
001a5a6 2011-04-27 document the reorder method(fb215110401c70cfc7013c6e2ad5...
089ee31 2011-04-27 update the Array#from behaviour changes - returns [] if ...
f76dd27 2011-04-27 minor changes
c1132f7 2011-04-26 added the list of reversible commands in the newer migra...
b105dc4 2011-04-26 minor changes in migrations guide
dcee094 2011-04-23 indentation fixes
e46e106 2011-04-22 fix block alignment
b22f39e 2011-04-22 fix indentation
98b700e 2011-04-22 add examples for array access methods
eac264d 2011-04-22 updating to_xml example to new AR api
2f0dca5 2011-04-20 document the Active Support extension - String#inquiry
e836fc1 2011-04-06 fix example query
c327ef4 2011-04-06 Merge branch 'master' of
4ac7196 2011-04-03 Merge branch 'master' of
4c76f68 2011-03-31 Merge branch 'master' of
910a8d2 2011-03-28 Merge branch 'master' of
7b9bdd9 2011-03-27 Merge branch 'master' of
2fc3263 2011-03-26 Merge branch 'master' of
547407a 2011-03-16 remove to from to to :)
439ccdc 2011-03-10 update plugin urls to reflect official maintainers
f99db5a 2011-03-07 formatting changes
e15973c 2011-03-05 use resources in place of map.resources
72ae724 2011-02-26 use resources in place of map.resources
287bb69 2011-02-24 standardize all shell commands with the $ prefix
406f7eb 2011-02-21 cleans up PS1. Sorry lifo :)
9345e9c 2011-02-21 session is reset on token mismatch
c86cdea 2011-02-21 minor rephrasing
7d12f53 2011-02-20 cleans up PS1. Sorry lifo :)
35cb9b7 2011-02-20 minor rephrasing
7e8b075 2011-02-19 session is reset on token mismatch
465dd37 2011-02-17 fix typo
ed630df 2011-02-17 fix typo
0db9de6 2011-02-10 updated reference to remote_form_for
f68287f 2011-02-10 fix typos, minor edits
435bf4c 2011-02-08 minor fixes in generators
cc2b271 2011-02-06 fix minor typo
7af3b39 2011-01-23 Revert "fix csrf_meta_tag"
340c7d1 2011-01-23 filter_parameter_logging => config.filter_parameters
6641bf8 2011-01-23 fix csrf_meta_tag
77e1a99 2011-01-16 minor edits
3c6c240 2011-01-15 Document the LANGUAGE option for generating guides
100ab5b 2011-01-15 Documented the except and only conditions in the guides....
93c208a 2011-01-14 use new AR api
31767b0 2011-01-14 ends_width => ends_with
4d29816 2011-01-08 fixed query output
bc6e1a1 2011-01-08 fix template url
75bfb47 2011-01-05 fixes rubycentral url and a minor AR change
a388c10 2011-01-02 Fix typos and JavaScript case.
231e6b7 2011-01-01 Merge branch 'master' of
ebb732a 2011-01-01 fix typos
dd166c6 2010-12-28 fixed incorrect spacing from 98368546719cf09b3bc2
9836854 2010-12-28 fixed examples & minor typos
50a2edb 2010-12-26 fix spacing
e856318 2010-12-26 changed template gist to reflect Rails 3 and documented ...
603e0f1 2010-12-26 use new routes in templates
9ed385f 2010-12-25 fix formatting
2801efb 2010-12-25 use all and first instead of find(:all) and find(:first)
c6b9e47 2010-12-25 use new routes
8618ef7 2010-12-25 highlighted find(array of keys) behaviour when one or mo...
b30293f 2010-12-25 minor edit
fdfa7dc 2010-12-24 fixed comment - same as 592f600
c6adc64 2010-12-24 Merge branch 'master' of
5cefa00 2010-12-24 removed dup link to 'getting started'
866647f 2010-12-24 Merge branch 'master' of
592f600 2010-12-24 fixed comment in w3c_validator
f17e1b2 2010-12-24 clean up plugin references
caca58e 2010-12-24 fixed typos and cut down the spaces
517b371 2010-12-24 minor edits
06e2f7c 2010-12-23 minor convention edit
f1eb69c 2010-12-23 fixing typo that crept in 2c8938f
5683d68 2010-12-23 It's JavaScript :)
2c8938f 2010-12-23 fixed inject example and some minor edits
bb707cf 2010-12-23 indentation fix
15ce225 2010-12-22 fix typo
90ef676 2010-12-22 remove duplication of links
6909fb6 2010-12-19 indentation fixes
4038a6b 2010-12-19 minor fixesin READMEs
4197fad 2010-12-19 fix typos
eaad861 2010-12-19 minor example fix for Rails 3
cc3d6a8 2010-12-19 minor corrections
6b65cd5 2010-12-19 deleting trailing whitespaces
3145c8a 2010-12-17 changes in examples - reflect new mailer api and mysql2 ...
e00afad 2010-12-15 removed info about deprecated rake tasks, documented the...
c594f22 2010-12-15 Merge branch 'master' of
f96fb78 2010-12-15 removed info about deprecated rake tasks, documented the...
e9732c7 2010-12-15 fixed typos
ae7910f 2010-12-15 minor formatting fixes
80382c7 2010-12-15 fixed link to ruby-prof
7a028ea 2010-12-15 fixed font
7b0e1cb 2010-12-15 Merge branch 'master' of
e15a55c 2010-12-15 filter_parameter_logging is deprecated in Rails 3. Chang...
a6faeff 2010-12-12 fixed typos in mailer
3efe1b7 2010-12-11 fixed typos and rephrased a few sentences; also removed ...
61817d2 2010-12-10 fixed typos and rephrased few sentences in routing
6acd130 2010-12-10 Merge branch 'master' of
638b409 2010-12-05 fixed typo in test method name