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#11 Vijay Dev - Rails 3.2.0
Showing 368 commits

Hash Date Message
6c65676 2012-01-19 update release notes [ci skip]
ff813dc 2012-01-19 add uglifier version info in the 'what to update' section
b259bf9 2012-01-19 fix duplicate ids for the headers [ci skip]
a0e439f 2012-01-19 document AR::Base#with_lock in release notes [ci skip]
6e311b9 2012-01-19 update the getting_started guide code [ci skip]
c450833 2012-01-19 revising release notes [ci skip]
c8b584f 2012-01-19 select doesn't take multiple arguments - fixes #4539 [ci...
2e6ca53 2012-01-18 revise wording [ci skip]
f2af2ac 2012-01-18 Merge pull request #4525 from guilleiguaran/am-changelog...
0960eb9 2012-01-18 updates to 3.2 release notes
48f9835 2012-01-16 minor edits in getting started guide
39d4878 2012-01-16 copy editing asset pipeline changes
700f778 2012-01-12 fix rails binary path when using --dev [ci skip]
e4c7ebe 2012-01-12 add info about kindle guides in the release guide [ci skip]
ac153fe 2012-01-12 prepare for 3.2 guides release :)
ddfd2cf 2012-01-12 remove hidden link in guides layout
040c9e4 2012-01-12 add 3.2 release notes to the guides index
03a7198 2012-01-12 minor edits
e6b5943 2012-01-12 fixes in api docs
8ff8ca7 2012-01-12 minor revision in 3.2 release guide
ffc8e59 2012-01-11 add some missing formats in the release guide
2609990 2012-01-11 Some revisions to the release notes guide
4b2b595 2012-01-04 copy edits
bc36613 2012-01-04 updates to 3.2 release notes
6e9cd38 2012-01-01 DRY up guides index page
ba19837 2011-12-31 fix a couple of formatting issues
0a048f3 2011-12-31 remove wiki link
63c6fee 2011-12-29 revise some doc changes
4cf40d0 2011-12-25 add back the version info to the title in guides index page
68564eb 2011-12-25 Some fixes in rails guides generation
7a3121b 2011-12-25 fix kindle apps link in edge guides index
929bfb8 2011-12-24 add latest changes to 3.2 release notes
853439c 2011-12-24 minor edits in caching guide
4a86708 2011-12-23 Rails 3.2 Release Notes
c59409b 2011-12-18 fix a minor typo
5f6bcd7 2011-12-16 Merge pull request #3780 from marcbowes/master
bd84b2b 2011-12-16 Merge branch 'master' of
74e46e5 2011-12-13 Merge branch 'master' of
23bd340 2011-12-13 copy edits
6887aed 2011-12-11 update command line guide: generated README is now an rdoc
aa6aa9b 2011-12-11 revising doc
94dcbe8 2011-12-08 fix nodocs
120861c 2011-12-08 add haml and slim to the list of extensions supported by...
c81bb97 2011-12-08 minor text change
965f6f2 2011-12-08 fix comments
7eb596c 2011-12-06 Merge branch 'master' of
89647a3 2011-12-06 Revert "Added link to ActiveResource::Base documentation"
078b4b5 2011-12-06 use textile syntax in links
d1bf7db 2011-12-06 rxml and rhtml are no longer searched for source code an...
cec909d 2011-12-06 copy edits in layouts guide, change links to be relative
3134b46 2011-12-04 Merge branch 'master' of
69341d3 2011-12-04 copy edits in the migrations guide
9ac6310 2011-12-02 fix a typo in query guide
36c0141 2011-12-02 fix typo in railties changelog
ee45823 2011-12-02 revises Enumerable#pluck in AS guide
baa93a1 2011-12-02 Merge branch 'master' of
f402ef5 2011-12-02 rephrase doc on explain threshold
a72839b 2011-11-30 minor typo fix
cbeeaa6 2011-11-30 expand on pluck docs
04b4fe7 2011-11-30 s/is is/is
0092f06 2011-11-30 Merge pull request #3786 from nashby/add-namespace-to-form
9811c36 2011-11-30 fix bad nodocs
88daf08 2011-11-30 Merge branch 'master' of
6e399ac 2011-11-29 Merge pull request #3797 from HeeL/test
42d70d9 2011-11-29 Merge pull request #3790 from masterkain/patch-1
970caea 2011-11-28 Merge pull request #3783 from HeeL/master
9ca58ba 2011-11-28 Revert "use any? to check for size"
d157ca8 2011-11-26 add more tests for monday and sunday methods
9030cda 2011-11-26 Merge pull request #3764 from arunagw/test_sunday_monday
ab854db 2011-11-26 documenting monday and sunday methods
80ac4dc 2011-11-26 Adds Time#sunday method
a8f2860 2011-11-26 Convert aliases monday and sunday to methods
8135e5e 2011-11-26 s/end_on_week/end_of_week
99ff8fd 2011-11-26 minor doc changes
1d89540 2011-11-26 Merge branch 'master' of
5c2a2ee 2011-11-26 rephrased ef38c3089e1269e2b315aff503e61c0b23c95f00 and
c4af5f0 2011-11-26 use any? to check for size
5c61b72 2011-11-22 Revert "Added links to the 'Rails Initialization Guide',...
8cae31c 2011-11-22 remove nodoc on OrderedHash
4c872c0 2011-11-21 Remove the -h option to dbconsole which is the shorter f...
dda6787 2011-11-18 mailer guide - update info about using default host. Fix...
48b580a 2011-11-18 Merge branch 'master' of
9d03529 2011-11-18 remove unneeded params from issue tracker url
5a2db4c 2011-11-18 put back the removed eg
581ba1d 2011-11-18 Merge pull request #3681 from sikachu/fix_test_variable
1c4564b 2011-11-18 Merge pull request #3666 from oscardelben/databases_rake...
96792d2 2011-11-18 Merge pull request #3669 from parndt/patch-1
9b53406 2011-11-17 update guide: db:structure:dump produces structure.sql now
e6f3299 2011-11-17 Merge pull request #3658 from arunagw/fix_initialize_var...
4148a7c 2011-11-17 Merge pull request #3656 from arunagw/readline_to_read
83bf0b6 2011-11-15 refactor test_multiple_of
e0efe48 2011-11-13 Merge branch 'master' of
3012230 2011-11-13 copy edits in getting started guide
af51409 2011-11-13 Revert "Move Tip up higher so users who are fine with SQ...
c8c08bd 2011-11-13 Revert "Use rails help new instead of rails new -h"
e1099eb 2011-11-13 Revert "Update guide to use Ruby 1.9 hash syntax"
9fd0cd3 2011-11-11 Revert "Fix "in memory" where it should be "in-memory"."
2e5c471 2011-11-11 change_table bulk test case should check if the connecti...
6e112e4 2011-11-10 Modify change_table to remove the need for the block arg...
b9aaa31 2011-11-10 update ci file name in contributing guide
b805c71 2011-11-10 Checking the arity of the block passed to create_table
74233d4 2011-11-10 Fixes deprecation warning about passing a template handler
fba28ec 2011-11-09 Merge pull request #3579 from arunagw/missing_md_in_chan...
2843d3b 2011-11-09 Merge pull request #3574 from arunagw/refactor_testing_u...
5b21bfa 2011-11-08 Merge pull request #3562 from rahul100885/rahul100885_work
cff1d75 2011-11-08 Merge branch 'master' of
588faed 2011-11-08 Merge pull request #3563 from arunagw/changelog_to_md
f5ca190 2011-11-08 fix typo again (Thanks Phillip Oertel)
6ac56ac 2011-11-07 fix incorrect code example
4db1bd3 2011-11-06 fix typo
8750c9a 2011-11-06 fix markups for plus in AR guide
17947ce 2011-11-06 Merge branch 'master' of
5562150 2011-11-05 make class name consistent with the filename
6aaae3d 2011-11-05 Merge pull request #2378 from cesario/remove_warnings_ac...
fdbc4e5 2011-11-05 Merge branch 'master' of
09298e4 2011-11-05 Revert "outline two ways to invoke a custom active model...
53f61ac 2011-11-05 Revert "make the inline text a comment in the code block"
cb06727 2011-11-04 add tests for the case where size is explicitly passed t...
bc09a11 2011-11-02 minor edit
b3c1cfa 2011-11-02 minor edits in AR validations guide
9aa880f 2011-11-01 use relative urls for linking to sections in the guides
1afe269 2011-10-31 assert_match takes a regexp and a string in that order
3e6ecfb 2011-10-30 Merge pull request #3468 from kennyj/fix_a_document_for_...
c809de8 2011-10-30 Merge branch 'master' of
74f3f19 2011-10-29 Merge pull request #3459 from arunagw/running_test_doc_fix
a89d16b 2011-10-26 Merge pull request #3439 from bradrobertson/master
8aabdc6 2011-10-25 Merge pull request #3357 from rahul100885/rahul100885_ws
2856d74 2011-10-25 Merge pull request #3422 from arunagw/unused_var_warning
ddce29b 2011-10-25 safeguard against configs missing environment or the dat...
8698deb 2011-10-22 Merge branch 'master' of
227c31f 2011-10-22 edge doesnt provide turn gem in the gemfile anymore
337ff13 2011-10-22 Merge pull request #3352 from arunagw/bump_sprockets
1c1c3fc 2011-10-22 minor fixes in the composed_of doc
af1b5c5 2011-10-20 Merge branch 'master' of
89a164a 2011-10-19 Merge pull request #3362 from avakhov/p-superfluous-assi...
8dffc62 2011-10-17 use variables from test setup
826a850 2011-10-17 fix a typo and slightly reword has_secure_password comment
f10d62c 2011-10-16 Merge pull request #3343 from vatrai/fix_warning
f583654 2011-10-15 minor edits in serializers guide
e759c88 2011-10-14 Merge branch 'master' of
e2a3952 2011-10-14 Merge pull request #72 from pote/master
e6b2e7f 2011-10-12 refactor guide example
b5f66cf 2011-10-11 Merge pull request #3286 from rahul100885/rahul100885_wo...
fcb70f3 2011-10-10 Merge branch 'master' of
e9413b5 2011-10-10 Merge pull request #3274 from arunagw/warning_removed_my...
b27ca99 2011-10-10 Merge pull request #3265 from arunagw/warning_uri_parser
a2edc88 2011-10-09 Merge branch 'master' of
3a72c01 2011-10-09 Corrections to the ajax guide recent changes. This guide...
d2db917 2011-10-07 fix bad formatting in the assets guide
0d3d9a1 2011-10-07 closes #3241 - partial doc fix
bec61bd 2011-10-07 Merge pull request #3244 from ugisozols/master
4930f9d 2011-10-07 Merge branch 'master' of
cb244f4 2011-10-07 use https for github url
545ddbd 2011-10-06 fix an example
2224a06 2011-10-06 fix a space in the assets guide
33799c8 2011-10-06 Merge pull request #3203 from jrmehle/fix_clone_structure
46ce7f1 2011-10-05 Merge branch 'master' of
ea49935 2011-10-05 copy editing
f3b8cd9 2011-09-28 fixing typo in assets guide
33b55cf 2011-09-27 Merge branch 'master' of
a775853 2011-09-27 copy edit d47c2c4
541018a 2011-09-25 fix deprecation warning in cookie_store_test
8aa537c 2011-09-21 fix incorrect comment
caa95ab 2011-09-21 Merge branch 'master' of
3e80462 2011-09-21 Revert "add a missing "on" and remove the "endprologue" ...
8d7aee7 2011-09-21 indentation fixes
5684ecf 2011-09-20 copy edits 302e5707
ed1ada8 2011-09-20 copy edits 908f2616
7ed97bc 2011-09-20 remove unnecessary markup
8411f63 2011-09-16 minor edit
27f1320 2011-09-16 Fixing incorrect notextile tags
e314b3f 2011-09-16 Merge pull request #3048 from masterkain/patch-2
d5bf12a 2011-09-16 Merge pull request #3042 from splattael/patch-1
49476ee 2011-09-14 Merge branch 'master' of
9980f46 2011-09-14 No more changelogs inside guides
5f2a356 2011-09-14 Mention that old fixes are to be done on 3-0-stable
dcd7077 2011-09-14 minor edit
5e1285d 2011-09-14 change first_or_new to first_or_initialize as per 118701...
823e16f 2011-09-14 update 3.1 release date in changelogs
7302e1c 2011-09-14 remove info about guides hackfest
d3baa92 2011-09-13 delete stray backup files from guides sample app
23fc5fe 2011-09-13 Merge branch 'master' of
c5c4482 2011-09-12 Merge pull request #67 from alanzeino/master
acc6252 2011-09-12 Delete contribute.textile now that its contents are merg...
c5118f2 2011-09-12 change GH issue tracker url
e47bb1c 2011-09-11 merged the contribution guides and changed the
95fdaf9 2011-09-11 Merge branch 'master' of
365aaea 2011-09-10 Merge pull request #2968 from arunagw/form_helper_test
e05d4ce 2011-09-08 revert the changes from c60995f3 - related to marking su...
59198ec 2011-09-08 some copy-edits
0d25491 2011-09-08 Merge branch 'master' of
06b218d 2011-09-08 Merge pull request #2931 from dmathieu/safe_gsub_doc
82de8ad 2011-09-07 Use Travis https build status image in order to prevent ...
190a2bf 2011-09-07 Revert "Rails.root is a Pathname, no need to use
0fb3aa7 2011-09-07 copy edit assets guide
2b354fe 2011-09-07 Merge pull request #2905 from nhocki/patch-1
24ee573 2011-09-05 add blanks between methods
abb0905 2011-09-04 Merge docrails, resolving conflicts in the assets guide
a6bafb3 2011-09-04 minor fixes in assets guide
5014b33 2011-09-03 add some missing dots in the docs
9da07d1 2011-09-03 Merge pull request #2836 from avakhov/action-controller-...
5b7bcb4 2011-09-02 document send_file guesses content type from the file ex...
f83f169 2011-09-02 some of the changes for validation earlier reverted from...
eeda840 2011-09-02 Merge branch 'master' of
44284a6 2011-09-02 Revert "Fixing guides validation errors."
220c77d 2011-09-02 debug option to js, stylesheet tags are ignored when deb...
5fbbf44 2011-09-01 Merge pull request #63 from carlosparamio/master
c96cb88 2011-09-01 Revert "Fix logic in 3.1 release notes sentence"
7a7a3bc 2011-09-01 Merge pull request #2718 from dasch/patch-5
bc83e48 2011-09-01 Merge pull request #62 from roytomeij/master
752d74f 2011-09-01 docs formatting changes
d0fafaf 2011-08-31 Merge pull request #2706 from mitio/doc-changes
8526f72 2011-08-27 doc fixes
7da70a4 2011-08-20 params wrapper docs correction
7444c62 2011-08-20 minor change in the 3.1 release notes
129ad72 2011-08-19 mailer guide: fixes indentation, and use fixed width fon...
bd4800d 2011-08-16 document Array#append and Array#prepend methods in AS guide
c0c5d5f 2011-08-15 assets guide - add info about require_directory, minor r...
b8363f8 2011-08-15 minor changes in app templates guide
ac4dc5e 2011-08-14 rephrase how the verbose methods in a migration work
3c57155 2011-08-14 document alias for rails runner
9f76e47 2011-08-14 added a few more items in the release notes
b98d3ab 2011-08-14 fix misleading comment (originally made by Tate Johnson,...
93ec7bb 2011-08-13 3.1 release notes: fixed font changes
dbf2256 2011-08-13 3.1 release notes: organize action_pack notes
31b820e 2011-08-13 expand tmp:* tasks, and a few more additions in the comm...
bc9eaf4 2011-08-13 indentation fixes
076afd0 2011-08-13 fixes #2368. rake about not showing the middleware, db a...
5adb90a 2011-08-13 fixed incorrect tags
688b0c3 2011-08-13 minor changes in migrations guide
e4d8a95 2011-08-13 typo fix
8f6959d 2011-08-13 3.1 release notes Active Record changes, Architectural c...
ebbf010 2011-08-13 3.1 release notes draft
ad9e52f 2011-08-13 prefer to use if..end unless the condition is simple/com...
f407239 2011-08-13 3.1 release notes - added AP and Railties sections
225a248 2011-08-13 remove some parts of the section on shortcut helpers, do...
7372e9a 2011-08-13 make the warning clear about the effect of using validat...
c3bd6bb 2011-08-13 Fixes readme links better - earlier links broke when the...
4cf9497 2011-08-07 edit changelog to mention about x_sendfile_header defaul...
25845b3 2011-08-04 typo fix
febdd6c 2011-08-04 minor changes in migrations guide
b3719ee 2011-08-04 fixed incorrect tags
05f6135 2011-08-04 3.1 release notes Active Record changes, Architectural c...
fe6b967 2011-08-04 3.1 release notes - added AP and Railties sections
54e7694 2011-08-04 prefer to use if..end unless the condition is simple/com...
29772a1 2011-08-04 remove some parts of the section on shortcut helpers, do...
38bfcff 2011-08-04 make the warning clear about the effect of using validat...
4e28c40 2011-08-04 3.1 release notes draft
d8c77fa 2011-08-04 document meta method
2dc6cca 2011-08-04 move the note after the scaffold files listing
040f65b 2011-07-31 fixes #2368. rake about not showing the middleware, db a...
b57773c 2011-07-28 document meta method
fa159d3 2011-07-26 move the note after the scaffold files listing
50ca6f0 2011-07-25 Revert "aligment issues fixed"
203a85f 2011-07-25 Revert "Add in a tip about opening two command prompt wi...
60c505d 2011-07-25 Revert "Update the TIP formatter to handle multiline tips"
2db9a7e 2011-07-22 minor refactor in the template guide
573c6e6 2011-07-22 document the change in edge rails which makes a more str...
ccb3af4 2011-07-22 corrected sentences to make them consistent in command l...
14b9726 2011-07-22 minor corrections in caching guide
a277886 2011-07-22 Fixes typo
d275a98 2011-07-19 add entry for submit helper change removing object_name_id
02cbaf0 2011-07-19 avoid Symbol#to_proc
4885e5d 2011-07-19 minor corrections in form helpers guide and api docs
09dd030 2011-07-19 some corrections in assets pipeline guide
46be69a 2011-07-19 spacing fix
4a54e40 2011-07-19 Fixing the incorrect change made in bae54c5
4719543 2011-07-19 reword select_date's behaviour clearly when an incomplet...
db655ec 2011-07-19 Revert "notextile tag has been placed with ascii quotes"
88e307a 2011-07-15 Merge pull request #52 from dyba/651cabc69a6cd661bc33824...
ff410c4 2011-07-15 Revert "Fix wildcard route code examples."
d2ff099 2011-07-10 use simpler words in docs
5724625 2011-07-08 update Rails version. (rails console didn't exist in 2.1)
254a1e5 2011-07-04 minor edit in 7896ac3
8b25b55 2011-07-04 add w3c_validators gem to the doc group to fix failing v...
caab9f4 2011-07-03 document meta methods
2d022f0 2011-07-02 Merge pull request #50 from wader/master
15f35c0 2011-07-02 Reversing the changes done in c278a2c while still resolv...
2949e30 2011-07-02 document handle_unverified_request method
007214c 2011-07-02 Revert "fix a typo"
5fe67fa 2011-06-30 update doc about resetting the session in case of authen...
7744177 2011-06-30 Revert "Included w3c_validators gem and modified Migrati...
adf3348 2011-06-27 fix javascript case
7326905 2011-06-26 minor changes
798aa88 2011-06-26 minor indentation fixes on a6293ff
532c294 2011-06-25 replace find(all) with all
5a79ca6 2011-06-25 fix typo in method name
2332aa6 2011-06-25 Revert "add missing methods supported by reversible migr...
c278a2c 2011-06-25 record unsupported methods in CommandRecorder instead of...
7f91eeb 2011-06-24 add missing methods supported by reversible migrations u...
95f827f 2011-06-22 font style changes in perf guide
5eac40b 2011-06-19 document Active Record's reverse_order method
9513474 2011-06-19 AR: use where in place of find
d1b448e 2011-06-19 minor changes in getting started guide
427b07b 2011-06-19 document the instance_reader option for class_attribute
96c57d4 2011-06-18 To solve the problem of links being broken in GitHub for...
5225227 2011-06-18 edit assets guide for cases & minor wording changes
2fbb750 2011-06-18 Revert changes done in c56618ec, 51cb7459 and 030950a. T...
07d62ff 2011-06-16 minor clean up generators section
7c2db6c 2011-06-16 add info that plugin installs need git or svn installed
d92ad22 2011-06-16 replace plugin url with a dummy one
bfb022a 2011-06-16 document doc:* rake tasks
406d61e 2011-06-15 add details on how to use specific annotations in rake:n...
3e44159 2011-06-15 document how rake notes work
77c8cd7 2011-06-15 form => form_for
28508d5 2011-06-15 Merge pull request #45 from christineyen/redirect_to_docs
045d9d2 2011-06-15 minor copy edit 0bdeddb
bf526c2 2011-06-14 Added instance_accessor: false to Module#mattr_accessor
9db268d 2011-06-13 fix minor errors in nested model guide
3b4f04a 2011-06-13 document the instance_accessor option for cattr_accessor
00b4756 2011-06-12 assets are in app now and not in public
07bf608 2011-06-11 document server options
d91ee6c 2011-06-11 more command guide changes
940552e 2011-06-11 make some changes to the command line guide
db027aa 2011-06-11 minor changes in templates guide
53a9849 2011-06-11 add missing end in example
3c06d25 2011-06-11 favor includes over old AR way
83289be 2011-06-11 fixed incorrect command usage. (This section needs to be...
94c52e8 2011-06-11 minor fixes in action view guide
880371e 2011-06-10 make 'rails runner' show usage when run without any options
3dacc85 2011-06-08 minor corrections in configuring guide
def4a53 2011-06-08 remove generators section from command line guide in fav...
5c53754 2011-06-08 fix generators guide url
18d84e5 2011-06-07 use git: rather than https: in git remote urls; else, gi...
e89a253 2011-06-07 minor fixes from 5acf76d
7fd8f71 2011-06-07 fix incorrect validation examples
a467983 2011-06-07 fix typo
645f003 2011-06-07 fix spacing
0b09f84 2011-06-07 fix indents and a code error in caching guide
366ffd8 2011-06-07 add missing generator configs
dc15a0f 2011-06-07 proof reading and fixes in configuring guide
1f27253 2011-06-06 add info about docrails policy on changelogs
5d8df14 2011-06-06 comment the recorder methods
428883b 2011-06-06 up and down are no longer class methods in a migration
c5786a9 2011-06-06 rearrange sections of the commandline guide giving more ...
660fb14 2011-06-06 document assets related rake tasks
a2cf91a 2011-06-05 minor edits in migrations guide
e1b202f 2011-06-05 annotate class_eval method for active resource schema at...
9f19322 2011-06-04 correct code indendation in the initialization guide
087f8e1 2011-06-04 s/ActiveRecord/Active Record according to api guidelines
9d15a35 2011-06-04 minor corrections in generators guide
50487bd 2011-06-04 fix incorrect module name for wrap parameters
82aedbb 2011-06-04 fix incorrect output
fc9ff8c 2011-06-04 some grammatical corrections
ced2b25 2011-06-03 use clearer variable name in examples
caa8ab0 2011-06-03 remove stray (
b688f44 2011-06-03 use 'bundle exec rake'
b4af5b9 2011-06-03 fix indentation, fixed-width for nils
d0355ed 2011-06-01 add alias info for runner command
6e02164 2011-06-01 styling changes
1962217 2011-05-29 removed references to old remote_* helpers; add info abo...
fc381a3 2011-05-28 fix typo
7d7b200 2011-05-28 document aliases for commands and update rails versions
995ea00 2011-05-28 Use change in place of up and down in sessions table mig...
2c29c40 2011-05-25 prefer validates :x in place of validates_x_of
ffaefe2 2011-05-25 fixed minor errors
548e5ba 2011-05-25 fix indentation
084750c 2011-05-25 changes validates_acceptance_of to newer syntax
542cee3 2011-05-25 fix incorrect textile syntax
cc10dff 2011-05-25 changes validates_confirmation_of to newer syntax
492f606 2011-05-25 changes validates_format & numericality to newer syntax
f69d5cd 2011-05-25 changes validates_inclusion & exclusion to newer syntax
45989b8 2011-05-25 changes validates_presence_of to newer syntax
34a05a7 2011-05-25 changes validates_length_of to newer syntax
deffc9d 2011-05-25 changes validates_uniqueness_of to newer syntax
31bb347 2011-05-25 update language env variable name
b921679 2011-05-24 fixes Rake::RDocTask deprecation warnings from rake 0.9.0
79e9a29 2011-05-24 fixes Rake::GemPackageTask deprecation warnings from rak...