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#40 Vipul A M - All time
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Hash Date Message
cdaab2c 2015-02-27 Removed non-standard and unused require 'active_support/...
6598272 2015-02-17 Deprecated passing of `start` value to `find_in_batches`...
3dc4320 2015-02-08 Add an option `end_at` to `find_in_batches`
6eced6a 2015-02-03 Removed magic comments # encoding: utf-8 , since its def...
fc87123 2015-02-03 Person class doesn't contain finder methods, hence usage...
0f67f00 2015-02-01 AM#Dirty doc fixes
0928c3f 2015-02-01 Callback#merge merges options for a callback skip instea...
dd6b0c2 2015-01-31 Fixed test for deprecation warning in actionview, renami...
db41078 2015-01-31 Fix description for AM::Callbacks
64f1c88 2015-01-31 Wording fixes for `:skip_after_callbacks_if_terminated` ...
166ce95 2015-01-20 - Extracted silence_stream method to new module in activ...
e0badb4 2015-01-17 Removed documentation of deprecated removed methods [ci ...
9287790 2015-01-17 - Moved hwia frozen value assignment test to hash_ext_te...
4ae59eb 2015-01-14 Fixes #18492
822dc91 2015-01-14 Extract `Date` header to string constant in Http Respons...
5cfaf5a 2015-01-14 - Changed `IN` to `ON` in markdown renderer condition
34dc028 2015-01-14 Fixed spacing issues on code comments in ActiveJob Basic...
2f55808 2015-01-03 Fix `singleton_class?`
9836746 2014-12-29 When trying to access a character on a string buffer obj...
1faa00c 2014-12-26 - Changed `paths` to `routing_paths` to avoid warning `p...
1a9e477 2014-12-25 - Changed `target` to `target_reflection` to avoid warni...
7b2728c 2014-12-24 - Removed unused parameter to cookie serialize method an...
732bba8 2014-12-21 - Fixed unused variable
33302fd 2014-11-06 Fix grouped expression warning - `warning: (...) interp...
28eb085 2014-11-01 - Remove unused duplicated method `add_column_position` ...
d3e4100 2014-10-31 - Changed redundant user of `deliver` to `deliver_now`
9494c74 2014-10-22 - Fix error string raised from `enqueue_at`
588b39e 2014-10-21 - Inline AJ around_perform and around_enqueue in Callba...
6ecd33e 2014-10-20 - Changed description for AJ enqueuing methods to provid...
7b87fb1 2014-10-20 - Fix mentioned shortcut, to what the shortcut actually ...
2965e16 2014-10-20 - Remove duplication in AJ logging test for setting logger.
c417311 2014-10-20 No need to specify log level, run at log level as all ot...
e16592e 2014-10-19 Mention `perform_now` in AJ base docs to specify how to ...
8660853 2014-10-19 - Removed unused variable warnings from ActiveJob Adapters
16c0404 2014-10-19 Enable emitting of warnings from ActiveJob tests.
6d703b5 2014-10-19 Fixed test throwing unused variable warning
c39ea40 2014-08-13 `overriden` => `overridden`
b243705 2014-05-07 rename `str` to `string` to fix overshadowing of variable
73bfb51 2014-04-12 Change links to 37signals and svn blog to point to new d...
a44d710 2014-04-07 Remove unused `subclass_controller_with_flash_type_bar` ...
ab6deee 2014-03-24 - Rename `increment_or_decrement` to an apt `set_cache_v...
6e66de6 2014-03-04 Fix enum test unused variable warning.
398b4de 2014-03-02 Fix warnings due to:
f93ce1b 2014-01-28 Add docs about behaviour of replacing a has_one associat...
9cc4dad 2014-01-25 Remove old comments about suppressing warnings.
3e28b7c 2014-01-24 `framwork` => `framework`
5b31da4 2014-01-24 `easiy` => `easy`
1adaf6c 2014-01-24 `requies` => `requires`
9b254df 2014-01-24 Remove unused assignment to fix warnings in enum test.
98cb3e6 2014-01-01 update copyright notices to 2014. [ci skip]
bb17c3b 2013-12-30
5724464 2013-12-21 Enable memcached service on travis for running cache tests.
7bae292 2013-12-18 Change all `MiniTest` to `Minitest` since, `MiniTest` na...
1f80e8d 2013-12-12 PR #10635 introduces rescue from ArgumentError thrown by...
c5a70cb 2013-12-06 Fix `singleton_class?`
1ed81e8 2013-12-03 Currently, we clear query_cache in cache block finish, e...
d0a7644 2013-12-02 Use genderless pronouns in security guide. [ci skip]
8700e5f 2013-12-01 Use genderless pronouns in security guide. [ci skip]
82de1ed 2013-11-25 Fix some minor typos [ci skip]
6608718 2013-11-25 Added `rewhere` usage to AR querying guides
1a2eb04 2013-11-21 Remove unused param `title`to `TransitionTable#visualizer`
247c61e 2013-11-17 Drop unused param `should_be_quoted` to `PostgreSQLColum...
fc7129d 2013-11-12 Move `SchemaCreation` to its own file instead of `Abstra...
f511eac 2013-11-09 Also dup `column_types` in AR::Result `initialize_copy`
5c0b902 2013-11-09 Extract common code from number helpers to new delegator...
f72437b 2013-10-20 Remove extra variable creation and merge.
8b14a6b 2013-10-14 Fix `singleton_class?`
67c2525 2013-10-14 Minor Refactoring to `NumberHelper#number_to_human`
ec620e0 2013-10-14 `$SAFE = 4;` has been removed with Ruby 2.1
4f38173 2013-10-14 Remove `default_primary_key_type` and extract contains ...
42d3d3c 2013-10-13 Stop accepting `options` for `Relation#average`, `Relati...
4ce643d 2013-10-13 `Relation#count` doesn't use options anymore.
78c176e 2013-10-13 Change `map` to `map!` to save extra array creation on n...
73ec210 2013-10-13 Drop unused iterator var
a4f086d 2013-10-03 `intiantiated` => `instantiated` [ci-skip]
a594817 2013-09-17 `skiping` => `skipping`
3c23cac 2013-09-17 Fix Show link on resource
680144d 2013-09-12 Remove unnecessary loop
bb69f1d 2013-09-05 Fix method name typos
08c7a9a 2013-09-02 `implemention` => `implementation`
bc7a4f0 2013-09-02 `attibutes` => `attributes`
9da59af 2013-09-02 Be assertive about adding `[ci skip]` message
88de7b5 2013-09-02 4.0 Release notes should point to 4.0 Changelog
eb06bb7 2013-09-02 Fix spacing issue
63949ae 2013-08-27 Fix doc for singularize - `pluralized` => `singularized`
186a9a1 2013-08-26 Add Finder API changes to upgrading guide [skip ci]
4c101cc 2013-08-12 drop extra variable
1457589 2013-08-10 Remove sqlite specific`supports_autoincrement?` which al...
7c17fdf 2013-08-10 Remove extra case.
5ef02de 2013-08-09 Remove redundant `string_to_binary` from type-casting
4ce11c0 2013-07-31 Change from `map` => `map!` and `collect!` to save creat...
a03cfde 2013-07-26 Refactor `ArrayParser`
1235b63 2013-07-24 Cleanup task for informing about hstore
0b6c1f0 2013-07-22 rescue from all exceptions in `ConnectionManagement#call`
30ca90a 2013-07-19 Extract verbs array from helper to a constant
ad3916d 2013-07-19 Fix test name typos
fd2ddb3 2013-07-09 Remove redundant test about `push_with_attributes` removal.
e7e28a7 2013-07-06 Extract common query to a constant.
551f52c 2013-07-06 Remove conditional, since results are always an instance...
822d995 2013-07-03 Remove deprecated `ActiveRecord::Generators::ActiveModel...
ec5e03b 2013-07-03 Remove deprecated `Time#time_with_datetime_fallback`, `T...
28d1d3f 2013-07-03 Remove deprecated `ActiveRecord::Fixtures.find_table_nam...
4bec1da 2013-07-02 Remove deprecated `Date#to_time_in_current_zone`
d50483b 2013-07-02 Remove deprecated `config.whiny_nils`
38aafc0 2013-07-01 Remove `FormBuilder` deprecation warning about block arg...
404a61e 2013-07-01 Remove redundant escapes from xml serialization test
9b89e19 2013-07-01 Document where `column` param gets utilized in `substitu...
988a2a8 2013-06-25 We are now rails 4 [skip-ci]
9d474d4 2013-06-24 Fix `another_contract` not being used warning
ebc7531 2013-06-16 Fix TOC ul markup
c64fecc 2013-06-15 Update contributing to rails guide to depict new contrib...
99dfa35 2013-06-15 Change documentation about contributing to Docs
e917781 2013-06-15 Make test name descriptive and add reference to original...
ecd48f7 2013-06-15 Change "." to ":" for formatting purpose
7ca82da 2013-06-15 `dasboard` => `dashboard`
57c0b54 2013-06-15 `existant` => `existent`
48b6860 2013-06-12 Drop extra variable from test
2c92f5b 2013-06-07 Fix some typos
81c7c9c 2013-06-04 fix HashWithIndifferentAccess#to_hash behaviour
743ee7b 2013-06-02 wonderfull => wonderful
7f02cab 2013-05-26 compatability => compatibility
d745d62 2013-05-26 Fix some typo in method names, variables
2243ce3 2013-05-20 Fix wrong `case_sensitive` in uniqueness validity test
4237d74 2013-05-20 Fix typo in test name and documentation
872e2a8 2013-05-17 "normalize_callback_params" doesn't require name param
a4e1e5d 2013-05-15 Use `Base.strict_decode64` instead of `Base.decode64` ju...
50a51e9 2013-05-15 change to destructive `deep_symbolize_keys` after https:...
1ed6ff1 2013-05-13 Extract variable out of loop
7493e0f 2013-05-12 Fix class and method name typos
690fd22 2013-05-10 sort => sort! on new array
7133b00 2013-05-09 remove variable and fix warning
6944dfb 2013-05-09 remove redundant var
584ebed 2013-05-06 remove unused variable
41fbfb4 2013-05-05 use destructive sort on array in Hash#to_param for perfo...
bdaaaf6 2013-05-02 fix typo
796ed59 2013-05-02 document String#to_time exception
469befa 2013-05-02 Fix typo in test
6fa575b 2013-05-02 Use faster instead of []*padding
e772daa 2013-04-24 refactor number helper
5e6a85d 2013-04-23 refactor initialization of array
8d93b58 2013-04-22 extract arrays to constants in Mapper
da4db35 2013-04-22 remove redundant variable
5fe6829 2013-04-22 extract no content response codes to a constant
d46cf35 2013-04-22 extract array to a constant
737edd2 2013-04-21 fix typos
df24b87 2013-04-19 fix HashWithIndifferentAccess#to_hash behaviour
c52c268 2013-04-19 symbolize_keys => symbolize_keys! on new hash;
a8466b5 2013-04-15 interpolate instead of string concat
7ecaa00 2013-04-13 remove unused variable
afdf279 2013-04-11 refactor order hash test
8134c26 2013-04-11 initialize instead of assert to fix warning
127a2ee 2013-04-11 cleanup statement cache test
a7e77c5 2013-04-09 change array of array to hash
f6fd38f 2013-04-09 fix AP warning; remove unused variable
4f5e8af 2013-04-07 each to each_value; remove unused vars
defea35 2013-04-06 change some more merge to merge! on new hashes
74d0906 2013-04-06 remove unused variables
113e396 2013-04-04 fix private attribute warning
dcc75b0 2013-04-04 fix warnings in railties test
4da888f 2013-04-03 add require to suppress warning; remove variable
2282964 2013-04-03 Fix some railties test warnings
0566853 2013-04-03 optimize some code around merge
0beec24 2013-04-02 each_with_index => each as we dont use index
1879690 2013-04-02 change merge to merge! in AS on new hashes
d0b8f4c 2013-03-31 fix request methods test
c0be6c9 2013-03-31 cleanup railties test; fix typos
f23e7eb 2013-03-31 remove unused variable and assignment
01ac925 2013-03-31 remove unused match variables in selector
1f84997 2013-03-31 fix wrong argument error message
5a0e583 2013-03-30 fix some typos in AS
bd674fd 2013-03-29 change merge to merge!
77a7382 2013-03-28 anual_salary => annual_salary
b2f7c46 2013-03-27 drop errors constant
c082e3f 2013-03-27 drop variable assignment in validations
437961b 2013-03-26 respect auto_increment in rename_column for mysql
0db928a 2013-03-24 fix some typos
a8df5bd 2013-03-24 Fix some typos
24fee97 2013-03-22 Add Error#full_message test; Fix typos
5b673f3 2013-03-21 Fix copy table index test; Change == to ! on false in tr...
abd89f9 2013-03-20 Fix some typos in AR- CHANGELOG, tests, method doc. fixed
9263570 2013-03-19 fix introduced `:` ; fix another typo
428ff5a 2013-03-19 more typos in guides
ca9fc5a 2013-03-19 remove unused payloads in blocks in caching instrumentation
6893c23 2013-03-19 drop an unused hash; change slang to SPECIAL
9ff33fb 2013-03-18 change from blank? to empty? on obvious string values t...
aee5424 2013-03-18 1. Change from each to each_value since we did not use key
55686dd 2013-03-18 fix typos in AR. lots of them.
4bd8ccd 2013-03-18 fix repeat of test; remove unused variable by use of eac...
2337377 2013-03-18 fix some typos found in activemodel
b9f7e63 2013-03-17 refactor test to drop unnecessary hash creation, test di...
3d10b7a 2013-03-17 extra lines from Rakefile removed, which also threw warning
c7ea42c 2013-03-17 remove unused parameter passed to assert_query_equal method
29dcf09 2013-03-15 Small typos here and there.
d338a0f 2013-03-14 MOAR cleanups.
d41c279 2013-03-14 do some typo fixing
e23413b 2013-03-13 fix missing to
0c61d97 2013-03-13 Change from each to each_value in http/parameters since ...
8778e1c 2013-03-12 Fix typo in DependenciesTestHelpers module name
647a9ab 2013-03-11 Cleanup tests for unused variables
a0906da 2013-03-10 Change from each to each_value on hash to avoid unused v...
d35b762 2013-01-23 Add new DB rake tasks to the contributing section.
7f5dd5b 2013-01-21 Remove extra sort from test
5359ad9 2012-11-12 Merge and add tests related to 5215