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#39 Vipul A M - Rails 4.0.0
Showing 65 commits

Hash Date Message
81c7c9c 2013-06-04 fix HashWithIndifferentAccess#to_hash behaviour
e772daa 2013-04-24 refactor number helper
5e6a85d 2013-04-23 refactor initialization of array
8d93b58 2013-04-22 extract arrays to constants in Mapper
da4db35 2013-04-22 remove redundant variable
5fe6829 2013-04-22 extract no content response codes to a constant
d46cf35 2013-04-22 extract array to a constant
737edd2 2013-04-21 fix typos
c52c268 2013-04-19 symbolize_keys => symbolize_keys! on new hash;
a8466b5 2013-04-15 interpolate instead of string concat
7ecaa00 2013-04-13 remove unused variable
afdf279 2013-04-11 refactor order hash test
8134c26 2013-04-11 initialize instead of assert to fix warning
127a2ee 2013-04-11 cleanup statement cache test
a7e77c5 2013-04-09 change array of array to hash
f6fd38f 2013-04-09 fix AP warning; remove unused variable
4f5e8af 2013-04-07 each to each_value; remove unused vars
defea35 2013-04-06 change some more merge to merge! on new hashes
74d0906 2013-04-06 remove unused variables
113e396 2013-04-04 fix private attribute warning
dcc75b0 2013-04-04 fix warnings in railties test
4da888f 2013-04-03 add require to suppress warning; remove variable
2282964 2013-04-03 Fix some railties test warnings
0566853 2013-04-03 optimize some code around merge
0beec24 2013-04-02 each_with_index => each as we dont use index
1879690 2013-04-02 change merge to merge! in AS on new hashes
d0b8f4c 2013-03-31 fix request methods test
c0be6c9 2013-03-31 cleanup railties test; fix typos
f23e7eb 2013-03-31 remove unused variable and assignment
01ac925 2013-03-31 remove unused match variables in selector
1f84997 2013-03-31 fix wrong argument error message
5a0e583 2013-03-30 fix some typos in AS
bd674fd 2013-03-29 change merge to merge!
77a7382 2013-03-28 anual_salary => annual_salary
b2f7c46 2013-03-27 drop errors constant
c082e3f 2013-03-27 drop variable assignment in validations
437961b 2013-03-26 respect auto_increment in rename_column for mysql
0db928a 2013-03-24 fix some typos
a8df5bd 2013-03-24 Fix some typos
24fee97 2013-03-22 Add Error#full_message test; Fix typos
5b673f3 2013-03-21 Fix copy table index test; Change == to ! on false in tr...
abd89f9 2013-03-20 Fix some typos in AR- CHANGELOG, tests, method doc. fixed
9263570 2013-03-19 fix introduced `:` ; fix another typo
428ff5a 2013-03-19 more typos in guides
ca9fc5a 2013-03-19 remove unused payloads in blocks in caching instrumentation
6893c23 2013-03-19 drop an unused hash; change slang to SPECIAL
9ff33fb 2013-03-18 change from blank? to empty? on obvious string values t...
aee5424 2013-03-18 1. Change from each to each_value since we did not use key
55686dd 2013-03-18 fix typos in AR. lots of them.
4bd8ccd 2013-03-18 fix repeat of test; remove unused variable by use of eac...
2337377 2013-03-18 fix some typos found in activemodel
b9f7e63 2013-03-17 refactor test to drop unnecessary hash creation, test di...
3d10b7a 2013-03-17 extra lines from Rakefile removed, which also threw warning
c7ea42c 2013-03-17 remove unused parameter passed to assert_query_equal method
29dcf09 2013-03-15 Small typos here and there.
d338a0f 2013-03-14 MOAR cleanups.
d41c279 2013-03-14 do some typo fixing
e23413b 2013-03-13 fix missing to
0c61d97 2013-03-13 Change from each to each_value in http/parameters since ...
8778e1c 2013-03-12 Fix typo in DependenciesTestHelpers module name
647a9ab 2013-03-11 Cleanup tests for unused variables
a0906da 2013-03-10 Change from each to each_value on hash to avoid unused v...
d35b762 2013-01-23 Add new DB rake tasks to the contributing section.
7f5dd5b 2013-01-21 Remove extra sort from test
5359ad9 2012-11-12 Merge and add tests related to 5215