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#59 Vishnu Atrai - Rails 4.0.0
Showing 32 commits

Hash Date Message
387d4e7 2012-04-16 remove autoload for OrderedHash, usages removed already
82a62b8 2012-03-10 remove unused require from AS/core_ext/class/delegating_...
1380d32 2012-03-04 AS/kernel/reporting no where used in ts_isolated
d8996d3 2012-03-03 remove usages of AS::OrderedHash
a37c474 2012-02-26 content_tag used instead string for option
cd641fa 2012-02-21 ordered_options will work if inherited from Hash, remove...
a9e18df 2012-02-13 remove unwanted require for string encoding
33e37b8 2012-02-12 Revert PR#5001 "removed unuseful require for reply as we...
ed8fc19 2012-02-12 fix build 5001, model reply is required in cases/primary...
a62088a 2012-02-12 fix build #5001 reply model required in relations_test
95a9356 2012-01-29 remove autoload UrlWriter, no longer exists
34ad69a 2012-01-14 changelog entry for deprecated ActionController::Integra...
12d60a2 2012-01-14 Deprecate ActionController::Integration, ActionControlle...
c0042b1 2012-01-07 if turn available then MiniTest::Unit.respond_to?(:use_n...
4f75809 2012-01-06 revert "fixing some tests on ruby 1.9.3 SHA 33f222b"
f04af7c 2012-01-05 ActiveSupport::Testing::Pending support for MiniTest only
46761b8 2012-01-05 support only MiniTest run with Isolation test
c776075 2012-01-05 parse only minitest results in isolation test
423dd88 2012-01-01 rename ruby-debug to ruby-debug19
c20a74d 2011-12-31 MiniTest condition removed
8fbb447 2011-12-30 remove more conditions for Fiber available in ruby19
18ed37b 2011-12-30 fiber is available in ruby19
7249f94 2011-12-30 remove condition since to_time always available in ruby1...
e734f00 2011-12-30 ruby 1.8 ActiveSupport BasicObject no longer available
af404ac 2011-12-27 remove conditions for GC::Profiler in ruby19
2443b65 2011-12-26 GC::Profiler available in ruby19
306c44d 2011-12-26 remove ForClassicTestUnit support for ruby 1.8
a1a5c40 2011-12-25 Test::Unit::Util::BacktraceFilter not available in ruby1...
3f967dc 2011-12-25 ::BasicObject always defined in ruby 19
3578372 2011-12-25 gem ruby-debug19 for console error if ruby-debug19 not f...
98fb94f 2011-12-24 remove deprecated whiny nil related code
fc57003 2011-12-23 remove ruby 1.8 stuff skip hack from AR