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#358 Washington Luiz - All time
Showing 11 commits

Hash Date Message
77a2764 2014-11-23 Test using `ActionController::TestCase` with engines
435e8d7 2014-09-03 Dont mess with default order engines load
da3d6c9 2014-08-24 treetop is no longer a mail (rails) dependency
ea3a73e 2014-03-15 Still touch associations when theres no timestamp
a215ca6 2014-03-14 Update callbacks executed on AR::Base#touch [skip ci]
abc19c3 2014-01-30 Let `unscope` ignore non Arel scope.where_values
8b14b11 2014-01-27 Display value when raising due to unscope() issues
e05c791 2014-01-18 spring gem moved to rails/spring
a5d92e6 2014-01-06 Require actionview/version
8e1f26c 2013-12-31 Make outer joins on proper parent
40fa189 2013-11-09 Correct `as_json` return example to display miliseconds