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#6 Xavier Noria - Rails 3.0.4
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Hash Date Message
5de1314 2011-01-12 upgrades RDoc and horo dependencies
1a26036 2010-12-30 contrib_guide.gsub!("aptitude", "apt-get")
a2ddf5a 2010-12-29 renames the contrib guide in the index
b9dd3f9 2010-12-29 since a lot of people use Ubuntu, document specific apti...
3b35ff4 2010-12-28 complete revision of the Contributing to Ruby on Rails g...
bbb2252 2010-12-22 API guidelines: RDoc markup documentation has been moved...
9254750 2010-12-11 reviews commit 53bbbcc
37b9d02 2010-12-11 spaces with underscores, I mean
01c76d5 2010-12-11 testing guide: revises explanation of the test macro
75faf54 2010-12-08 makes a pass to the action caching rdoc
28a0ee0 2010-11-21 documents <%== in the AS guide
d2f3ef1 2010-11-21 copy-edits d773ef8
3565a2a 2010-11-21 Spanish for "project" is "proyecto"
a7d3223 2010-11-20 applies API conventions to the RDoc of json_encode
73680bb 2010-11-19 guides: gives clear instructions for feedback, removes l...