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#14 Yehuda Katz - Rails 4.0.0
Showing 19 commits

Hash Date Message
d6c732f 2013-01-06 Merge pull request #8263 from senny/refactor_plugin_new_...
a4d21f7 2012-12-23 Fix spacing regression in scaffold generator
a562f9f 2012-12-22 Forgot to check in railties fixture for binstubs
cb025f8 2012-12-22 Add --no-html to scaffold generator
7173c4f 2012-12-22 Detect rbenv and update the shebang
f34c27a 2012-12-22 Install binstubs by default
a010fc1 2012-06-21 Merge pull request #6428 from pinetops/resolver_concurre...
69c2307 2012-04-30 Merge pull request #6091 from twinturbo/add-ids
ad2c5ea 2012-04-28 Allow Thor 0.15 and 1.0, to be released shortly
602000b 2012-04-27 Missing git add :trollface:
adff4a7 2012-04-27 Initial queue implementation
363a06f 2012-04-26 Routes reloader knows how to reload external files
568ae22 2012-04-25 Fix missing Rails.env in route inspect tests
47be2f1 2012-04-25 Fix the build
fe6573e 2012-04-25 Make files in paths consistent
6acebb3 2012-04-25 Allow loading external route files from the router
a837b30 2012-04-25 Clean up some straggling build failures
56cdc81 2012-04-25 Remove default match without specified method
efd557a 2012-03-05 Add a new guide for API-only applications